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© medusakiller

"A Dirge for her,the doubly dead.In that she died so young."
Edgar Allan Poe-1831
I do not own MediEvil,The Nightmare Before Christmas,or Lenore!

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The City of Nevermore
Ragamuffin grew curious about Lenore,she claimed to have seen a man begging her take her "home". He asked the doctor to check on her to see if she was alright. But once they got there, they found Lenore........dead on the floor. Ragamuffin froze in terror,"LENORE!" he screamed. He kneeled beside her stroking her hair as tears came from his stitched eyes. "Lenore...lenore....don't leave me! I'll be lonely without you! Please don't die!!! Lenore!!!!" He cried.

10 hours later.....
Taxedirmy sat in Lenore's living room waiting impatiently for Lenore and Ragamuffin. He heard the front door in the Foyer open, he ran to the foyer and gasped at what he saw, Ragamuffin held Lenore in his arms crying while whispering out her name.
"What happened?Did you find out what was wrong with her?" Taxedirmy asked. Ragamuffin wiped the tears from his eyes,"Well,I took her to the doctor and he said her heart wasn't beating.It wasn't my concern,her heart never beats. I went to get the doctor to check on her..." Ragamuffin responded.
"She's Dead!!!!!!"
"........oh no..."
" There's nothing we can do! She's dead!"
"I'll....go set up a Funeral for her."

Tears dropped, rain poured, Ravens crowed. Lenore was placed in a coffin made by Ragamuffin,her friends placed her inside the grave and buried her. No one couldn't bear to leave her,they stood for hours remembering the wonderful adventures they had. Mr. Gosh and the Lawnmower incident,Taxedirmy and his pet, and Ragamuffin....the day he met her on the streets (also the day he turned into a doll).


(Halloween Town)

12 year old Ali Fortesque let out a cry of war as he charged towards his cousin, Jake Skellington. They were practicing thier fighting skills until Ali's sister,Isis Fortesque ran into the battlefield,"Guys! there's a new grave in the Cemetery!" she joyfuly shouted. Ali lowered his sword and took off his helmet, he had Black ebony hair,blue shining eyes,and a pale white face. Jake lowered his spear and took off his helmet as well, he had black ebony hair like Ali,but had red eyes with black surrounding his eye pupil,and pale white skin. Isis ran to the gateway to the Graveyard,follwed by Ali and Jake.

(the Graveyard)
13 year old Judy skellington was twisting and twirling her Red hair waiting impatiently at the gravesite. She looked at her stitches to make sure the threads weren't loose, Isis,Ali,and Jake ran towards her,"Finnaly! It's about time you guys got here! I didn't bring my shovel for nothing you know!" Judy teased "shut up! now let's have a, it appears that the grave says "here lies Lenore"." Ali exaimmed the tombstone. "Enough with the reading Ali and let's dig her up! Mom and Daddy will be very disappointed if we aren't home before supper." Isis reminded. Ali rolled his eyes as he began to dig.

Inside Lenore's coffin

Lenore's eyes fluttered open, she looked at the plywood of the coffin and began to claw at the coffin, desperately trying to get out,sadly she blacked out again before getting out. Finnaly Isis,Ali,Judy,and Jake reached the coffin and openeded it. They gasped to find a 10 year old girl with blond hair,a simple black dress,and skull shaped barettes." must be Lenore."Ali said as he picked her up and held her in his arms."c'mon,let's go see Grandpa Finkelstien and Grandpa Kift." Jake said. They walked out of the Graveyard and made thier way to the Lab.

The Lab

Professor Hamilton Kift was in the middle of a lesson with William until he heard Ali call,"Granpa! Look what we found in the Graveyard!" William rose up his head,he had Very dark brown hair,black eyes,and a robin hood hat with a blue feather on it. Kift was a old man with mechanical hands, he rolled his eyes thinking 'good god,he probably found another dead rat.' But he was wrong,Ali held a little girl in his arms. Kift gasped at what he saw,"Jacob Finkelstien! Come look at this! Ali found a little girl!" Kift screamed. Dr. Finkelstien went downstairs to exaimine her." she's dead, just died 12 hours ago. she must be unaware of her new surroundings so she blacked out." Finkelstien told them,"I just need to run a couple of tests and she'll be able to move around as she pleases." "but right now you're all late for supper,so go home and get some rest." Kift told them. No sooner did he say that, the children ran home in a split second.

Skellington manor

Jack and Sally were waiting in the dining hall for the children,their home expanded since the children were born and thier friends moved in. Finnaly they all ran into the hall greeted by thier parents. Sally gave Jake a tight hug,"MOM!!I Can't breathe!" Jake whined, Sally put him down and smiled,"so, what did you all do today?" "We found a little girl at the graveyard, Grandpa Kift and Dr. Finkelstien will be running some tests." Judy told her mom "Oh so that means no classes for you guys." Jack said. The Kids began to cheer and shout,"Oh don't think you're getting off the hook so easily,you still have fighting and black arts classes." Zarok said with a devilish grin on his face. "DAMN it!" Ali shouted "watch your lanuage Ali!" Kiya said with a sharp,cold tone.

Meanwhile in the city of Nevermore.......

Ragamuffin sighed as he gazed into Lenore's photo, ever since the funeral Mr. Gosh hardly ever came by,Her room was off limits, and Ragamuffin couldn't stop thinking about her. He wanted to see her again,but he knew he couldn't."Very lovely isn't she? So sad I had to take her away." Ragamuffin stood in shock as he looked at the face of Death himself."you...YOU! You took my love away from me! how could you!? Can't you see that I LOVE her!??" Ragamufiin screamed at him as he threw a vase a him, then covered his mouth,'Did I really say that?' he thought. Death got up,"*sigh* I didn't want to but I could get fired if I let her live,I'm so Sorry. But you can still see her." Death sighed. Ragamuffin's face lit up,knowing there was a way to bring her back to him.
"how? I need to know!"
"you have to go to Halloween Town,you'll find her there."
"Halloween it.But how do I get there?"
"go to the woods,look for a door with a jack-o-lantern on it."
"okay,door with a pumpkin face....what next?"
"That's it,open it and you're there."
"Thank you Death,sorry if I caused any damage."
"You're very welcome,now go.Go find your woman."
Ragamuffin smiled and rushed out the door excitedly.He was going to see Lenore again!
Okay, it's been a LOOOOOOOOONG time since I made a fanfic so.....ENJOY!
The characters belong to thier respective owners.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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