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The Moonlight Legend


© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Dawn broke through the clouds the next morning.Luna awoke,stearched out her legs and looked down to where she thought Sakura was.

"Good morning Sakura...,"she stopped when she realized Sakura was not there.

She looked around the room.James was still asleep in his bed and she couldn't hear anyone downstairs or out in the hall.She jumped up and looked around.

"Sakura?Sakura,where are you?"she said,"Sakura!"

James awoke,wiping the sleep from his eyes and looked at the now worried Luna.

"What's wrong Luna?"he asked yawning.

Luna looked over at him,tears running down her cheeks,"Sakura's gone,"

"What?How?She's not under the bed?"he asked checking under his bed.

"I looked everywhere!"Luna said.

She ran out of the room and ran down the hall,calling for Sakura as she went.She ran to Ms.Spider's room and started to scrantch on it.Ms.Spider,still asleep answered the door.Luna shot into her room.

"Sakura!"she called,"Sakura!"

"Luna,what are you doing?"Ms.Spider asked.

"Has Sakura come in here last night?"Luna asked still searching the room.

"No.Why?"Ms.Spider asked,"You can't find her?"

"No!"Luna cried,"She's not in James's room ether,"

Centipede opened his door and came into Ms.Spider's room.

"What's all the yellin' about?"he asked.

"Centipede,has Sakura come into your room last night?"Ms.Spider asked.

"No.I haven't seen her since last night,"he answered.

"She has to be here somehwere,"Ms.Spider said.

Luna ran out of the bedroom and started to wake the others,running in and out of their rooms searching for her.

"Where could she be?"Luna cried.

"Luna,she could be hiding from us,"Earthworm said.

"No!She would never do this!"Luna said.

"Now Luna,don't get all worked up,"Centipede said trying to calm her down.

"How can I keep calm!"Luna barked,"How can I when my daughter is missing!"

"She couldn't of gone far,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"How?The city's huge!"Earthworm said.

"We'll find her Luna,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"Mr.Grasshopper's right.She couldn't of gotten far then the city.She wouldn't go there,"

Luna,still crying laid down on her bed in the living room and cried to herself.The family left her.All,expect James.He felt sorry for her and Sakura too.Sakura was out in the world,alone and proably lost in the city or who knows where.Luna blaimed herself for what happened.It was her fault that Sakura ran away.There was nothing she could do to reverse what had happened.James sat down next to her and started to stroke her fur.Her crying settled down a bit when he stroked her back.She looked up at him.

"What kind of a mother am I?"Luna said.

"You're a amazing mother Luna,"James said,"You did nothing wrong,"

"I have James,"Luna said,"I shouldn't of let her live the life she has been.She's missing because of me,"

"No Luna.Don't say that!"James said.

"But it's true!I should've told her when she was old enough to understand,"Luna said.

James remained by her side until Ms.Spider was done with breakfast and he had to go eat.Centipede came in earlyer to check up on Luna and give her some food.

"Hey Luna.Gotcha some food,"he said setting it down on the floor in front of her bed,"Better eat up.We're all goin' out to look for Sakura,"

Luna didn't answer or eat.Centipede sighed.

"Well,we'll come by and get ya when we're ready to leave to start searchin',"he said petting Luna's head.

He returned to the kitchen and found everyone making "Lost" posters and Ms.Spider cleaning the dishes.

"She eating?"Ms.Spider asked.

"Not a bite,"Centipede said,"She's really heart-broken,"

"Does Kaze know about all this?"Earthworm asked.

"He's Sakura's father so he should know,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

"The poor dear needs to tell him then.Today,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

Luna,hearing this took a bite of her sausage and biscut Centipede left for her and walked into the kitchen.

"Everyone,I'm going to see Kaze,"she said.

The family turned to her and James walked over to her.

"I'm going with you.She may be there at the pack,"James said.

Luna nodded,"You may come with me.And all of you go and post those posters around the city and look for her while your at it,"

The family smiled and nodded.

"Don't worry.We'll find her,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

The two family members took off and headed to the pack.Mizu was sending the wolves in the different directions to do their jobs when Luna and James showed up.

"Mizu!"the water wolf turned to them,"Have you seen Sakura at all today?"

Mizu cocked her head to the side,"No.I haven't.You mean...she's gone?"

"She's missing!"Luna said,"Where's Kaze?I have to tell him!"

"He's with the other air wolves.You go to him while me and James ask around here,"Mizu said.

The three friends went off in separt directions.Luna searched for Kaze while Mizu and james asked the others.

"Yama!Have you seen Sakura today?"Mizu asked.

"Nope.Not since yesturday when she came by during work,"Yama said.

"Well,keep your eyes open for her and if you see her,tell her to head home,"Mizu said.

"Got it!"Yama said taking off.

James spotted Moyasu and ran up to him,"Moyasu!Have you seen Sakura?"

"If I had,I would go talk to Kaze,but since the answer is no,why do you ask?"Moyasu asked.

"She's missing,"James said.

"No,but I'll go searching once I get done here.If I find her,I'll send her home,"Moyasu said now taking the situtation seriesly.

"Thanks.Have you seen Haru?"James asked.

"As a matter of fact,yes,"Moyasu said,"She went off with Natsu to change the leaves,"

"Thanks,"James ran off to look for her.

Mizu spotted Kusa with her four pups out in the park.She ran up to her and by the time she got there,she was out of breath.

"What's the rush Mizu?"Kusa asked.

"Have you...seen Sakura at all today?"Mizu asked,"Did she come by to play with your pups at all today?"

"I haven't seen her.Let me ask,"Kusa said turning to her pups,"My darlings,come here if you please,"

The four playing puppies came over to their mother and sat in a semi-circle around her and Mizu.

"Have any of you seen Sakura today?"Kusa asked.

"No mother.We haven't,"one answered.

"Thank you.Go off and play now,"Kusa said turning back to Mizu,"This is not like her at all.I'll get the leader to send out the Earth wolves to search for her,"

"Thank you Kusa,"Misu said running off to get Kanari.

James found Haru and Natsu,a light orange wolf with a yellow sun on each side of his face since he was a summer wolf out in the park changing the leaves for summer.Haru turned to him.

"James?"she asked,"What are you doing here?"

"Have you seen Sakura?"James asked.

"No,but...maybe Natsu has,"Haru said,"I'll ask him,"

Haru ran back to Natsu and asked him if he's seen Sakura.Natsu shook his head.Haru ran back to James.

"Natsu hasn't seen her,but we'll head back to the pack and get everyone to search for her,"Haru said.

"Thank you Haru,"James said running off to find Luna.

Mizu hated going to the Death Wolves's lair.Though she was pack leader and they had to obey her,they were still mean,cruil and evil.Kanari was laying on top of her rock cave when Mizu was led by two of the guards.

"Your majesty,Mizu has come to see you,"one said.

"You may leave,"Kanari said.

The two guards left and Mizu looked up at the winged wolf.Kanari flew down to meet her eyes and could tell that something was wrong.

"Sakura's missing,is she not?"Kanari asked.

"Yes,but how did you...?"Mizu stopped.

She forgot that Kanari was physic.Kanari nodded.

"I thought so,"Kanari said.

"Have you seen her or connected your mind with her's at all?"Mizu asked.

"No.I haven't.I'll search by air for her and send my colony out to search for her.I promise you they won't harm her,"Kanari said.

"Thank you Kanari.Bring her home once you find her!"Mizu said running off.

"I will,"Kanari said.

Luna searched for Kaze throughout the entire pack.The air wolves were nowhere to be seen.She knew they had to be out working.She ran to the one place she knew they be.The pier.There,she found Kaze with the others.

"Kaze!"she called,"Kaze!"

The light brown wolf turned to her and his smiled changed to a frown when he saw how upset Luna was.

"Luna,what's wrong?"he asked once she reached him.

"Is Sakura with you?"she asked.

"No.She's not here,"Kaze said,"You mean...she ran away?"

"I don't know,but we can't find her,"Luna said,"My entire family is out looking for her and Mizu is getting the entire pack to search for her,"

"I'm coming with you.She's my daughter too and I must do what a father would do.Help search,"Kaze said.

Luna licked his face and they both took off to the house to rejoin the family.
Centipede and Ms.Spider were out hanging posters and searching in Central Park,thinking she couldn't of gone farther then the house.

"What if we can't find her Centipede?"Ms.Spider asked.

"We'll find her sweetheart.Lets not loose hope,"Centipede said.

"That's true,"Ms.Spider said,"Where could she be?"

The two hung the last of the posters and left for the house.
Mr.Grasshopper and Earthworm were out in the city hanging posters and asking people if they've seen her.

"She could've been stolen,"Earthworm said.

"Impossible!Who would kidnap innocent little Sakura?"Mr.Grasshopper asked.

"I don't know.It's just a hutch,"Earthworm said.

"It's getting late.We should head back.We've done enough for the day,"Mr.Grasshopper said.

The two headed on back to the house,thinking the others had better luck then they did.
Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm went to check the pound,thinking she was caught by mistake.They both left after having no such luck.

"Lets go Gloworm,"Mrs.Ladybug said,"We've done all we can today,"

The two went to the house,sad that they had no luck with the search.
Sakura traveled a few miles away from her house since she left.Having no idea where she was or where she was going,she still headed on north.

"I'll show them,"she mummered,"I'm a dog.I'm no wolf,"

"Sakura...,"Sakura stopped and looked around.

"Who's there?"she asked getting scared.

"Sakura...,"it said again.

"Mommy?Daddy?James?Is that you?"she asked.

It didn't call her name again.She continued her walk until she reached the waisteland.She looked around for a good spot to rest for the day.She traveled all night and day to reach here.She found a cave not to far away.

"Well,atleast it'll be cool and wet inside,"Sakura said,"It's getting too hot out here,"

She walked inside found herself a cool spot and laid down to get some sleep.

Atleast we know everyone's looking for her. WinkMORE SHALL COME!!! Grin Grin Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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