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The Moonlight Legend

Spirit Guide

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Be on the look out for 2 cameo scenes in this chapter
"Any luck?"Luna asked the minute she saw Centipede and Ms.Spider.

"Not even a clue,"Centipede said.

"What about you Kaze?Was she at the pack?"Ms.Spider asked.

Kaze shook his head,"If she was there,I would of known,"

James looked over at the two devastated parents.Was this what loss was like?When a parent lost a child,was this how they acted?Mr.Grasshopper and Earthworm returned later and by the looks of it,they had no luck ether.Same with Mrs.Ladybug and Gloworm when they returned.

"She couldn't of gone far like I said,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"She doesn't know her way around the city,"

"She doesn't know WHERE to go in the city,"Earthworm moaned like he always did when something terrible would happen.

"I just hope the poor dear's okay,"Mrs.Ladybug said.

"I'm not a boar!"Gloworm yelled.

Luna looked out the window and Kaze jumped beside her.

"Where could she be?"Luna asked.

Kaze rubbed against her and she did the same,"We'll find her.We can't loose hope,but wherever she is,she's proably trying to find her way home,"
Sakura rested inside the dark,damp cave,but she was suddenly awakened by a small voice.(Sing anything in your mind that comes to you for the little voice)The voice was singing.Sakura slowly awoke and looked around.The voice was coming from deeper inside the cave.She decided to investagate.She traveled deeper into the cave,but she slipped on a piece of broken rock and slipped down a hole in the broken ground.After hitting the landing,she looked around her.There was water surrounding her,maybe it was due to the stalactites on the ceiling.The voice was louder down here.

"What could that be?"Sakura thought shaking the water from her fur.

She continued down the tunnel until she saw light.

"Light?Maybe there's a way out,"Sakura thought.

Suddenly,she spied the source of the voice.A little blue bird was flying around a pile of crystils.He was singing.Sakura walked up to him,trying not to disturb him.She found the song very catchy that she couldn't help but howl along with him.The bird didn't seem to notice her.She howled again and the sining stopped.

"Your singing is quite beautiful,"the bird said.

Sakura looked down at the little bird and blushed,"Oh,thank you.There are times I can't help myself,"

The bird just smiled and Sakura quickly aplogized for ruining his song.

"I'm sorry.Did I interupt you?"Sakura asked aplogizing.

The bird flew up to stair at her eye to eye,"Oh no.I love to hear wolves sing.It's one of your speaciltys,"

Sakura was alittle taken back by this.He was calling her a wolf too?She's NOT a wolf.

"You also have such a keen sense of smell,"the bird sighed,"Such wonderful creatures you are,"

Sakura slamed her paw down in a puddle in front of the bird and growled,"I'm NOT a wolf!"

The bird laughed,"Oh!Then that is why I'm not afraid of you,"

"What's so funny?"Sakura thought.

"Why should I be afraid of one who does not know who she is?"the bird asked.

"I know WHO I am,"Sakura barked,"I am Sakura,daughter of Luna and Kaze who happens to be dogs loved by all the city of New York,"

The bird flew up to the crystils and landed in front of them.Sakura growled at the strange little bird.

"Who are you?"she growled.

The bird just jumped around,"I am Azul,son of Heiwa and Amore.Both of them,simple blue birds.This answer tells us what we are,but not who we are,"

"Huh?"Sakura cocked her head to one side,"Okay then,how do I know who I am?"

Azul started to jump on the crystils.Sakura watched as he did so and became more confussed.

"What are you doing?"she asked.

With one final ludge on the middle crystil,the crystil came in contact with the light shining in through a hole in the ceiling and light shined aroudn the room.Sakura gasped and looked around her.There were cravings she didn't noticed before on the wall.The light bounced off them.Azul looked back at her.

"I am sheding light where darkness lies,"he said.

Sakura looked around at the cravings.They were of animals.Bears,birds,squrrils,wolves...Wolves?!Azul flew up to look at her eye to eye again.

"When every creature in the world is born,a spirit stands beside them,"he said.

Sakura looked over at him,"Why?"

"To light their way through the long dark night and sing them songs to guide them,"Azul answered.

"Why?"Sakura asked.

"Because each of us has a destiny that sets us all apart,"Azul said,"The path is different for you and me,but the journey begins in the heart,"

"So these...spirit guides are like ancestors to guide those who are lost or on a quest?"Sakura asked.

"That is correct Sakura,"Azul said,"All of us have one,but they don't show themselves unless they are needed,"

Sakura walked around the room,leaving Azul by the crystils.She looked at all the cravings on the wall some more.

"Are these spirit guides?"Sakura asked.

"They can be,but nobody knows yet,"Azul said,"I myself have seen some from time to time,"

"You have?"Sakura said,"What do they look like?"

"They could be anything.Wind,plants,rain,anything that they can deguise themselves as until they want to be seen by their owners,"Azul said.

"So Azul,before I came here,a gust of wind kept calling my name.Could that be my spirit guide?"Sakura asked.

"It could be,"Azul said,"They are everywhere these days,"

The light started to fade and the cravings could be seen,just barely.Sakura turned back around to face Azul.

"Azul,are you my spirit guide?"she asked,"Are you here to help me?"

Azul's voice could be heard,but he couldn't be found,"Have faith in yourself Sakura.Find you true self in youself.Sekai lives within you,"

"Sekai?Who's that?"Azul didn't answer,"Azul?Azul,where are you?"

A craving caught Sakura's eye.She turned to the wall and noticed a bird,about the size of Azul on the wall.It was glowing blue.A blue bird maybe.Sakura turned to leave the small cave.

"Sekai?Who's Sekai?Mother always told me that me and her carried the blood line of a legend.Could that be Sekai?"Sakura thought,"No.It's just a story,"

Sakura left the cave to return on her journey.She looked back at the cave one last time.

"I am a dog Azul.I'm NO wolf.Even if you ARE my spirit guide,I already know my true self.I'm a dog no matter what they say,"Sakura said before walking off.
The family continued their search for Sakura.Luna and kaze waited for news from the pack,but so far nothing.They never left the window sill.The family would bring by food for them or something to drink,but they just sat there,waiting for their daughter to walk up that pathway.The family all sat down for dinner while Luna and Kaze remained at the window sill.

"I feel sorry for them,"James said.

"They'll have to eat sooner or later,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"So Centipede,how's the wedding planning coming along?"

"I've post poned it,"Centipede said.

"YOU WHAT?!?"Earthworm yelled.

"We had to,"Ms.Spider said,"With Sakura still missing,we couldn't bear to have Luna and Kaze upset at the wedding.We agrred to post pone it until Sakura is returned home,"

"I have to agree with you on that my dear,"Mr.Grasshopper said,"Without Sakura,you'll only have three flower girls insteid of four,"

It was the truth.Centipede and Ms.Spider wanted four flower girls at the wedding and so they got Sakura and three of Kusa's pups to be the flower girls,but now that Sakura was missing,what were they to do?There was suddenly a scrantch at the door.Kaze and Luna wre the first to jump out of their half sleeping daze at the window sill to answer the door.Was it Sakura?Has she finally come home?James opened it for them and they gasped to see a germain shepard puppy at the door.Luna gasped this was that puppy Sakura was playing with yesturday.Stanley.

"Hi.Can I see Sakura please?"Stanley asked.

Luna burst into tears and walked away from the door to her bed.Kaze watche dher leave and then turned back to Stanley.

"She ran away,"he said.

Stanley gasped,"What?"

"She's gone,"Kaze said,"Thanks for coming by though,"

Stanley turned to walk away and Kaze shut the door behind him.Kaze walked into the living room and laid down next to Luna,who was still crying.He licked her tears away,but that didn't seem to stop them from coming.They both fell asleep side by side while the family continued their dinner.James looked over at the sad parents and then to his family.

"I hope she's okay,"James said.

"We all hope and pray for her safe return,"Mrs.ladybug said.

Did you catch the two cameo scenes?If not,then you should maybe re-read it. WinkWill sakura find her true self like Azul said or not?Find out next time! Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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