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Luna's Stories

Miracles Can Happen

© ghostwolf23

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This is what ORIGNALLY was going to happen to Luna in Luna and the Return of the Aunts,but due to the fact that I couldn't picture Luna with three legs and that I made her fall in love with Kaze and there was going to be a sequil to this,I cut it out and replaced it.It was forever locked in my head never to be heard of again until I went to the movies last night and saw Soul Surfer.The idea came back to me and I had to get it out of my head.Please enjoy this little story though.WARNING!!!YOU MIGHT CRY!!!
Chapter 6:Miracles Can Happen
Takes place Tongueretty much since this was a scene that never made it to the final piece of Luna and the Return of the Aunts,this information won't be given.
Starring:Luna,James,Centipede,Ms.Spider,Mr.Grasshopper,Earthworm,Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm
Description:This is a scene that never made the final cut of the Luna and the Return of the Aunts story.Luna had to have her bad leg removed due to the fact that the doctor couldn't get the bullit out.She couldn't climb stairs,save childern anymore or walk for that matter.With some help from the family,she over comes the obsticles and proves to everyone that miracles can happen.
"Well Luna,your leg is looking good,"the doctor said.

"That's good to hear sir,"Luna said.

"Doctor?"James asked looking up at the gray haired man,"Will Luna be able to return to work when she gets her stitchs removed?"

","the doctor struggled to say,"We'll have to wait and see,"

James smiled as did Luna.The family smiled as well.

"Excuse me,but I need to speak with you six for a moment,"the doctor said to the insects.

"Okay,"Centipede said.

"James,we'll be right back.You stay here,"Ms.Spider said.James nodded.

The family walked outside into the hall and the doctor closed the door to keep James from hearing.He sat down in one of the waiting room chairs and removed his glasses.

"Is everything alright doc?"Centipede asked.

"Well,I didn't want to upset James or Luna,"the doctor said.

"Why?"Ms.Spider asked,"Is Luna going to be okay?"

"Oh yes.She'll be fine.It's just...,"the doctor stopped.

"Just what?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

"We tried everything to remove the bullit from her leg,but the bullit is stuck pretty deep down in her leg and it already tore three muscles,"the doctor said.

"And what will happen if we can't remove it?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"We couldn't get it out.We tried everything we could.In order to keep her alive,there's only one thing left to try,but it will change her,"the doctor said.

"And what might that be?"Earthworm asked.

"We'll have to remove her leg,"the doctor said.

The family gasped and looked around at each other.

"That's all ya can do?"Centipede asked,"Remove her leg?!"

"She'll have to stay here for a good three days in order to recover from surgery,but she'll have to wait awhile before walking,"the doctor said.

The family all looked down at the ground.The doctor looked aound at them.

"I'm very sorry,"he said,"Once you made up your mind about what you want to do about Luna,come tell me.I'll be at the front desk,"

The doctor stood and walked away from the family.The Trotter family thought this would never happen,but it was.They looked around at each other.

"So what are we goin' do?"Centipede asked,"'Bout Luna?"

"She'll just suffer if we leave that bullit in her leg and she'll never be able to walk again,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"But we can't remove her leg,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"She'll never be able to rescue young childern ever again,"

"That's right!She'll have to give up her life's work,"Earthworm said.

"I can't bear to see her suffer like this though,"Ms.Spider said.

"Why would you like a pear?"Gloworm asked.

"But angel fangs,we can't let them take her leg.She'll just be unhappy being cooped up inside all day,"Centipede said.

"That's true,but...,"Ms.Spider stopped,"What are we going to tell James?"

The family looked around.They haven't thought about that.How were they going to tell him that Luna ahd to have her leg removed?Centipede leaned against the wall and crossed four of his arms.Mr.Grasshopper sat in a chair while the others stood around the hallway.

"He's not goin' take it well Hoppy,"Centipede said looking over at Mr.Grasshopper.

"Then we won't tell him,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"But how will we explain her missin' leg when we bring her home?"Centipede asked.

"We'll tell him when we bring her home,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"That won't work,"Ms.Spider said,"It will just upset him.We need to prepare him for what will happen,"

"I'm agreein' with angel fangs,"Centipede said.

"All in favor of telling James now before she gets the surgery,"Ms.Spider held out her hand,"Put your hand on top of mine,"

Centipede placed his hand on top of her's,then Mrs.Ladybug,then Earthworm and Gloworm.Mr.Grasshopper stood and placed his hand on top of the rest.

"We're all in agreement then,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"Who's going to tell him?"

"I will,"Ms.Spider said.

Centipede's eyes started to sting.He lifted a hand and wiped his eyes.He was crying.It was noticable too.Ms.Spider turned to him.

"Centipede?Are you crying?"she asked.

"No.I mean yes.I mean...,"he sighed,"Why must it be this way?"

"It's not over.She'll still be alive and well,"Ms.Spider said.

Centipede nodded,"I can't argue with that,"

Ms.Spider smiled and he smiled back.She turned to the others.They smiled too.

"I'll go ahead and take James home,"Ms.Spider said,"You guys stay here.Call me when she's about to have surgery,"

"We will,"Centipede said,"I promise ya,"

Ms.Spider kissed him on the cheek and went back into the room.James was still petting Luna when she walked in.

"James,lets go ahead and head home,"Ms.Spider said,"Luna needs her rest,"

"I'll see you when you get home Luna,"James said,"Bye,"

"Good-bye James,"Luna said.

James and Ms.Spider walked out of the room and went on home.On the way,James was getting very worried.He and Ms.Spider never said anything to each other after they left.Was something wrong?He thought so.Once they went inside,he looked over at the spider.She had tears forming in her eyes.

"What's wrong Ms.Spider?"he asked.

Ms.Spider wiped her tears away,"I...I'm fine,"

"Are you sure?"James asked,"You don't look fine,"

"James,please sit down,"Ms.Spider said.

James sat down on the couch and Ms.Spider did as well.

"The doctor told us that Luna...has to go through surgery,"Ms.Spider said.

"Just to remove a bullit?"James asked.

"Not just a bullit,"Ms.Spider said,"But her whole leg,"

Ms.Spider then started to cry.James stared wide eyed at her.He then could feel tears forming in his eyes.

"No...,"James said shaking his head,"No...They...They can't,"

"But they have to,"Ms.Spider said,"The bullit was too far for them to pull out.It was the only thing they could do to keep her alive,"

James started to cry.Ms.Spider wrapped her arms around her.

"I'm sorry,"Ms.Spider said.

The phone then started to ring.Ms.Spider wiped her tears and answered it.

"Hello?"she said.

"Hey,"Centipede said.

"Hello Luna in surgery?"she asked.

"Yeah.We told her and she couldn't believe it,"Centipede said,"How did Jimmy take it?"

"Same way,"she said,"Do you need me to come down there?"

"No.No.You stay there with him,"Centipede said,"We'll bring her home when we can,"

"Okay.I love you,"Ms.Spider said.

"I love ya too.Bye,"Centipede said.

"Bye,"Ms.Spider hung up the phone.

The days that followed weren't very good ones.James barely talked to Ms.Spider.Everyone else was over at the hospital with Luna.Centipede would call every now and then and keep them updated abotu how Luna was doing.The day Luna awoke from the surgery,she wasn't very happy.Her whole right back leg was gone.Only to where the scar was.The rest of her leg was still there,but she didn't feel the same.One day,Centipede called saying that they were about to leave the hospital with her.She was coming home.James waited by the window to see if he could see them coming.He smiled when he saw Centipede,carrying Luna,Mr.Grasshopper and the others coming up the walk way.

"Luna's back!"he yelled.

Ms.Spider came to the window and looked out.She too smiled when she saw them coming up the path.They entered the room and Centipede laid Luna down on her bed.James sat down beside her.

"How are you feeling Luna?"James asked petting her head.

Luna's eyes filled with tears,"I hate having only three legs,"

"You'll get used to it,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"How can I walk with only three legs?"Luna asked.

"It takes practice,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"Soon you'll be back on your feet in no time,"

Luna couldn't believe that.A few weeks since the surgery,she started to try and stand.Her one back leg wouldn't stand up steady.She wobbled about and James ran and supported her with his hands.

"Luna,you have to be careful,"James said.

"I...I...I can't stand anymore,"Luna cried,"They said this would help me live,but how am I suppose to live with only three legs?!"

"Things will get better Luna,"James said.

"No!Things will NEVER get better!"Luna said.

She hopped back over to her bed and laid down.Days passed and she still laid there.One day,she wanted to go upstairs and see James.She hopped over to the stairs and practiced balancing on her one back leg.She took her two front legs and placed them on the first step and hopped and little further.She then place her two front paws on the second step and lifted her back leg on the first.She then continued the process,placing and hopping all the way up until she reached the top.Centipede came out of his room and gasped when he saw Luna coming down the hall.

"Luna!"he yelled,"How'd'd ya get up here?"

"I walked up,"Luna said.

"You couldn't off,"Centipede said,"It's impossible for someone like you,"

"Not if you learn,"Luna said walking away from him.

Centipede knocked on Ms.Spider's door.Ms.Spider came out and he told her everything.She gasped and they both went and told everyone.They all stood in the hallway and watched as Luna had to over come the next problem.Getting back down.She stood at the top of the stairs with James by her side for support and she placed her two paws on the first step and then hopped a little further.She then placed two paws on the second step and hopped her one paw down to the first.James would come down with her just incase she fell or something.

"I don't believe it,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"She's walkin',"Centipede said.

"Do you think she'll be able to head back to work?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"Lets just take it one step at a time,"Ms.Spider said.

"What's that about rytheming?"Gloworm asked.

Luna reached the bottom of the stairs with James at her side.The next day they took her outside.The family step up a jump outside to see if she could jump.

"Do ya think she'll make it?"Centipede asked.

"This is Luna we're talking about,"Ms.Spider said,"She'll make it,"

James walked beside Luna and once she was set up at the jump,he went to the family.

"Do you think she'll be able to break out into a run?"James asked.

"She'll make it,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"Okay Luna.Ya ready to jump?"Centipede asked.

"I'm ready,"Luna said.

"Then head off when your ready,"Centipede said.

Luna took in a deep breath and started to walk at first.Then she staretd to gain speed.The family watched in awe as she broke into a full out run.And with only three legs.She didn't trip or loose her balance.

"Come on Luna!"Earthworm yelled.

"Ya can do it!"Centipede said.

Luna got closer to the jump.She prepared herself for the jump.Once she got close enough to the jump,she pushed off her front legs and then her back leg.She jumped into the air.The family still watched.She landed safetly on the other side on all threes.The family cheered and ran up to her.They greeted her with pats on the head and James hugged her.

"Miracles.They can happen,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

Luna smiled up at her family,"I couldn't of done it without you guys,"

Listening to sad music and typing this don't go well.I started crying. FrownThis chapter was hard to type.This is going to be the ONLY longest chapter of this series of stories EVER!!!Hope you enjoyed this.I had to get this out of my head so I can stop thinking about it.MORE WILL COME!!! Grin

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