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The Moonlight Legend

Old Enemy

© ghostwolf23

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Duke carried Stanley to the peach pit house as fast as he could.Once they reached the green grass of the park,he set him down.

"We have to bark.To let them know we're here,"Duke said.

Duke started to bark and Stanley followed the example.They took off for the house,hoping their message would come clear.Kaze,Luna,Kurai and the family all were in the living room,hoping for a sign of Sakura.the Ms.Spider heard a weird sound.

"What's that?"she asked.

Kaze looked out the window and Luna lifted her head as James stood and looked at as well.

"It sounds like,"James said.

"A very big dog,"Centipede added.

Mizu,who arrived at the house fatre receiving Kanari's message by howl about finding the profit,Kurai walked outside and was followed by Luna shortly after.

"That bark sounds familiar,"Luna said.

She howled and they waited for a answer.A answer was received back and it was the same bark belonging to the great dane that was the first to see Sakura.Luna dodged back inside to get Kaze.

"It's that great dane!"Luna said smiling,"The one who's seen her first,"

Kaze,James and the family ran out while Mrs.Ladybug stayed with Kurai.Duke and Stanley came up the path and stopped at the sight of the family.

"Duke?Are you...are you Duke?"Kaze asked.

"Yes.I know the where-abouts of your daughter,"Duke answered.

"Oh thank goodness,"Luna said.

"Where is she?"Earthworm asked.

"That's the bad news,"Duke said,"She's gone to the Bad Lands,"

"Bad Lands?"Mizu asked.

"What's that?"James asked.

"It's where stray dogs go with tortured lives that turned them into what they are now.Demon dogs,"Duke said,"There's no telling what kind of trouble she's in now,"

"I'll go with you,"Kaze said.

"As will I!"Stanley said.

Luna picked him up and placed him in the hands of James.

"Please Miss Luna,"Stanley said,"I must go,"

"No.You will do no such thing.You'll stya here with us,"Luna said.She then turned to Kaze.

"I'll bring her back.I'm taking Mizu with me and Kanari too.You stay here,"Luna said.

Luna rubbed her head against him,"Please bring her home safe,"

"I will,"Kaze said.

They ran off.Kaze,Duke,Mizu and Kanari.they all headed toward the Bad Lands hoping Sakura was safe.
Sakura looked at the demon dog standing before her.His scars looked painful and extremely large to be from another dog.The two bull dogs jumped down and blacked her way out.

"What brings you here?"the doberman asked.

"I was leaving the city,"Sakura said,"To search for who I really am,"

"Who you really are?"the doberman laughed,"Your a wolf!You don't need to go searching!"

"No I'm not!"Sakura growled.

"She's a feisty one,hey boss?"a bulldog asked.

"Kinda reminds me of the last wolf we came across,"the other bulldog added.

The doberman jumped down and tackled his henchman bulldog to the ground.He growled and bared his teeth at him and the bulldog shook in fear.

"I thought we agreed not to mention that EVER again!"he barked.

The two bulldogs gulped at the same time.The doberman allowed his partner to get up and he turned back to Sakura.

"You do look familiar however,"he said,"Have we met before?"

"No sir,"Sakura gulped,"I don't know you,"

"Boss,doesn't she look like that...?"a bulldog started until his brother stopped him.

"We're not suppose to speak of him again remember?"the other added.

"Let him speak,"the doberman said,"Like who?"

" who...Gave you that...scar,"the bulldog finished.

The doberman's eyes grew wide,"That wolf?"

"Yes boss.THAT same one,"the other bulldog added,"The one who came to save the white wolf that you were fighting,"

The doberman turned back to Sakura,"You!"

He slammed a paw down on top of her back,slamming her to the ground.Sakura tried to get away,but it was no use to escape from his streghth.

"Please!I did nothing to you!"Sakura pleaded.

"Yes.We know,"the doberman growled,"BUT!It was YOUR father who did THIS to me,"

The doberman lowered his head to show Sakura his scar on his eye.He lifted his head after Sakura closed her eyes from the scene.The scar was big.It covered his whole eye and left his eye in a bad shape.Sakura couldn't look at it any longer.

"He also was the one who gave me the rest of these scars and wounded my two BEST henchman you see before you,"he continued,"TELL ME!Where is he?"

The doberman pressed down on Sakura's back and watched as she gasped for breath.

"I...I...,"Sakura gasped.

"Yes?"he asked.

"I'm right here,"a voice called.

The doberman and bulldogs looked up to see a light brown wolf,a white wolf with blue eyes,a white wolf with wings and a great dane standing up on a truck.

"Ah,"the doberman said smiling evily,"Long time no see,huh Kaze?"

Kaze narrowed his eyes,"Yeah.Long time no see,"

"What brings you here?"the doberman asked.

"I came for my daughter,"Kaze said,"Now you turn her loose,"

"How about...?"the doberman picked Sakura up,"No!"

He threw Sakura as hard as he could and Kanari took to the sky.She flew as fast as she could and caught Sakura in mid-air and landed.Wrapping a wing around her,she moutioned for the others.Kaze,Duke and Mizu landed in front of them.

"You want her you'll have to go through us,"Duke said.

Misu only bared her teeth.The doberman chuckled evily.

"I guess I'll just have to call in reinforcements,"he said.He barked.

A large group of other bulldogs,pitbulls,dobermans smaller than the leader and germain shepards showed up.

"And steal her back,"the doberman finished.
Luna glanced through the window several times.What was taking them so long?Were they trapped?Could they not find her?WAS SHE DEAD?!?She paced back and forth between the window and Kurai.

"Calm yourself,dear Luna,"Kurai said,"They'll be back,"

"We can't be so sure,"Luna said,"If I lose her,then I won't have childern left,"

"And why's that my dear Luna?"Kurai asked.

Luna didn't answered.James sat next to the two.

"Kurai?"James said.Kurai turned to the sound of the voice,"Sakura was all she had left of her litter of pups,"

"Oh dear.The only survivor?"Kurai asked.

"Yes.It was heartbreaking for her,"Ms.Spider said joining the conversation,"And if Sakura's dead,Luna will be more devastated then she was that day she almost lost the whole litter,"

"Sakura's brave,"Kurai said,"She'll never die out there,not as long as she's got her spirit guide watching her and her mother's courage,"

Luna looked up at Kurai.Her courage.That's right.Sakura did have her courage.

"Miss Luna?"Stanley said,"What if they are trapped somehwere?Are we ever going to get them back?"

Luna only nodded and added,"Yes Stanley.They'll be back.They're not trapped,"

Centipede listening in to all the conversations going on couldn't bear to listen anymore.All this talk about Sakura dying and everything that happened in the past was too much for him to bear.He left the house with a slam of the door.He had to get Kaze some help.He knew just the group to help and he hoped they would help him.

OMG!!!So much tension is rising!Yep!The doberman was the one from the last story. WinkWhat will happen?Will Centipede get help?Who will it be?Will Sakura ever get back home?FIND OUT NEXT!!! Grin Grin Grin Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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