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Luna's Stories


© ghostwolf23

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Chapter 8: Pousin
Takes place:After Luna and the Giant Peach,James's Party,Luna and the Moonlight Romance,The Power Within and Luna and the Return of the Aunts.Before The Moonlight Legend.
Starring:Luna,Kaze,James,Centipede,Mrs.Ladybug and Ms.Spider
Description:A threat to the Trotter family comes around when a man pousins what he thought was Centipede's cup of water.But Ms.Spider drinks it insteid and becomes badly ill.Can two wolves help their family?
"I'm telling you.When the mayor dies,all his money goes to that little boy,"

"But what if he doesn't want it?"

"That's just it stupid.We're NOT just getting rid of the centipede.We're getting rid of the WHOLE family.We'll be rolling in money before you can even spell Mississippi,"

A man in a dark leather jacket with his partner sneacked up to the Trotter house late one fall in midafternoon.The man in the leather pulled out a small packet.

"You're not going to...?"his partner started to say.

"I am.Don't worry though.It's not pesticide,"

"Then what is it?"

"This,my friend is rat pousin.Deadlyer then pesticides,"

The man looked around through the kitchen window for something to spirnkle the pousin in.He saw a cup set out in front of the window by the sink.He sprinkled the pousin in and dunked back down.

"We still have enough for a few more,"

"But what if it doesn't work?"

"It will.And once he's out of the way,we'll go for his girlfriend next and then the rest.We'll save the boy for last,"

The two men left.
"You were amazin' tonight angel fangs,"Centipede said returning home with Ms.Spider from the Spider Club.

"You tell me that everyday,"Ms.Spider said.

"It's true,"Centipede said.

Luna and Kaze came in through the dog door.

"Look who I found,"Luna said.

Kaze has been gone for the whole summer since the whole aunts return thing.He promised he would return come fall and here he was,alive and well.

"Kaze!"Ms.Spider said,"How have you been?"

"I've been good,"Kaze answered,"You?"

"I've been fine,"Ms.Spider said.

"Ya plannin' on sticken around?"Centipede asked.

"Just till winter,"Kaze said,"Then I'l be gone again,"

"Atleast your home safe for Halloween,"Luna said licking his nose.

The two wolves went into the living room and Centipede went to the dining room to read some documents.Ms.Spider went to get a drink.She was so partched from her performance that her throat felt dry.She filled the glass sitting next to the sink with water.James entered the house not long after,said hello to Kaze,Luna,Centipede and Ms.Spider and headed up to his room to finnish homework.Ms.Spider took a drink of the water and finnished the glass.She rinsed it out and placed it in the dish washer.After she finnished that,she started to feel funny.She felt light headed and she swayed from side to side.She then started to cough,but her coughs wouldn't allow her to breath.Centipede looked up from his documents.

"Hey angel fangs,ya okay?"he asked.

"Yes,"she answered,"I'm...I'm fine...*cough*..,"

She started coughing even harder.She still couldn't breath.Centipede stood up and came into the kitchen.

"Ya sure?Why don't ya get a drink?"he asked,"That's a pretty nasty cough ya got there...,"

He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Ms.Spider fall to the ground,still coughing and gasping for breath.He knelt down next to her and lifted her up in his tweleve arms.He felt her pulse.It was beating slow.She wasn't breathing normally ether.He looked around frantically for help.

"Stay with me Ms.Spider!You're goin' be okay,"he said.

Luna and Kaze came running at the sound of Ms.Spider's fall.They both gasped at the sight of her,pale and slowly breathing.Centipede looked up at them.

"Go get help!Please!"he yelled.

Luna turned to Kaze,"You must get Mrs.Ladybug!You're faster then me!Go!"

"I'll be back!You go get James!"Kaze said running out the dog door like lightning.

Luna ran up the stairs,tripping a few times as she ran to James's bedroom.She burst into his room.

"What's wrong Luna?"James asked.

Luna,out of breath looked up at him,"It'''s Ms.Spider.She's...been...pousined,"

"What?!?"James asked.

"She's downstairs with Centipede.Kaze went to go get Mrs.Ladybug,"Luna said.

Both her and James ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.James knelt down beside Centipede.

"Is she okay?"James asked.

"I'm not sure Jimmy,"Centipede said,"She's not breathin' normally and her pulse is slow,"

Kaze came back with Mrs.Ladybug.Kaze sat beside Luna while Mrs.Ladybug checked Ms.Spider.

"She's been pousined,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"With rat pousin,"

"I knew it,"Luna said.

"Can she be saved?"Centipede asked,"Please say yes!"

"She can be if we can get her over to the hospital in time,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

With the help of Centipede,Mrs.Ladybug and Centipede got Ms.Spider to the hospital.Centipede,James,Luna and Kaze waited in the hallway of the hospital while Mrs.Ladybug was with Ms.Spider.A few minutes later,Mrs.Ladybug came out of the room with a smile on her face.

"We were just in time,"she said,"It'll take awhile for her to recover,but she's fine,"

Centipede let out a sigh of reliaf.Luna and Kaze both smiled and James did too.

"Can we...?"James asked.

"Sure dear,"Mrs.Ladybug said stepping aside.

All five entered the room.Centipede didn't like to see Ms.Spider hooked up to wires and pipes.Mrs.Ladybug said it was to help her breathing until the pousin wore off and she was back to normal.Centipede sat by the bedside,Luna and Kaze sat next to him and James was at the other side.Ms.Spider slowly opened her four eyes and smiled when she saw her family around her.

"How ya feelin'?"Centipede asked.

"Alittle...dizzy...*cough*,"Ms.Spider said.Her voice was weak.

"Don't worry dear.It's just the medicine,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Are you alright Ms.Spider?"James asked.

Ms.Spider smiled and stroked the side of his face,"I feel much better now that your here,"

James smiled.Luna rested her head on the bedside.Ms.Spider stroked the top of her head.

"Luna,will you and Kaze look after James while I'm here?"Ms.Spider asked.

"You can count on us,"Kaze said.

"That's good to hear,"Ms.Spider said.

"Okay everyone,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"Lets allow Ms.Spider to get some rest.She needs it right now,"

Mrs.Ladybug started to lead James,Luna,Kaze and Centipede out of the room,but Centipede felt someone grab his hand.He turned to see Ms.Spider's gloved hand holding his.He leaned down nexst to her to see if she needed anything.

"Centipede,"she said weakly,"Je t'aime,"

Centipede smiled.He may not know French,but he understood what she said.He kissed her forehead.

"I love ya too,"Centipede said before turning to leave.

Days passed and the whole family would visit Ms.Spider in the hospital.She would be looking healthyer everyday which made them happy.Centipede stayed with her for one night due to the fact that she was having cough attacks that night.Waking up and hardly getting any air in her lungs that the hospital was on call to her room 24/7,but he was there through every second.When she was healthy to return home,the family celebrated her return.Luna and Kaze were the ones who planned it all with James.Ms.Spider had to take it easy for a few days since her return,but she never returned to work until a month has gone by since the attack.One day,Luna paid her a visit.

"Ms.Spider?I have some news to tell you,"Luna said.

"Really?What might that be?"Ms.Spider asked.

"At work today,we were on call about two guys trying to escape with a package of rat pousin in their suitcase.We caught them and one of them confessed that they pousined the water that you drank that day,"Luna said.

Ms.Spider never liked remembering that day,but here was Luna saying that she and the police caught the men responsible.All she could do was smile.

"Atleast I know nothing like that will ever happen again,"Ms.Spider said,"I'm just glad I'm still alive,"

"James is too.As am I and Centipede too,"Luna said,"just think about what life would be like for them if you weren't here,"

"I know what it would be like,"Ms.Spider said,"It would be terrible,"

"I'm just glad it's over,"Luna added.

"Same here,"Ms.Spider said stroking Luna's white fur,"Our family would be broken if I wasn't here,"

"And what's a family without you,"Luna said,"Our family will never be broken again,"

I had to rush this.So sorry if it looks like it's been rushed. FrownMore to come!!! Grin Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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