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Luna's Stories

Story of a Legend

© ghostwolf23

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Thank you Demonwolf for another great story idea!!! Grin
Chapter 9:Story of a Legend
Takes place: During Luna and the Giant Peach.
Starring:Luna and James
Description:James wakes from a nightmare and can't get back to sleep,but Luna tells a extraordinary journey about 5 wolves and the search for Paradise.
The peach driffted through the sky,in and out of clouds.The moon was half full and the stars could be seen at times when the clouds didn't cover them up.James tossed and turned on his little bed made from Ms.Spider's string.He had many nightmares before,but none like this.He was running from the skeletal pirates that he,Ms.Spider,Luna and Centipede just escaped from not too long ago,but their faces changed to Spiker and Sponge's.They started to call to him.He still kept running,but out of nowhere,the rhino that he feared so appeared in front of him and ate him.He awoke screaming,but silenced when he saw he was in the peach.He looked around and saw Ms.Spider asleep in her pipe,Mr.Grasshopper,Mrs.Ladybug and Earthworm asleep on the floor of the peach and he could hear the snores of Centipede up top.He let out a sigh of relief and tried to get some sleep.But he couldn't.The sound of walking startled him.He shot up and looked around.

"Calm yourself James,"Luna said coming out of the shadows of the darkest part of the peach,"It's just me,"

James was still abit nervous when it came to talking to Luna,a talking white wolf,but ever since the pirate attack,he started to trust her like the others were.He smiled.

"I'm sorry.You just come out of nowhere,"James said.

"It happens,"Luna said,"Couldn't sleep huh?"

James nodded,"I just had a nightmare...about my aunts again,"

"How about a story?"Luna asked jumping up on the web beside him.

"What kind of story?"James asked.

"A very special one,"Luna answered,"One that my mom would tell to me and my brothers all the time.It's my favorite,"

"Okay,"James said.

"A long time ago,a white wolf like myself named Kiba set off in search of a place called Paradise,"Luna started.

"What's Paradise?"James asked.

"A place where wolves go,"Luna answered,"But the only ones who knew where to go are wolves and a flower maiden named Cheza,"


Luna nodded,"You see,wolves were suppose to be wiped out,but they managed to survive for years by disguising themselves as human.Kiba traveled far and wide in search of Paradise.Along the way,he met Tsume,a gray wolf with a scar on his chest.Tsume doesn't believe in Paradise and doesn't have much pride in being a wolf in order to survive.He also met Hige,a brown wolf with a collar with a fancy X on it.Kiba and Hige set off to find Cheza and then they met Toboe,a sort of lightesh brownish wolf.All three then meet up with Tsume again,but before that Kiba and Hige met Darcia,a noble who stole Cheza,"

"But they got Cheza back though right?"James asked.

Luna giggled,"Wait and see little James.But Darcia wasn't there only trouble.They also had a man named Quent after them as well,"

"How would he find them?"James asked.

"He had a dog named Blue with him wherever he went.He wanted revenge on the wolves for killing his family,"Luna answered.

"Why would wolves do that?"James asked.

"That I don't know James,"Luna said,"Well,where was I?Oh yes!So with Quent after them and Cheza gone,Kiba,Hige,Tsume and Toboe set off for the next town,following the scent of the lunar flower,"

"A lunar flower?"

"A flower that blooms on a full moon,"Luna said,"They traveled for days,stopping at towns as they went and getting into trouble along the way.But finally they met up with Cheza again,"

"How?"James asked.

"Darcia's ship was shot down and before it crashed,Cheza jumped out of the ship and she floated down to a lake and there she met Kiba and the others,"Luna said.

"Atleast she's okay,"James said.

"Yes indeed,"Luna said,"Now,with Cheza,they headed off for Paradise.They met up with Quent's dog,Blue again and Cheza claimed she was part wolf.In truth,she was.Quent didn't know though,"

"That's good,"James said.

“Indeed James,”Luna said,”But before long Darcia showed up again and stole Cheza again.Kiba wasn’t going to give up though.He and the others met up with Blue again and as it turns out,she too found her human form and she got separated from Quent,”

“Poor Blue…,”James said,”She must have loved that man even though he killed her kind,”

“She did.Very much.He was the only family she had left.She joined Kiba and the others on their journey to find Cheza and go to Paradise,”Luna said,”They went to Darcia’s keep.It’s like a castle and there they found Cheza,Darcia,Quent,Hubb and Cher,”

“Who?”James asked.

“Hubb was a detective and Cher was a scientist who has been studying Cheza’s reactions,”Luna said,”Quent was shocked when Blue protected Kiba from getting shot by him,but as the keep started to collapses,Kiba went after Cheza while Blue got separated from Quent,Hige and the others.Hubb and Cher got Cheza and Blue started to help them escape,but they were soon caught by another noble named Jagera,”

“Jagera’s a noble too?”James asked,”Like Darcia?”

Luna lowered her head,”No.Not like Darcia.She collected wolves and killed them for her pleasure.She too wanted to find Paradise and she needed Cheza in order to do that,but the Paradise she would open would be for the nobles.Hige,Tsume and Toboe were out searching for Kiba at the time and they found him with some help from some Indians that lived in the desert.They started to head to Jagera’s keep to rescue Cheza,”

“What about Cher,Hubb,Quent and Blue?”James asked,”What happened to them?”

“Cher and Hubb were being held captive by Jagera’s troops,Quent was on his way to Jagera’s keep as well,but was abroad a jeep filled with travelers and Blue was being held captive as well by Jagera’s troops,but she was with Cheza,”Luna answered,”Hubb and Cher managed to escape and help Cheza and Blue,only to discover that Blue could turn from wolf to human.They fought off some of Jagera’s troops with some help from Blue,but Hubb and Cheza were caught again by Jagera’s troops.Cher and Blue then headed off to her keep as well,”

“Atleast everyone was going to the same place.They would all meet up again,”James said smiling.

“I guess your right,”Luna said,”Everyone did meet up again in Jagera’s keep,but they did uncover some strange and weird things,”

“Like what?”James asked.

“Well,Hige used to be Jagera’s helper,”James gasped,”And that wolves didn’t destroy Quent and Blue’s village.It was Jagera’s troops,”

“I bet Blue was surprised,”James said.”

“She wasn’t just surprised.She was angry as well.She showed those jerks what for and she then met up with Hige.Hige and her were in sort of a relationship kind of like Centipede and Ms.Spider,”Luna laughed,”Now,Kiba was going to be used by Jagera to open Paradise for the nobles.His blood would open it when Cheza was blooming.Cher met up with Darcia again and she followed him inside Jagera’s palace.She was having a party at the time.Hige left Blue to find the others and save them since both Tsume and Toboe were caught by Jagera’s troops,but promised her he would return after it was all over.She agreed,”

“That’s good to know.What was going on with Quent?Did he make it there okay?What about Hubb?”James asked.

“Quent made it alright and Hubb met Tsume and Toboe while jailed in the dungeon with them.He helped them escape by giving them advice on how to get out of the cells.Hige showed up later and released them.Tsume couldn’t trust Hige anymore since he was one of Jagera’s wolves,but agreed to anyway.Hubb was released as well and he followed them.Blue met up with Quent again and she was happy to see him.She told him how Jagera’s troops attacked the village.He didn’t believe it until she reviled herself in her wolf form.He was so happy to see her,”

“Did he believe her then?”James asked.

Luna shook her head,”No.He still didn’t believe her at all.But I’m getting ahead of myself!Kiba escaped and went off to find Cheza.He saw what Jagera wanted to open and it wasn’t Paradise.It was fake,”

“What was going on with Darcia?”James asked.

“Darcia?He met up with Jagera at last with Cher still following him.You see,Jagera was his girlfriend’s sister.He loved her sister dearly,but her soul was stolen from Paradise and she died.Her sister loved him and she wanted to keep him forever.She stabbed him and he was poisoned.He saw Jagera’s Paradise as well and he too knew it was fake,”Luna said.

“How?”James asked.

“Darcia’s family has been cursed by Paradise for many years.He has one wolf’s eye.He could see her Paradise with that eye,”Luna said.

"Wow,"James said.

"Kiba killed Jagera and Darcia lefted the keep.Cheza was rescued,Cher and Hubb were reunited so was Quent and Blue and Hige,who was badly wounded by Jagera was forgiven by his friends,"Luna continued,"They set off for Paradise,but Hige couldn't find Blue after the keep collapsed.She was out with Quent following him wherever he went.Cher and Hubb decided to go off somewhere,but they didn't know where.Quent got badly injured when Blue tried to get a car to stop.The car hit him and he was suffering from brain damage.Cher and Hubb found them though and they took care of him.Blue never left his side.Kiba and the others kept walking until out of the blue Hige and Blue were reunited.Cher and Hubb let Hige ride in the back with Blue and Quent and Cheza sat up front with Cher.Kiba,Tsume and Toboe ran along side the car.Sadly the whole happy journey quickly ended,"

"How?"James asked.

"The car they were riding in got caught in a earthquake or something and flipped.Thankfully everyone was okay,but when Cher tried to get out,the car fell off a cliff.She didn't survive the fall.When Hubb and the others got there,she was barely alive,"Luna said.

"Poor Cher,"James said,"What about Quent and Hige?They were badly injured too,"

"They were okay,"Luna said,"Anyways,after a quick funeral,Kiba,Tsume,Toboe and Hubb flipped the car back over and set off for Paradise again.They stopped for Quent to rest a bit after he started suffering from his head trauma.Cheza saved him,but when he awoke,he was angry that Blue became friends with the wolves.He disowned her,"

"That's mean!"James said,"How could he disown the one friend he ever had since the attack at his village?"

"He thought she betrayed her,"Luna said,"But she didn't care.She had Hige,but she thought that she couldn't get into Paradise since she was only part wolf.She said she just wanted to be with Hige no matter what.Toboe followed Quent and they both met up with Darcia.Darcia is about to shoot Quent and Quent's about to do the same,but Toboe jumps in front of Darcia and gets shot insteid,"

James gasped,"No,"

Luna nodded,"The sound traveled and the whole gang heard it.Quent was so upset that Toboe did that that he wasn't paying attion to Darcia.Darcia then shot him,but Toboe bit him in the arm after that.He couldn't feel any pain due to Jagera's poison.Toboe walked up to Quent and died in his arms and Quent died once Kiba,Hige,Blue and the others arrived.Hubb knew that he should go with them to Paradise even if he couldn't get in,he wanted to see it to the end.Tsume spent some time with Toboe's body before setting off after them.Darcia managed to turn into a wolf to get into Paradise.Hige and Blue both died together protecting Cheza,but before that happened,Hubb didn't make it ether,"

"What happened?"James asked.

"He couldn't climb the mountain,"Luna said,"Lets just put it like that.Now,Kiba and Tsume were left.Darcia got Cheza and then killed Tsume.Kiba and Darcia went head to head for Paradise.Cheza started to bloom and Darcia died from three things as I like to put it.He died from Jagera's poison,Cheza's poison and when he stepped on a lake,he exploided,"

"What happened to Kiba after Darcia died and Cheza too?"James asked.

"Cheza turned into a lunar flower.The last one on Earth.The whole Earth started to freeze around Kiba and he later died,but was then brought back to life by Paradise,"

"Then he reached it?"James yawned.

"Nobody knows James.Maybe he did.Just like we'll reach our Paradise,"Luna said.

"But our Paradise will be filled happy faces and nice people and no more Spiker and Sponge,"James said closing his eyes as he laid back down,"That's our Paradise,"

Luna smiled as she laid down next to him,"It is indeed James.Paradise.It will be there for us all,"

Man,Demonwolf you got some good ideas.I got another idea given to be by a guest here to the sight and a speacil introduction story to the new Luna and the Giant Peach fanfic,THE MOONLIGHT LEGEND!!! Grin Grin GrinMore will come!!! Wink

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