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The Moonlight Legend

Help Comes

© ghostwolf23

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As dawn broke through the clouds,Kaze and Luna awoke.They headed out into the yard and gazed upon the sunlight shining through city.

"You sure this is going to work?"Luna asked.

"I sure,"Kaze said.

He howled and the two of them listened closely around them for a answer.

"There's no one out this morning,"Luna said,"And it's alittle too hot,"

Kaze turned to her,"We got to keep trying,"

He howled again and the two listened again for a answer.Hoping and praying that someone would get their message.
Duke,managing to escape the dog catcher was hunting the streets for something to eat.His ears perked up when he heard a howl.He lifted his head and listend.His old eyes wided when the message was clear.

"They're looking for her?"Duke thought,"I got to find her,but first I must reply back to them,"

Duke barked,hoping his bark was loud enough to reach them.
Kaze and Luna waited for a reply.Suddenly,a bark came.Kaze smiled.

"Luna,we're in luck!It's a stray dog named Duke,who's seen her,"Kaze said.

Luna smiled.Kaze howled again.The bark came again.

"What did he say?"Luna asked.

"He said he'll help us look for her.He saw her and they were talking last night,"Kaze said,"Then she must be somewhere in the city,"

"I hope so,"Luna said.

"Don't worry.We can relax now that we know she's okay,"Kaze said.
Sakura awoke from her slubber and strenched at the first sign of dawn.She crawled out of her little shelter,yawned and looked around.

"Wonder where I should head off to now?"Sakura thought,"I hope Duke's okay,"

"Are you lost there little one?"a voice asked.

Sakura quickly spun around and saw a red,shaky dog laying on the porch next to her shelter.

"Oh!I didn't see you sitting there,"Sakura said.

"Oh,it's alright.I already knew you were here,"the dog said,"I saw you outside my window last night,"

Sakura walked up to the steps the dog was laying on and sat down.

"Who might you be little one?"the dog asked.

"I'm Sakura,"

"Daughter of Luna and Kaze I suppose,"the dog said.

Sakura was shocked for a moment,"You...You know them too?"

"Ofcourse.All us dogs and wolves know them,"the dog said.

"You're a wolf?"Sakura asked.

"Do I look like one to you?"the dog laughed,"No my dear,but what's a wolf like you doing here though?Shouldn't you be home with Luna and Kaze?"

"I AM NOT A WOLF!"Sakura growled,"I AM A DOG!"

"You don't look like any dog I've ever seen.I for one am a dog,"the dog said,"The name's Scarlett.Scarlett,the red setter,"

Sakura settled down a bit,"Sorry Scarlett.I didn't mean to raise my tone of voice,"

"It's okay.Now,what brings you to my side of town?"Scarlett asked.

"Huh?"Sakura asked cocking her head.

"I live here so why did you come here?"Scarlett asked.

"I ran away from home,"Sakura said.


"I'm trying to prove to my family that I am a dog not a wolf,"Sakura said.

"But these streets you're walking upon are no place for a pup like you,"Scarlett then lowered her head,"I sure hope he's okay,"

"Who?"Sakura asked.

"My neighbor,Stanley,"Scarlett said.

Sakura's eyes grew wide,"Stanley?!You know Stanley?!"

"Yes.And appairntley you do too,"Scarlett said,"How'd you come to know about him?"

"We met each other at the park,"Sakura said,"We are friends,but his owner became paranoid and called me a monster and almost hit me.I wasn't causing any harm,"

"Maybe your appearance is what scared her,"Scarlett said.

"So I AM a monster?!My parents carried the bloodline of a monster?"Sakura asked getting angry.

"No.You carry the bloodline of a legend,"Scarlett said,"Your mother,Luna has it and now,you do as well,"

"Could this be the legendary Sekai that Azul told me about?"Sakura thought.

"You're Stanley's only friend you know,"Scarlett said.

"I am.What about you?"Sakura asked.

"He considers me a friend,but more of a neighbor,but I can't play games with him.I'm much too old to do that now.You were is first true friend,"Scarlett said.

"Where is he now?"Sakura asked.

"Don't know.I just awoke one morning and he was gone.He must be out looking for you or something,but I'm VERY worried about him.If you find him,will you tell him to head home please?"Scarlett asked.

"I will do that,"Sakura said.

"That's good to hear,"Scarlett said.

Sakura looked up at the old red dog and noticed a pink leather thing around her neck.It had a yellow,metal thing attached to it and it was dangling from the front of the pink leather.Sakura cocked her head to one side.

" don't mind me asking,but what is that strange pink thing around your neck?"Sakura asked.

"This is my collar,"Scarlett said.

"What's a...collar?"Sakura asked.

"It's a piece of clothing us dogs wear to keep us from getting lost,"Scarlett said,"The tag you see on the front has our name and address on it.Whenever we get lost,the person who finds us knows who to return us to,"

"What happens if you're NOT wearing one?"Sakura asked.

"You're sent to the pound,"Scarlett answered shaking at the word.

"What's that?"

"It's a dreadful place.Us dogs are sent there when we DON'T have a collar.I've been there once and I'm never going back.They keep you there for a certain number of weeks and then...,"Scarlett stopped.

"What?What happens?"

"They kill you,"Sakura gasped,"That's why I'm worried about Stanley.He's NOT wearing a collar and neither are you.That's why I suggest you turn around and head home,"

"I'm not going home until I find out who I am,"Sakura said starting to walk away,"I'm sorry Scarlett,but I can't go home until then,but when I find Stanley,I'll send him home,"

Sakura started to take off around the corner.Scarlett watched as she disappeared behind the corner and she sighed.

"Please let her be safe,"Scarlett whispered.
Duke sniffed about the streets for one little sign of Sakura.As he turned the corner,he bumped noises with a small germain shepard puppy.The puppy became frighten and hid from his view.Duke noticed the pup had NO collar.

"You must get off the streets,"Duke said to the puppy,"You'll get caught by the dog catcher if you hang around out here,"

The puppy came out of hiding,"But I must find my friend.She's missing and I must find her,"

"I'm looking for a friend too.I'll help you look for your friend if you'll help me find mine.I'm old you know and I can't search for very long,"Duke said.

"Thank you.I can tell you're going to my help!I'm Stanley.What's your name?"the puppy asked.

"I'm Duke,"Duke said.

"Nice to meet you,"Stanley said,"What's your friend's name?I need to know so we can start calling,"

"Sakura,"Duke said.

"SAKURA?!?"Stanley yelled,"That's my friend's name!"

Duke's eyes grew wide,"Then you must be her only friend she told me about.Is she light brown?"

"Yes.That's her alright,"Stanley said.

"Then we must start looking.There's NO telling where she went off to,"Duke said.

The two dogs took off through the city streets,hoping for a sign of Sakura around every corner they went through.

OH NO!!!I hope everyone finds her. OhMORE WILL COME!!! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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