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The Moonlight Legend

Who You Really Are

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

The doberman grinned evily at Kaze.He snickered as his followers growled at the 5 intruders.

"You know you can't win Kaze,"the doberman said.

"You know I will,"Kaze said.

"You're out numbered Kaze.There's 5 of you and thousands of us,"the doberman laughed,"You don't even stand a chance,"

Duke stood next to Kaze.Kaze looked up at the black and gray great dane.

"You were never ment to lead the pack,"Duke said,"You were the one who turned them against me.You were the one that took my place as alpha,"

"The past is the past you old fool,"the doberman said.He ran and tackled Kaze,"I think I'll enjoy killing you Kaze.Say goodbye to your daughter,"

"I don't think so!"a voice yelled.

Everyone turned to look at a pile of junk and saw Centipede standing on top of it.

"Centipede!"Sakura yipped with glee.

"5 against a thousand is unfair in my book,"Centipede said,"I guess you did need some help Kaze.I'm glad I called in YOUR renforcements,"

As if on que,wolves of all colors and sizes appeared on top of the pile.The dogs gasped at this.Mizu and Kanari turned to each other and whispered the pack.They smiled at the sight of their friends and followers.The dogs turned back to Kaze,who by now started to get up after the doberman's attack.They ran toward him snarling,but the doberman jumped in front of them.

"STOP!"he snarled,"He's mine!"

"ATTACK!"Moyasu yelled.

The pack ran down to the dogs and plunged into battle.Mizu and Kanari ran into the battle as well to help their friends.Duke,seeing that they were still out numbered left Sakura unprotected to help the pack.Sakura's eyes wided in fear at the sight of the battle.Blood was everywhere.The wolves called upon their powers to help them in this battle.Soon the entire battle field was covered in fire,water,plants,rocks and air.Sakura felt her legs shaking.To escape the horror of this,she closed her eyes.When she reopened them,she saw nothing but pitch black darkness.

"Don't fear war Sakura,"a voice said.

"What?"Sakura asked,"Who's there?"

"I am the wolf of nature,"the voice said,"I am the one who can control all,"

"Sekai,"Sakura whispered,"Where are you?"

"Now is not the time for you to see me,"Sekai said,"But you can feel me in your heart and soul.Just like your mother,my descendent you carry a very rare bloodline,"

"But I am just a dog,"Sakura said,"I was never a wolf,"

"You were never a dog Sakura,"Sekai said,"You were always a wolf.A very speacil creature.Look inside yourself Sakura.You have that same burning passion your mother has.Unleash it.Help those in need,"

"But how?"Sakura asked.

"Look inside yourself.Find who you really are.Who you really are,"Sekai said.

Sakura closed her eyes and reopened them to see the bloody battle in her line of sight again.She looked around at the battle.She realized something.Kaze wasn't in the battle neither was the doberman.She looked around frantically for her father.

"FATHER!"she cried,"WHERE ARE YOU?"

A germain shepard,catching wiff of her scent looked in her direction.With his teeth bared,he ran toward her.Moyasu,seeing this blew a breath of fire out causing a wall of fire to divide Sakura and the germain shepard.Moyasu jumped in front of her.

"Stay behind me,"he yelled,"MIZU!WATER!"

Mizu,hearing her que howled to the heavens and caused waterto pour out of a pipe,washing the german shepard away and putting the fire out.Sakura ran from the two of them to look for her father some more.She found Centipede battling some dogs by punching them or tossing them aside.Suddenly,she heard what sounded like Kaze in pain.It was a yelp.She looked behind her to see Kaze and the doberman far from the battle.Kaze was thrown against a wooden chair that broke on impact causing him to yelp.The doberman slammed his paw down on his neck.

"Too bad your dear wife isn't here to watch you die,"the doberman snickered,"Now you'll pay for what you did to me,"

"LEAVE MY DAD ALONE!!!"Sakura yelled.

She ran at the doberman and jumped when she was close enough to him.With her teeth bared,she grabbed the lower part of his chest and sank her teeth into him.He yelped in pain and let go of Kaze.Kaze stood up on shaking legs and watched as his daughter held on for dear life.The doberman grabbed Sakura by the neck and with all his strength,he yanked her off of him.The doberman threw Sakura aside and watched as she hit the ground with a thud.Kaze gasped and tackled the doberman.Weakened by the last throw,Kaze wasn't strong enough to hold him down.The doberman pushed Kaze aside and watched him fall to the ground again.Sakura stood up on her legs and stared at the doberman.

"Look inside yourself Sakura and find who you really are,"Azul said,"Sekai lives in you,"

Sakura took a deep breath and spread her legs a part.Closing her eyes,she blocked out the noise around her.

"Sakura...,"Kaze said weakly.

The doberman turned toward the pup,"How about I get rid of your precious little daughter first?It would be quick and easy,"

Sakura still kept her eyes closed,"Lend me your powers mother.Father needs me,"

The doberman charged towards Sakura.When he was just within jumping distance,something hit him and he flew back into a metal stove.He shook his head and looked up at Sakura.Her eyes were opened,but insteid of yellow they were a bright white.Her fur flew with the wind swirling around her.A bright light protected her from attacks and and she walked toward the doberman.

"You...You are...,"he said.

Sakura only howled and the light engulfed the doberman.Kaze stared at his daughter.Her power was that of her mother.

"Sakura,stop...,"he tried to say.

Sakura was much too young to be casting spells this strong,but she couldn't control it.Soon,the light was too bright that Kaze had to shild his eyes.The battled going on far away stopped.They watched the light get brighter and bigger.The dogs and wolves closed their eyes from the light.Sakura could feel herself becoming weak.What was she doing?The doberman stood before her in the bright light.He couldn't even see straight.

"Where are you?You selfish brat!"he yelled.

Sakura ran toward him and head butted him out of the light,but she could not escape the bright shell of light that protected her from the outside world.The doberman flew into a pile of junk and before he could stand,the pile collapsed on him and the bright shell containing Sakura,bury them under the junk.Kaze watched as the light dimmed until it was not visable under the pile.He ran to the pile and dug through it.First he found the doberman.It looked like he wasn't breathing.Kaze knew he was dead.The pile had crushed him,but what of Sakura?Kaze continued to dig,but more junk fell on top of it.Kaze howled.The other dogs and wolves heard him and came running.The dogs saw their leader dead before their eyes and looked up at the brown wolf who stood next to him.

"You killed him!"a pitbull said,"YOU KILLED HIM!"

"NO!I didn't.It was an accedent,"Kaze said.

"Says you!"one of the bulldogs said,"You've been waiting for this moment to kill him,"

Duke walked over to Kaze and looked up at the dogs,"He was never your true leader to begin with.I was.You can go and live in the junk piles to seek revenge on this wolf,but you'll never be able to kill him.For he has a pack that'll do anything to protect him,"

The dogs looked around at each other and without any other words said by anyone,they left the wolves.Moyasu ran up to Kaze.

"What did you howl for?"he asked.

"Where's Sakura?"Yama asked.

Centipede ran up to Kaze,"Did she...?"

Kaze looked at his friends and turned back to the pile and continued to dig.Centipede ran to him and started lifting all the junk and throwing it across the way.Moyasu and Yama jumped in and started to dig.Kanari flew to the top of the pile and digged as well.Centipede then saw something through the junk.It was a light brown puppy.He gasped.

"I found her!She's over here,"he yelled.

Kaze came over and dug through and there he saw Sakura,laying on her side with her eyes closed.He picked her up and carried her out of the junk pile.He set her down in the middle of a circle everyone made.She still laid moutionless on the ground.Kaze could feel his eyes begin to sting.His tears fell on his daughter's coat and on the blood covered ground.

"Sakura,"he said nudging her head,"Wake up,"

Centipede removed his hat.The wolves could feel themselves starting to cry.

"Please no...,"Kaze said,"No.No.No.Sakura,sweetheart.Daddy's proud of you.You did it.You found who you are.You found your power as well,"

Sakura still didn't answer or move.

"Come one Sakura,"Kaze said through tears,"You're going to make it.Don't die!"

Kaze knew pleading wasn't going to help.He sat down and let a few more tears fall.His daughter was dead.She died fighting.Kaze closed his eyes and howled.Everyone around him howled as well,expect Centipede who was crying real hard.All the sounds around her echoed through her mind.She could feel her body again.She opened her eyes and looked around as her vision focussed.

"Dad...,"she managed to say almost in a croak.

Kaze stopped and looked down,"Sakura?Sakura?"

Sakura looked up at Kaze and smiled,"Daddy...,"

Kaze smiled and rubbed his head along his daughter's neck.Everyone stopped howling and looked at the sight in the middle of the circle.Centipede looked up and smiled as he saw Sakura stand up.Everyone cheered.Kaze picked Sakura up and placed her on his back.She climbed to the top of his head and looked around at everyone cheering for her.Duke smiled at the sight and bowed his head to her.She did the same.The pack disembraked for home,leaving Moyasu,Kusa,Yama,Haru,Mizu,Kanari,Duke,Centipede,Kaze and Sakura behind.

"You had us going for a moment there,"Yama said,"I may have to play that joke on someone,"

Everyone laughed.Centipede looked down at the crew.

"We should head on home.Everyone's waitin' for ya Sakura,"he said,"Lets go guys,"

The group headed for the house to see a police car parked at the front.Luna,who was sitting in the window with Stanley perked her head up at the sight of Kaze outside.

"It's Kaze!"she said with glee.Everyone rushed outside.

Luna stopped when she saw everyone coming up the drive with Sakura at the front.Sakura stopped at the sight of her mother.Luna took a step toward her and Sakura did the same.Kurai came out and sat in the yard.

"Go to her Sakura,"Kurai said in a whisper,her old blind eyes sparkling.

Sakura rushed toward Luna and Luna rushed toward Sakura.The two met up in the middle of the walkway and Luna nuzzled her baby girl while Sakura nuzzled her back.Kaze walked up to the two and Luna kissed him on the cheek.

"You brought her home safe,"she said.

"I made a promise didn't I?"he said.

Stanley rushed to Sakura and the two tackled each other to the ground.

"I can't believe you're alive!"Stanley said.

"I never thought I'd see you again,"Sakura said.

Their noses suddenly touched and they both backed away,blushing.The police officer came out with the others.James ran toward Sakura and the family watched as she lept into his arms.James hugged her so tight as if he wasn't going to let her go this time.Luna smiled at the sight.Centipede walked up to the family.

"And where did you go off to?"Miss Spider asked.

"Well,I had to get some help and I never...,"he was cut off by a kiss from Miss Spider.

"I'm just glad you're safe,"she said hugging him.

He hugged her back,"As am I,"

The police officer looked over at Duke who sat in the middle of the yard watching everyone reunite with Sakura.He walked over to the dog and knelt down to get to eye level with him.

"Duke?Is that you boy?"he asked rubbing the dog's head

"Phil?"Duke asked though he couldn't understand him.

The officer smiled and Duke jumped at him licking his face.

"Where were you boy?"he asked,"I was worried you wouldn't come home,"

Duke looked up at him.The officer cried tears of joy and held out his hand.

"It's great to have you back buddy,"he said.Duke placed his paw on his hand.

Kurai turned and left the reunion.Sakura looked toward her and followed her down the walkway.

"Kurai,wait up!"Sakura said.Kurai turned back around.

"Sakura,I must go now,"Kurai said,"We'll meet again I'm sure,"

"But where are you going?"Sakura asked.

"To a place filled with magic,"Kurai said,"I'll see you there someday,"

Sakura smiled at her,"And I'll be looking forword to it,"

Kurai smiled and turned back around to head down the walkway.Once she reached the end,she disappeared like a ghost.Sakura blinked a few times,but smiled.

"Hey Sakura,come one!It's dinner time!"James yelled.

"Coming!"Sakura yelled.

As she ran up to the house,Luna stopped her.Sakura looked up at her mother.

"Mom,I'm sorry for what I said and for running away.I just...wanted to prove to you that I was different,"Sakura said,"That I wasn't what you said I was,"

"I understand,my dear.But you found out more then what you went searching for,"Luna said,"You found your true self within yourself.You found the will to survive and live.Just like I did,"

"What does that mean?"Sakura asked.

"You found your place in the Moonlight Legend,"Luna said,"Don't you remember that story I told you?"

"The one about Sekai?"

"Yes,"Luna nodded,"I am the only one who was descended from him and now,you have gained that title,"

Sakura smiled at her mother and Luna smiled back.The two then headed one inside to join the others for a night filled with food and stories of the battle.Sakura never forgot who she truely was and that night after dinner.The family settled outside to look at the stars.As they were watching,Sakura saw what looked like a blue bird sitting in the tree,but when she looked back he was gone.Azul must've been watching her.Sakura looked around her.Duke had reunited with his owner,her family was whole again and she found her powers.Her true self.And you know what?It felt good to be herself

That's the end of the final Luna story,The Moonlight Legend!!! Grin I hope you all enjoyed it since it took so long to finish this.I think the ending was a bit stupid.Oh well,byt the way,did you catch the Alpha and Omega reference in this chapter?I sure hope so.Again I hope you enjoyed it and have a great summer everyone! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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