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The Moonlight Legend

Into the Bad Lands

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Sakura awoke to the sound of clanging metal.She looked through the bars of her cell at the wolf across the way.The black wolf was tugging at the chain that held her to the wall.With the chain in her mouth,she tugged and pulled at it,hoping to break it off.The wolves around them started to stir and wake at the sound.

"Keep it down will you!"

"Ya won't get out that way!"

"It's no use you old coot!"

Sakura yelled back to them,"She has a plan!We'll be able to get out!Unless you rather die!"

"Die?Dying is a natural part of life!"a wolf answered.

Sakura turned back to the black wolf,"Are you sure that's safe?I mean what if your teeth broke,"

"Us wolves are strong enough to handle this,"the wolf answered,"Surely you can,"

Sakura lowered her head.She wasn't strong enough to do that.She wasn't strong enough to do anything.But she was small enough to do some helping things.She sqeezed her head through the bars of her cell,then she placed her two front legs through and pulled the rest of her body through.The black wolf perked her ears up.Though she couldn't see Sakura,she knew she was there.

"Sakura?How did you get out?"she asked.

"Easy.I'm small to fit through the bars,"Sakura said.

"HEY!"a wolf called down the way,"Could you teach us how to do that?"

"Don't pay them no mind Sakura,"the wolf said.

Her old,blind eyes softed and Sakura smiled.

"Can you tell em your name now?"Sakura asked.

"Oh yes.How rude of me to not tell you when you awoke,"the wolf said,"I'm Kurai,"

"Kurai.It's nice to meet you,"Sakura said.

"We must hurry!There isn't much time till sunrise,"Kurai said,"Look on the desk by the door.There should be some keys there.Get them and start to unlock all the cell doors,"

Sakura nodded and started to look for the keys.The desk was cluddered with old candy wrappers,chicken bones,newspapers and maganizes.Sakura dug through the pile and found the keys in a maganize.She pulled them out and carried them to the cells.

"Good job!Now unlock the doors,"Kurai said.

Sakura reached up and unlocked Kurai's cell and Kurai took the keys to unlock the others while Sakura would try to figure a way out.Kurai,though she was blind had no trouble finding the key hole in the cell gate.After all the wolves were free,a door could be heard.They all froze and waited for the sound.It was coming from outside the door to their cell block.They waited.A animal control officer walked through the door and gasped at the sight of the wolves.

"How'd ya get out of your cells?"he asked.

Kurai started to growl.The man looked down at her.

"You,"he said narrowing his eyes and pointing at her,"I knew it would be you old timer,"

Kurai continued to growl as the man reached for the pole with a wire noose around it.

"I'll make sure your the first to be killed,"the man said.

Sakura ran to the man and started to pull on his panit leg.The man looked down and started to try and skae her off.

"Let go you stupid kid,"he yelled.

Kurai jumped and bared her teeth as she pounced on the man,knocking him down.The other wolves ran past them and ran out the door and were gone.Kurai grabbed Sakura by the neck and carried her out the door.

"The wolves are loose!"the man yelled,"The wolves are loose!"

"Kurai!Are you sure about this?"Sakura asked as Kurai ran down the hallway of the pound.

"It's okay,"Kurai said.

They reached the doors and dodged the vet coming around the corner.Kurai jumped through the doors when a lady came in.She ran as fast as her legs could carry her and Sakura.They stopped when Kurai made sure that no one was following them.She set Sakura down and laid down to catch her breath.

"I think...we lost them...,"Kurai pantted.

"I sure hope so,"Sakura said laying down,"The world isn't as safe as I thought it would be,"

Kurai looked over at her,"The many years I could see I never once saw kindness given to me by any human.The world can be cruil,but there is goodness in the world,"

Sakura lowered her head,"Do you think I will ever see my family again?"

Kurai nodded slightly,"You will.I'm taking you home once we rest up.You can't go running away from something that is true,"

"Nothing's true about what they told me!"Sakura said,"I'm not a wolf and I won't go home until I get some proof,"

"Still you need your rest,"Kurai said laying her head down.

Sakura watched as she slept.She wasn't tired.She still had to find out who she truely was.Azul appeared before her.

"Kurai is right you know,"Azul said,"You can't go running from the truth,"

"What?You too?"Sakura growled,"Azul,I've told you millions of times.I'm not going home until I find the truth,"

Sakura stood and left the allyway they were in and made her way out beyond the border of New York.Into the Bad Lands.
Kanari never had a wink of sleep since she promised Luna and Kaez that she would find Sakura after getting information from Scarlett.Her nose then started to pick up a scent.She flew down to the scent and found a black wolf,fast asleep in an allyway.Kanari approached her quietly,caution as she uselly was at times and placed a paw on the wolf.

"Excuse me,"Kanari said shaking the wolf.

The wolf awoke and looked up at Kanari,"Oh!Forgive me,though I can not see,am I looking at an angel?"

"An angel wolf,"Kanari answred,"I came to ask you if you've seen a light brown wolf around here named Sakura,"

"Sakura?Ah yes.She's right here,"the wolf said looking around,"Sakura?Sakura?Come out now.You have a visitor.Sakura?"

The wolf looked around frantically.Kanari cocked an eyebrow.

"Are you sure you've seen her?"Kanari asked.

"I'm sure.I'm not crazy.Though I am blind,I knew she was here,"the wolf perked her head up and turned to Kanari,"I think...she went off,"

"Where?"Kanari asked.

"How should I know?I told her to rest so I could bring her home,"the wolf said.

"Who are you?"Kanari asked.

"Kurai,"the wolf answered.

"Kurai?As in...the profit,Kurai?"Kanari asked shocked at who she was talking too.

"Yes.And you are?"Kurai asked.

"I'm Kanari,the leader of the death wolves in the pack,"

"I thought so.Your one of Luna's friends,"Kurai said,"But my profit days are over.I can't see into the future anymore.Not with these eyes,"

"Please come with me,"Kanari said,"I'm sure Luna and Kaze would love to hear your story and maybe we can locate where she was headed,"

The two wolves headed back to the peach pit house just in time when Centipede arrived home.The minute he saw Kurai,he thought she was death wolf that Kanari brought home to help find Sakura.

"Here you go dear,"Mrs.Ladybug said putting a bowl on the floor and filling it with water.

"Thank you,"Kurai said sipping the water.

"So you know where my daughter has gone?"Kaze asked.

"I was with her till I went to sleep to rest and I awoke and she was gone.I don't know where she went,"Kurai said.

"But your Kurai,the profit.Surely you could atleast predict where she was going,"Luna said.

"I can't see into the future anymore Luna,"Kurai said,"I'm blind,"

"Well,what did she say before you went to sleep?"Ms.Spider asked.

"She asked me if she would ever see you again.I said yes because I was bringing her home once I awoke,but she said she wasn't going home until she found the truth about herself,"Kurai said,"But I did tell her she can't run from the truth,"

"Then she's still tryin' to prove to ya that she's a dog,"Centipede said.

"Great Kurai,"Mr.Grasshopper started,"Which way did she go?"

"That I can't tell.Her scent is everywhere.There's no telling where she went,"Kurai said.

Luna bowed her head and James knelt down and stroked her head.

"It will be alright Luna.She'll be home soon,"James said.
Luna just hoped that would be true.
Duke and Stanley were back on there search by daybreak that day.It was hotter then it was the day before and water was hard to find.Duke caught wiff of a familiar scent.He turned and sniffed out the scent.

"This way!"he yelled to Stanley.

The two dogs took off toward the scent,but Duke then stopped in his tracks causing Stanley to run into him.

"What is it?"Stanley asked.

"The Bad Lands,"Duke said.

The Bad Lands was beyond the border of New York.It was nothing,but old cars and sand.Like a junkyard in a way.Many dogs traveled here to escape the pound.Espeacilly the evil ones.Stanley caught wiff of the scent and looked up to Duke.

"Sakura's down there!We can't leave her there!She'll be killed for sure,"Stanley yelled.

"But I can't go down there ether without help!"Duke said picking Stanley up and turning around.

"Where are you going?!"Stanley yelled,"Sakura's that way,"

"I'm getting some back up,"Duke said,"And I know just the person,"
Sakura traveled through the long sand dunes and climbed over old cars.She pantted as she did.The heat was getting to her.

"This is hard...,"she said collapsing on the sand.

"Yes.We know,"a voice said.

Sakura jumped at the voice and turned.On top of a truck,stood a doberman with a scar on his right eye and scars on his body and two bulldogs with scars on them too.

"It is hard,"the doberman said smiling evily.

Can you guess who the doberman is?Will Duke be able to save Sakura?Who is the back up going to be?Find out in the next chapter!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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