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The Moonlight Legend

A Friend In A Stray

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

There will be two cameo scenes in this chapter too.Be on the lookout for them.
Luna and Kaze laid asleep on Luna's bed laid out in the living room.The family has just gone to bed as well.But suddenly,there was a scarntch at the door.Kaze shot up,startled by the noise and started to growl.Mizu shot in through the dog door and he stopped.

"Oh Mizu!Sorry!Thought you were a robber,"Kaze said.

"It's okay.Listen,we check every inch of the city.She's nowhere to be found,"Mizu said.

"How could she...?"Kaze started to say.

"We don't know,but Kanari is still trying to get in contact with her mind,but it's sadly getting nowhere so far.She's still too young,"Mizu said.

"Thanks for coming by,but I think I have a way in getting more help to help find her,"Kaze said.

Mizu nodded,"Your a dad.You do what you got to do and we'll still keep searching.Moyasu,Hi and the other fire wolves went off to check all on North America for her.There's no telling when they'll be back.I'll come back if I have any news,"

After that,she left.Kaze turned back to his wife who still lay asleep and awoke her.

"Luna,"she lifted her head,"I'm afraid it's all up to us now,"

"Oh Kaze,isn't there any hope?"Luna asked.

"Well,yes.We'll have to alert the dogs living in New York,"Kaze said.

"But Kaze,that's only a gossip chain,"Luna said.

"But it's the fastest way to speard news,"Kaze said,"And if Sakura is anywhere in the city,the New York dogs will know.Now we'll send out a message come morning,"

The two wolves fell back asleep upon their bed and rested for the morning to come.
Sakura traveled for miles.She was tired and thirsty and hungry.She would see Azul from time to time and he would be telling her to go back,but she wouldn't listen to her spirit guide.

"Where can one find some food or water in a city like this?"Sakura would ask herself.

She headed to the city after walking a few miles in the waisteland.She turned into a nearby allyway as darkness came over her and rain started to fall.Sakura looked up at the falling water and thought of her godmother,Mizu.

"Is Mizu really that upset?"Sakura said as the water fell down even faster.

She knew that when Mizu cried,it would rain,but how fast and hard it would fall depended on how upset she was.Sakura spotted a small little crate with a blanket,metal top and two food bowls near it.She crawled into the tiny home and watched as the rain fell.Suddenly,the sound of walking startled her.It was dog or wolf.The sound of claws could be heard.She shook under the blanket laid out inside the crate.The silolette of a massive dog caused Sakura to loose her head.She screamed and ran out into the rain and ran right into the leg of a black and gray great dane.

"Who are you?"he growled,"What are you doing here?"

"Please don't hurt me!"Sakura yelped.

"Hm,you're a small frie,"the great dane said looking down at her with his old blue eyes,"Good.I'm tired of eating rats,"

He barked real loud,which frightened Sakura out of her wits.

"Please don't hurt me!I'm sorry...I...,"Sakura started to say,but was interrupted by a cough from the big dog.

The dog's coughing sounded terrible.He was sick.Sakura's fear seezed as she looked up at the massive dog.

"Are you okay?"Sakura asked the old dog.

"I'm more then alright,"the dog answered as he went to his crate and laid down on the blanket.

Sakura watched as the old dog coughed some more and then looked up at her with his old eyes.

"I'm sorry to inturd,"Sakura said turning to walk away.

"Hey!"the old dog said stopping Sakura in her tracks,"What's a wolf like you doing out here anyways?You're no dog.You should be with your pack,"

"I'm NOT a wolf!"Sakura said.

"Okay then,what's a dog like you doing out here then?You're no stray,"the old dog said.

"How'd he realize that I'm a dog insteid of a wolf after I told him I wasn't a wolf?Strange,"Sakura thought.

She looked at the old dog's eyes and answered his question.

"I ran away from home,"Sakura answered.

The old dog coughed and Sakura sat down on the cold,wet concrete.The old dog looked at her eye to eye.

"So,you think running's the answer?"the old dog asked,"Huh?"

Sakura lowered her head to move her gaze away from the old dog's look,"I don't even know where I'm going anymore.I was just trying to prove to my parents that I'm a dog not a wolf.I lost my only friend and my family,"

"Listen,"the old dog said.Sakura moved her gaze back up to him,"This bag of bones you're looking at used to be something speacil.I was the alpha dog.Left my home to go run the pack and man did I run it.Till they turned on me.Now I live out here alone,dodging cars,dog fights and dog catchers.Rest assured little one,there ain't a day goes by when I don't think about waking up in a warm bed and spending the day with the folks who love me.The real me,"

Sakura felt sorry for the old dog.He was sick,alone,old and he was unhappy.What was she to do for him?She was just a puppy.She couldn't care for a who knew how old massive great dane.She just looked at the old dog.He looked up at her after finishing his story and said the words she was scared he would say.

"Go home,"he said,"Something tells ain't too late for the real you,"

Sakura stood up and she just stared at the dog,"But...I can't...Duke,"

The old dog stood up in his crate and looked over at the dog bowl set up outside.In white painted letters,it read "Duke".The old dog looked back at her and smiled.

"Been a long time since anybody called me that,"he said sighing,"Thanks,"

"No problem,"Sakura said.

"What might your name be little missy?"Duke asked.

"Sakura,"she answered.

"Sakura,what a pretty name,"Duke said.There was silence between them until Duke spoke up again,"You're Luna and Kaze's daughter,aren't you?"

Sakura gasped,"How'd you know that?"

"Oh everybody knows them,"Duke answered,"Your mother is as smart as a human and quick as a wip.And your father is as keen as ever just like your mother.Though both are wolves,I've never seen any so attached to that little boy Luna lives with,"


Duke nodded,"My owner used to be like him.Kind and caring.I don't know what became of him after I ran away.It's been 10 long years.I bet he's already forgotten me by now,"

"No,"Sakura said,"Nobody can forget a friend,"

Duke smiled at her,"Yeah.I guess your right,"

Suddenly,a light shined on the two.Sakura and Duke turned in the direction of the light.Duke stood and blocked her from it.

"What's that?"she asked.

"It's the pound,"Duke coughed,"Go on!Get out of here!GET!"

Duke chocked on his words and coughed.Sakura became worried.

"What about you?You're sick!"Sakura said.

"Yeah,that's right Sakura,"Duke answered,"I'm one sick puppy,"

He barked to alert the dog catcher.Sakura started to run,but turned back to her friend.He turned to her.

"Go on,GO!"he yelled.

Sakura ran off away from her new friend,but she could still hear the barking and coughing sounds from Duke behind her,but she kept on running.She could hear one last thing come out of Duke's mouth before she turned the corner.

"Lets make this easy old timer,"the dog catcher said.

"What fun would that be?"Duke said before growling at the man and chasing him off.

Sakura still ran until she couldn't run anymore.She stopped at a nearby box,went inside and fell asleep,awaiting for morn.

YAY!!! Grin Grin GrinNEW CHARACTER!!!Let me shed alittle light on Duke here.Duke is a character based off Buster from the movie Marmaduke,but his design and breed his based off my own great dane,my bubby,my friend Duke.But my Duke is black & white,but I changed it to gray & black to make him seem scray.Duke used to be a pet,but left to lead a pack of stray dogs,but they turned on him.So he's been living on the streets for 10 years like he said.The scene where Sakura meets Duke is based off the scene where Marmaduke meets Buster from the movie Marmaduke.Duke knows Sakura is a wolf,but he plays along when she claims she is a dog.That's why he changes the question to why is a dog like you after she said that.The part where he tells Sakura about her parents and his owner is an EXTRA added sequence of my own.That part DID NOT happen in the actual Marmaduke scene.Duke will appear again in this story and will be a big help further along when he reappears. WinkMORE WILL COME!!! Lol

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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