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The Moonlight Legend

Dosen't Understand

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Weeks went by and Sakura started to get used to being without Luna.She even started to talk.It was a big surprise to the family when she spoke her first word.Luna herself was even impressed.One day,the family decided to take a trip to the pool.It was hot and a perfect day to go swimming.James was enjoying playing Marco Polo with his friends at the pool,Mr.Grasshopper and Earthworm were playing crowka near by,Centipede was lifting weights(To show off in front of Ms.Spider Wink ),Ms.Spider,Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm were sitting in the deck chairs keeping a close eye on James and his friends and Luna was laid out on a towel.Sakura was scared to set foot near the water.

"Mommy?"Sakura asked,"Is water dangerious?"

"No Sakura,"Luna said,"It's cool and refreashing,"

"Even for a dog?"Sakura asked.

Luna knew she would say that.Ever since she started speaking in sentences,she thought she was a dog,but when Kaze came over to visit,he would try to explain to her the truth,but couldn't find the words to say.Luna would always play along with it.

"Yes,"Luna said,"Even for a dog,"

Sakura walked toward the pool and James came up to her.

"You want to come in Sakura?"he asked the little puppy.

Sakura nodded,"My paws are begining to burn standing up here,"

James picked her up and started to walk around inside the pool.Luna watched cautionsly for both James and Sakura's sake.

"James,make sure you don't drop her,"Luna said.

"I won't Luna,"James said back.

Luna smiled and watched as her daughter and James were enjoying the cool water.Centipede came over after awhile to get a drink.

"How's it goin' Luna?"he asked drinking the refreashing glass.

"Fine.I'm just...worried,"Luna said.

"'Bout Sakura drownin'?"he asked again.

"No.Nothing like that.I trust James with her.It's just...,"Luna sighed.

"What's wrong dear?"Mrs.Ladybug asked.

"Is something wrong with Sakura that were not aware of?"Ms.Spider asked.

"No.She just doesn't understand,"Luna said.

"Understand what?"Centipede asked.

"That she is a wolf not a dog,"Luna said.

The family was aware of Sakura's dog-like behaivor since she turned 4 weeks old.They witnessed her trying to bark at a passing person in the park and her digging holes in the backyard.It was starting to worry them,but mostly it was worrying Luna.

"She'll understand sooner or later,"Ms.Spider said.

"Should I tell her?"Luna asked.

"Not yet,"Mr.Grasshopper said coming up behind them,"Lets let her enjoy this moment,"

After Sakura was put back up on the concrete,she laid down next to Luna on the towel to dry.She missed her father,Kaze.She knew he was off at work,but she wanted to see him.She quietly lifted her head,turned to Luna,who was sound asleep and started to tip-toe away.Luna opened one of her eyes and smiled.

"Sakura,where do you think you're going?"Luna asked.

Sakura turned slightly,"Just...going for a walk,"

"Don't wander too far,"Luna said.

"I won't,"Sakura said racing off.

Sakura liked seeing all the dogs in the park,but some of their owners wouldn't let them play with her.She always wondered why.Kaze was out in the park with the other air wolves and the summer wolves preparing nature for the hot summer ahead.

"Kaze,have you gotten those warm air blows done yet?"another air wolf asked.

"Give me some time!It's not like I'm supperwolf!"Kaze barked.

"Daddy!"Sakura called.

Kaze looked up from his work and saw Sakura running toward him.He smiled.

"Sakura!"Sakura jumped and tackled her father.

They laughed for a moment,but then it dawned on Kaze that she shouldn't be here.

"What are you doing here?"Kaze asked,"Your mother will be furieus if she finds you here,"

"I wanted to see you,"Sakura said.

"But I'm working right now...,"Kaze said.

"KAZE!"Dageki,leader of the air wolves came up to the two,"What are you doing?!"

"I was just...uh...,"Sakura hid behind his legs.

"You know the rules?!NO pups during working hours!"Dageki yelled before walking away.

Sakura looked up,"Daddy,I'm sorry I got you in trouble,"

Kaze looked down at her and smiled,"Aw.It's alright.I needed a break anyways,"

Sakura smiled back,"Are you coming to pool with me?Everyone's there,"

"I can't now Sakura.I got work to do,"Kaze noticed his daughter's sad face,"But I'll tell you what.I'll come by tonight for dinner.How does that sound?"

Sakura's face broke out into a grin,"Yes!Yes!Please do!Mother will be so excited,"

"Okay.Now get back to her before she finds you gone,"Kaze said licking his daughter's face.

"Okay.Bye daddy!"Sakura said running off.

Sakura headed on back to the pool,but she didn't want to hang out there with no other dogs to play with.She looked around the park when she came to the pool for any little puppies she could play with.Her eyes fell upon a little germain shepard running around a tree chasing some birds.She smiled and ran up to him.

"Hi!I'm Sakura!What's your name?"she asked the germain shepard.

"I'm Stanley.You want to play tag?"he asked.

"How do you play?"Sakura asked,"I've never played that before,"

"Well,you run around and try not to get tagged by the person who's it,"Stanley said,Like this.TAG!Your it!"

Stanley ran off and Sakura followed,chasing him as she went.

"Well,bless my soul,"Mr.Grasshopper said looking up from his game,"Look!"

The family turned to look where he was pointing and smiled when they saw Sakura playing with another dog her age.Luna was very proud.

"At long last,she's found a friend,"Luna said.

"Friendship's a beautiful thing,"Ms.Spider said.

"Do you think they'll be friends forever?"James asked.

"Ofcourse Jimmy,"Centipede said,"Friendship lasts forever,"

The family watched as Sakura tackled Stanley and shouted YOUR IT!!Stanley took off after her and they chased each other some more,but what caught Luna's eye was the woman coming up the pathway and then started to gain speed.Stanley tackled Sakura and tagged her.Sakura took off after him and the lady gained even more speed.

"STANLEY!"the lady cried,"Someone save my Stanley!"

Luna took off,leaving the family confussed.They too ran off after her and once the lady reached the two laughing puppies,the lady yanked Stanley off the ground.

"You filthy beast!How dare you hurt my Stanely!"she yelled.

She was about to whip Sakura with Stanley's leash,but Luna picked her up and stepped back.The family showed up later.The lady looked at the family's shocked faces.

"I understand that Luna is your pet,"the lady said,"But you don't have the right to let her pup attack other's dogs,"

"Attack?"Earthworm asked.

"She would never.Sakura wouldn't hurt a fly,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Well,I suggest you pass a leash law Mayor Centipede,"the lady said looking over at Centipede.

"Listen,I understand whatcha mean,but Sakura was only playin' with your pup,"Centipede said,"She wasn't attackin' him,"

"Just keep IT away from my Stanley,"the lady said walking away from the family.

Stanley waved at Sakura and Sakura waved back,but she knew they wouldn't see each other again.

"Come.Lets head home,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

The family packed their things and headed on home.

Poor Sakura... FrownJust when she found a friend,the fun was runded by some pariond lady.The truth will be revialed in the next chapter. WinkMORE SHALL COME!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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