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The Moonlight Legend

Through Another's Eyes

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Kanari traveled back to the peach pit house in the hope that her news about Sakura would be helpful in the search.Kanari landed in the front yard of the house,trying not to make much noise.As it turns out,James was asleep and the bugs were up waiting for her.Kanari went inside and sat in the middle of the group.

"I've discovered that Scarlett,the red dog I saw Sakura talking to knows where she headed.She went off to the west side of New York,but where she is from there is difficilt to know,"Kanari said.

"You did well Kanari,"Luna said,"All I know is that she is safe and will be returned to us soon,"

"Kanari,is there anyway,anyway at all you can still fly around and keep a eye out for her?"Kaze asked.

"Anything for a friend,"Kanari said smiling,"I will be in touch,"

Kanari left the house and took off to search for Sakura.

"Luna?"Luna turned to Centipede,"Are you sure you know she's okay?"

Luna looked out the window,"I don't know how to describe it,but I feal my heart leap whenever I hear her name,"

"Maybe it's because you're worried about her,"Earthworm said.

"No.It's a joyess feeling like she's calling to me,"Luna said,"She's alive and well and I'm happy to know she'll be home soon,"

"We believe you,"Ms.Spider said,"I know she'll return,"
Sakura could feel the car come to a halt.She shaked at the thought of what the pound will do to her.Kill her?Skin her alive?The door to the back of the truck opened and two hands grabbed the cage she was trapped in.She struggled to stay away from the two hands that carried it through two large,glass doors.The man carrying her took her to what looked like a labertory.The man set the cage down on a metal table and opened the cage.

"Come on,"he said grabbing Sakura by the neck and yanking her out.

"What do we got here Paul?"a man in a white coat asked.

"Must be a dog.Have no idea,"Paul said.

The man in the white coat took Sakura from Paul and started to lift her legs,open and close her mouth,run his fingurs along her teeth and shine lights in her eyes.She became startled that she bit his fingur.

"Ouch!"he yelled,"I believe we got another wolf,"

"Another one?Where are all these guys coming from?"Paul said frustratted.

"Just take it to the back and lock it up.We'll kill them all off come dawn,"

Sakura gasped.She didn't want to die!Paul picked her up by the neck again and carried her to the back.Paul opened the metal door labeled "Wild Animal Unit:Wolf" and was greeted by another man.

"Hey paul,"he said.

"Here's one,"Paul said throwing Sakura into a cell.

"It's a baby wolf,"the other man said.

"Might of been from that magic pack,"Paul said,"Who knows?"

"Well,it's passed closing time.Lets lock up,"the other man said.

The two turned off the lights and locked the heavy metal door behind them.Sakura tried to call to them.

"Wait!Please!I'm not a wolf!I'm a dog!"she cried.

"Oh be quiet!"the wolf in the cell next to her barked.

"You are a wolf!"another one down the way yelled.

"Welcome to the pack little one!"another laughed.

"But I'm not!"she yelled to the others,"I'm a dog,not a wolf!"

"Friend or foe?"a voice asked.

Sakura stopped yelling and looked around for the voice,"What?

"Friend or foe?"it asked again.

"Um...friend,"Sakura answered looking around,"Who are you?Where are you?"

"Look in front of you,"the voice said.

Sakura looked up and into the cell in front of her and saw a pair of yellow eyes looking at her.Sitting in the cell was a black wolf.The wolf didn't seem to want to move and her eyes were staring directly at Sakura.

"Who are you?"Sakura asked again.

"I've been here for awhile,"the black wolf said.

"You have?"Sakura asked.

The sound of metal could be heard as the wolf walked toward the light shining from the moonlight through the window.

"What's that sound?"Sakura asked.

"It's the sound of the chain I must wear,"the wolf answered.

"You wear a chain?"Sakura asked,"Insteid of a collar?"

"Collar?"the wolf asked cocking her head,"What,might I ask you is a collar?"

"I was told by a dog in the city that dogs wear collars to keep them from getting caught by the pound,"Sakura said.

The wolf smiled and giggled a bit,"Well young one,if you can tell from where you are and what I am,that I am no dog,"

"You're not a dog?"Sakura asked.

"No,"the wolf answered.

"Then why do you wear a chain?Is that your collar?"Sakura asked.

"This chain is actually my sin,"the wolf answered.

"What did you do?"Sakura asked.

"They chained me like this because I kept attacking,"the wolf said,"They chained my neck to the wall and they did the same with my legs.I've been here for years,young one.My time's almost come,"


"It means I may soon die,"the wolf said.

"I don't understand.Die?"Sakura asked.

"Where the soul goes if that's what you call it,"the wolf said.

"Soul?"Sakura asked.

The wolf narrowed her eyes,"You pups these days!Parents don't tell them!"

Sakura cocked her head and the wolf calmed down.

"Your parents might want to tell you this,"the wolf said.

There was silence between the two until the wolf started to sniff the air around her.

"You have the scent of her,"the wolf said.

"Who?"Sakura asked.

"Luna,"the wolf answered.

"You know my mother,"Sakura said.

"I do indeed.I remember when she first came here.I was almost caught then,"the wolf said.

"She told me her giant peach story and all the dogs around here seem to know it,"Sakura said.

The wolf smiled,"Us wolves do too.She went on as a legend just like everyone else in this world did,"

Sakura smiled at the wolf and the wolf smiled back.

"Might I ask you your name child?"the wolf asked.


"Sakura.What a sweet name,"the wolf said.

"Thank you,"Sakura said.

There was silence between them again until the wolf spoke up again.

"Tell me,is your fur white or brown like your father,Kaze?"the wolf asked.

"But I'm light brown,"Sakura said,"Surely you can see that,"

The wolf's smiled faded,"See?"

Sakura's smiled faded as well.Something didn't seem right.

"I haven't been able to see for over 10 years since I came here,"the wolf said.

Sakura gasped,"You''re blind,"

"Not as blind as the great Sasayaku was,but yes my dear I am,"the wolf said,"But...I can see shapes.From time to time,"

"Shapes?You mean you can see but everything's blurred?"Sakura asked.

"Something like that,"the wolf said,"But...there are times I do believe that my sight will return to me.That my sight is out there wandering around looking for me,"

"Your sight?"Sakura asked confussed,"What do you mean?"

"I mean that my sight is looking for me,"the wolf said,"I lost my sight because it left me,"

"Oh,lets NOT go through that rubush you old coot!"a wolf down the way yelled.

The wolf fell silent,but Sakura just smiled.

"Don't listen to them,"Sakura said,"I would like to hear more of your story,"

The wolf smiled,"You're still quite young.You should rest.We have a long day tomorrow,"

The wolf laid down,but Sakura had more questions.

"Tomorrow?What goes on tomorrow?We'll all be dead by then,"Sakura said.

"The day we will finally escape this jail cell,"the wolf said.

"Why?What do they do with us?"Sakura asked

"They do nothing.They leave us here,"the wolf answered,"I bet they wait until the mayor decides what to do with us,"

"Mayor Centipede?"Sakura asked,"Why do you sound like you hate him?"

"Because.He doesn't know we're here and that we never harmed anyone,"the wolf growled.

"But he wouldn't harm me.I'm part of his family,"Sakura said.

The wolf slowly lifted her head,"I had a hunch Luna would give up her freedom to live with the Trotter family,"

Sakura could hear the anger in her voice,but the wolf's blind eyes softened as she thought of the one reason why Luna would do that in the first place.

"But I don't blame here.That little boy needed a friend after all he's been through,"the wolf said laying her head back down,"Lets get some rest now,"

"But you've never told me your name,"Sakura said.

"Rest till morn and I will tell you my name,"the wolf answered.

"Okay,"Sakura said laying down,"Good night,"

"Good night Sakura,"the wolf said.

The two slept through the night,awaiting for dawn's first light to shine.
Stanley's paws acched with every step.He and Duke have been searching everywhere for Sakura,but there was still no sign of her.

"Are you getting tired?"Duke asked when he noticed Stanley was trailing behind.

"Maybe a little,"Stanley answered,"Can we stop somewhere?"

Duke smiled,"Ofcourse,but it must be hidden.The pound is everywhere around here.We're not safe in the open allyways,"

Stanley looked around for a safe place when a old building caught his eye.It was grumbling and falling apart,but it was still standing.

"We could stay there,"Stanley said.

Duke looked the old place over,"It looks safe enough.It's decided.We'll rest here till dawn,"

The two dogs laid down in the pitch black darkness of the house and fell asleep.

Will sakura ever escape the pound?Who is this strange wolf?Find out in the NEXT chapter,but you'll be waiting awhile.I'll be gine to Rome for 11 days.Also,I need more ideas for any Luna's Stories chapters.Please send me a message or comment on this story or Luna's Stories and I'll check them when I get back. SmileMore will come later! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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