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The Moonlight Legend

Getting Help

© ghostwolf23

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As Centipede traveled through the park,he became more and more frustarted the further he went.Where were they?WHY couldn't he find them?They had to be here somewhere.As he turned a corner he stopped two of them.Hi and Dageki were laying out in the sun,talking.As Centipede walked up to them,they snarled as he did.Being wolves,Centipede could understand why they'd be mad.They were VERY territorial and it seems as if Mizu put them in charge when she left with Kaze,Kanari and Duke.

"What are you doing here?!"Hi growled.

"This is OUR territory!"Dageki growled.

"I'm not here to fight,"Centipede started.

"Then what brings you here?"Dageki asked.

"It's Sakura.She's in trouble!"Centipede said.

"We know!"Hi yelled,"That's why Mizu and Kanari have left me and Dageki in charge until they return,"

"But they may NEVER return!"Centipede yelled.

"What?!"Hi asked.

"What have you done to our leader?!"Dageki asked growling.

"Listen to me!"Centipede knew he wouldn't be able to get them to listen.

Dageki and Hi were walking towards him,step by step.They bared their fangs as they closed in on him.

"Don't you two care for Sakura?She's one of ya,isn't she?"Centipede asked yelling.

All he got was a snarl from Hi as a response.

"You two are so heartless.Not wantin' to help your own kind in times of trouble.I'd like to spit on ya,"Centipede said.

"Why you little...!"Hi snarled.

"HI!DAGEKI!That will be enough,"the two wolves moved their gazes to behind them.

Behind them being lead by Kusa was Chikyu.The old,shaggy,brown wolf walked slowly up to Centipede,Hi and Dageki.His old green eyes moved up to meet Centipede's blue ones.

"This bug is our guest and our mayor,so we must treat him with respect,"Chikyu said calmly.

"But he said he'd spit on us!"Dageki said.

"Only because you wouldn't listen to what he had to say,"Chikyu said,"Now Centipede,what brings you here?"

"Please,it's Sakura.She's in...,"Centipede was soon interupted.

"Danger.We all know of it.That's why Mizu and Kanari put me,Hi and Dageki in charge until they return,"Chikyu said smiling.

"Wait,you're in charge too?"Centipede asked.

"Yes.Mizu thought since I've been here since her mother has been ruling the pack that I be put in charge along with Hi and Dageki,"Chikyu said.

"But we are MORE powerful!That way we can protect the pack from inturters like HIM!"Dageki growled.

"Yes,but you don't know anything about loyality,"Chikyu said,"Now what's this about Sakura?"

"I have a feelin' that Kaze,Mizu and Kanari are goin' to need more help in resuin' Sakura from the Bad Lands,"Centipede said.

When he said Bad Lands,the pack started to gasp and mumble words such as "She's a goner!" or "There is no hope for her!".Centipede scanned the horizon for one of Kaze's friends or Luna's to step forword and say they must help them.Moyasu,of all the fire wolves stepped out of the crowd and walked up to Hi.

"Hi,we MUST help Mizu and the others!"Moyasu said.

"Why Moyasu?Do you ACTUALLY believe what he's saying?"Hi growled,"You're a fire wolf.A fire wolf only cares about himself and himself ONLY!Not anyone else!"

"But they're part of our pack,as is Sakura,"Moyasu said turning to the others,"I say we go help them!"

The pack cheered as they he howled in triumph.Chikyu held up a paw and the cheering died down.

"I am the final say before anything is to happen,"Chikyu coughed a bit,"Centipede,Mizu made us promise not to come after her no matter what happened,but we can't loose Sakura nor our leader.I say we shall march to the Bad Lands and help save Sakura!"

Everyone cheered.Kusa walked up to Chikyu and stared at him eye to eye.

"But father,you are much too weak to march all the way out there,"Kusa said.

"I understand,dear daughter,"he smiled,"I'm staying here to look after your pups while you and the others are away,"

Kusa smiled and licked his forhead on the black leaf on his forhead that faced downwards marking him as leader.

"Be careful,"he whispered.

"I promise,"Kusa said.

"Does this mean you'll help me?"Centipede asked.

"Absoloulty!"Yama yapped.

"We are with you till the end,"Haru added.

"May we fight till the death!"Moyasu said.

Centipede smiled as he looked around at the various wolves.

"Well then,lets get our game on!"he said as he tipped his hat over his eyes,grinning.

HECK YEA!!!You know when someone turns their hat around,stuff's about to go DOWN!!! Wink Well I'd like to say I'm sorry for not updating in SO long.It's all due to projects and theater,but don't worry.It's almost over Frown and we'll find out what's going to happen Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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