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The Moonlight Legend

© ghostwolf23

Sakura,daughter of Kaze and Luna lived a life she thought she belonged in.She believes she is REALLY a dog insteid of a wolf,but when she discovers the truth and runs away from home,will her parents and family miss her?Will she discover who she really is and where she belongs?
Some scenes in this fanfic you might reconize from a few movies. Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

A warm summer breeze blew through the city of New York.Today was indeed the first day of summer.Childern were out of school and families were enjoying time outside.Kaze,the brown wolf who was one of the magic wolves that came to New York about a year ago seeking Luna,the white wolf who lived with the Trotter family has returned to New York after a long travel around the world controling the winds.He took in a deep breath.

"Summer.The first day of summer,"Kaze sighed,"My favorite time of the year,"

His ears perked up.He could hear childern laughing and playing.

"Childern are out of school,enjoying the sunlight,"Kaze said,"It doesn't get any better then this,"

His eyes then fell upon something heading toward him.It was a white wolf.Was it Luna?No.It was Mizu!Wow,she was in a hurry.

"Kaze!Kaze!"she called.


"Kaze!Your back!"Mizu jumped in the air and tackled him.

Kaze and Mizu both stood back up,"It's good to see you too Mizu,"

"Oh Kaze,welcome back!"Mizu said jumping around.

Why was she so happy?She never acted like this.Kaze was getting freaked out.

"Mizu?Why are you so happy?"Kaze asked.

"Come on!I'll show you,"Mizu said running off.

Kaze ran after her,calling to tell her to slow down.Mizu kept on running.Kaze started to pick up speed to keep up with her.She stopped once she came to the peach pit house in Central Park.Kaze was confussed.

"Luna's house?What are we doing here?"he asked.

"Just go inside!Come on!"Mizu said.

Mizu scartched on the door and James answered the door.He smiled when he saw Kaze standing there.

"Oh Kaze!Welcome back!"James said stepping aside to let Mizu and Kaze in.

"Hello James.How've you been?"Kaze asked.

"I've been good.I'm just GLAD it's summer,"James said.

"Aren't we all?"Kaze laughed.

Centipede and Ms.Spider then came in from the living room.They both smiled when they saw Kaze.

"Welcome home Kaze,"Centipede said.

"Mayor Centipede,"Kaze said.

"So how ya been?"Centipede asked.

"I've been good.I'm tired though from traveling all around the world controling the winds,"Kaze said,"How are you and Ms.Spider?"

"Oh..Ya know...We've been good,"Centipede said.

"That's good to hear,"Kaze said,"No fights at all?"

"None whats so ever,"Ms.Spider said.

Kaze noticed the ring on Ms.Spider's fingur.He smiled.]

"Oh I smell wedding bells,"Kaze joked.

"Stop teasin' us Kaze,"Centipede said.

Mr.Grasshopper and Earthworm then came in from the kitchen.They both smiled at the sight of Kaze standing in the living room.

"Oh Kaze,my dear boy welcome back,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"It's good to be home,"Kaze said,"I'll be here until Augest though and then it's back to work,"

"It must be hard,"Earthworm said.

"I agree,"james said.

"Earthworm?What did you say about bark?"Gloworm asked.

"Hello Ms.Gloworm!It's me!Kaze!"Kaze yelled.

"Oh!Hello Kaze.Welcome back.You don't need to shout.I can hear you,"Gloworm said.

"Okay!"Kaze said.

Kaze looked around.Something wasn't right.Where was Mrs.Ladybug and Luna too?

"Where's Mrs.Ladybug?"he asked,"And Luna?"

"They're both upstairs,"Centipede said.

Mrs.Ladybug came down and she smiled at the sight of Kaze about to go up the stairs.

"Hello Kaze dear,"she said.

"Hello Mrs.Ladybug,"Kaze said,"Where's Luna?"

"She's upstairs.Down the hall and take a left,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

Kaze walked up the stairs and headed down the hall.The family looked around at each other.

"Do you think he'll be surprise?"James asked.

"Ofcourse he will be Jimmy,"Centipede said.

"And anyways,it will be the sweetest welcome home gift he'll ever get,"Ms.Spider said.

"Come on guys.It's the first day of summer,"Mizu said,"And nothing like this has ever happened before in wolf history,"

"Never Mizu?"Earthworm asked.

"Never.This is a first,"Mizu said.

"Well,he'll be down soon and I'll take some food up to Luna in a bit,"Ms.Spider said.

Kaze walked down the long hallway until he reached the end.He looked to the left and saw the door was ajar.He silently opened it to find Luna laying down on her bed inside James's bedroom.She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Hello Kaze,"she said weakly.

"Hello Luna,"Kaze said,"What's going on?Nobody around here will tell me anything!Are you sick?Please tell me you're not...,"

Kaze stopped when he saw Luna reach behind her and picked up a little light brown puppy.The puppy was a newborn and it yipped as it crawled around on the bed.Kaze went from a shocked face to a smile.

"Oh Luna,"he breathed.

"This is why nobody told you anything.They all wanted it to be a surprise,"Luna said,"She's the only surviver out of a litter of 9,"

"She's the only one?"Kaze asked.Luna nodded,"She's beautiful.Just like you,"

Kaze licked his wife's happy face.Luna smiled.

"What's her name?"Kaze asked.

"Sakura.James came up with it.He said she was as beautiful as a flower so he named her Sakura and I love it,"Luna said.

"I do too,"Kaze said.

"Are you planning on sticking around?"Luna asked.

"I will be until Augest,"Kaze said.

"Augest?Why Augest?"Luna asked.

"Well,that's when fall will start to come in.I'll need to start picking up the winds around the world,"Kaze said.

"You got to do what you got to do,"Luna said.

"You know Luna,this has never happened before,"Kaze said.

"What?"Luna asked.

"A wolf puppy from our pack being born on the first day of summer,"Kaze said,"She's the first,"

"Then she's speacil,"Luna said smiling at her daughter.

Kaze smiled,"I love you,"

"I love you too,"Luna said.

Kaze stayed with Luna for a few hours,talking about his trip and what he thought his daughter's power was.Mizu then came up later and told him that they had to go on back to the pack.Luna licked him on his nose and he left her,promising her that he would visit everyday.Ms.Spider came up later with some food for Luna.

"How are you doing Luna?"she asked.

"I'm feeling fine,"Luna said taking abite of the meat.

"That's good,"Ms.Spider looked down at the pup,"She's strong,is she not?"

"She is.I believe she'll still be alive come morning,"Luna said.

Ms.Spider stroked the white wolf's head,"Sakura will be.She's got some of her father's bravery in her and your courage as well,"

Luna smiled as the spider walked out of the room.Luna finnished the rest of her meal and closed her eyes to get some well deserved rest.Sakura slowly crawled up to her mother and fell still by her side,falling asleep.

IT'S UP AT LAST!!!! Grin Grin Grin GrinSakura,the daughter of Kaze and Luna!!! SmileShe's cute,is she not? WinkMORE WILL COME!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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