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The Moonlight Legend

Still Alive

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

The sunlight shone throught the window of James and Luna's room.James slowly opened his eyes.He strenched and it dawned on him that he had to check on Sakura.He leaned over the side of his bed and saw Luna fast asleep with Sakura by her side.The day old puppy wasn't moving.He gasped.Was it dead?Just like the others?It couldn't be!He walked over to the bed and gently stroked the puppy's back.The puppy stirred and made a yipping noise which woke Luna.

"I didn't mean to wake you Luna,"James said.

"It's okay,"Luna said,"What's wrong?"

"I thought Sakura...,"he stopped.

"Sakura was what?"Luna asked.

"Nothing,"James said,"I was just checking her,"

Luna smiled,"You thought she was dead,didn't you?"

She saw right through him,"She wasn't moving so I didn't know if she was alive or dead.I don't want you to loose this puppy like you did the others,"

"I don't want to loose her ether,"Luna said,"But we can't change the nature of death.It happens for a reason,"

James nodded,"I know,"

He got ready and started to head downstairs.Ever since Luna had Sakura,she couldn't leave her bed.She was still pretty weak,but she missed the conversations with the family.The sound of a familiar set of boots brought her back to reality.Ms.Spider walked in with a tray of sausage and biscuts.

"Morning Luna,"she said.

"Good morning Ms.Spider,"Luna said back,"How's your day been so far?"

"Nothing's happened yet.Me and Centipede are going to go out later and look at some wedding deacorations.How are you?Feeling better?"Ms.Spider said.

"I'm feeling fine,"Luna answered,"I just wish I was down there with you guys,"

"You will be later,"Ms.Spider looked over at Sakura,"She looks stronger,"

"I know,"Luna said,"James thought she was dead this morning,"

"Why on Earth would he think that?"Ms.Spider asked.

"She wasn't moving when he woke this morning,"Luna answered,"She'll never die.I know it.It's just like you said last night.She's got some of her father's bravery in her and my courage as well,"

Ms.Spider smiled and gently stroaked the back of Sakura.

"Eat.You'll need it.I'll be back up later,"Ms.Spider said.

"Okay.Tell Mr.Picky downstairs to get some good deacorations,"Luna joked.

"You know I will,"Ms.Spider said exiting the room.

Luna finnished the last bit of her sausage and biscuts and waited for any sound from Kaze or James.Where was Kaze?He said he be here by now.

"'Ey Luna!"Centipede yelled from below,"Ya got a visiter,"

"Send him up,"Luna yelled.

Kaze came in and was later followed by Mizu afterwards.

"Good morning Luna,"Kaze said licking her nose.

"Good morning to you too Kaze,"Luna said returning the kiss,"Morning Mizu,"

"Morning Luna.How are you today?"Mizu asked.

"I'm fine.Thank you for asking,"Luna answered,

"How's Sakura?Is she still alive?"Mizu asked.

"Alive and well,"Luna said looking over at Sakura who was starting to snuggled close to Luna,"She'll make it,"

"She's strong and brave like me,"Kaze said.

Luna giggled,"Indeed.She's very strong,"

Days passed since the day of Sakura's birth.Luna got her strength back and Sakura was starting to get bigger and her eyes were starting to open.She could hear the sounds in her surroundings.After 11 days has pasted,Sakura was able to walk,see and hear.Luna could return to the downstairs area when Sakura was asleep,but when she was awake she had to stay close to her.Kaze would still visit them with or without Mizu.One day,Centipede paid the litte family a visit.

"Hey Luna.How ya doin'?"he asked walking into the bedroom.

"I'm fine.Yourself?"Luna asked.

"I'm doin' fine.Just got done shopping for more weddin' deacorations,"Centipede said,"How's Sakura?"

"She's fine,"Luna said,"How much longer till the wedding?We need to know whether or not I can come,"

"Why would ya say that?You're comin',"Centipede said.

"But I can't leave Sakura alone for more than 5 hours,"Luna said,"She still has to be by me and she's still quite young,"

"It's true Centipede,"Ms.Spider said walking in,"Sakura needs Luna at the moment.Until Sakura is old enough to be without Luna for a few hours,then we'll plan the date out,"

Ms.Spider gave him a peck on the cheeck and left the room.Centipede blushed.

"You okay over there lover boy?"Luna asked.

"Yeah.Ya comin' down later?"Centipede asked.

"Once she's asleep,"Luna answered.

Centipede left the room and Luna looked down at Sakura.

"My sweet Sakura,"she whispered as Sakura yawned and fell asleep.

Luna stood and headed down the stairs to get some dinner while her daughter sleeped.

The next chapter will be when Sakura's old enough to come downstairs and talk.Maybe like 3 weeks from where they are now in this chapter. HuhHope you're enjoying it so far!!! Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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