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The Moonlight Legend


© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

As the Trotter household begin to bustle with the sound of everyone rushing to get to work or continuing to look for Sakura,Luna and Kaze kept their cool.They knew their daughter was okay and that someone in the city is looking for her to bring her hime.Who knew what else was to come?There was suddenly a scarntching sound on the door.James excused himself from the table and went to answer it.Mizu and Kanari walked in.

"Is Kaze and Luna at home?"Mizu asked.

"Yes.They are in the living room,"James said stepping aside to let the two wolves in.

Luna and Kaze came into the hallway and smiled at the sight of Mizu and Kanari.

"Any news?"Mizu asked.

"A dog in the city has seen her,"Kaze said.

"That's good to know someone has seen her,"Kanari said,"I have news as well,"

"What is it?"Luna asked.

"I was out on my morning flight today and while I was flying,I was also keeping an eye out for Sakura.In doing so,I was what appeared to be a brown wolf talking to a red dog,"Kanari said.

"Was it Sakura?"Luna asked shocked.

"I couldn't get a good look,"Kanari said,"I thought at first it was Kaze,but as I tried to go lower,the wind pushed me up.I waited until the wind died down to go back and by the time I got back,she was gone.I'm sure though now it was Sakura now that you told me a dog in the city has seen her,"

"Oh thank goodness,"Luna sighed.

"Then she's in the city?"James asked.

"Somewhere.I'm about to head back to where that red dog is and talk to them.See if they know where she was headed,"Kanari said.

"Thank you Kanari,"Luna said,"Return to us once you figured it out and we'll all go together,"

"I will,"Kanari said.

She spread out her wings and took to the skies.The family watched as she flew toward the city until they couldn't see her anymore.Mizu turned back to the family.

"I myself have news,"she said,"Moyasu and the other fire wolves have returned and I assured them that she was in the city somewhere.There are five fire wolves searching the streets now for her.So far we have no trace of her,"

"Thank you Mizu.Once you have a trace,report to us,"Kaze said.

"I will.Goodbye for now,"Mizu said walking off.

Luna looked over at the city.Her daughter was lost in the big city and everyone they know is looking for her.She smiled a bit.

"What is it Luna?"James asked.

"It's just...,"luna sighed,"I'm just happy to know my daughter is alive and well,"

"We all are,"Kaze said.

Everyone returned to their daily things while Luna and Kaze waited for news from the dog in the city.
Sakura,after leaving Scarlett searched high and low for Stanley and also kept her eyes peeled for any sign of the pound.Was the pound what came after her and Duke that night?Was he caught by them?He wasn't wearing a collar.Was he dead by now?Where was he anyway?She still hoped he was okay.She turned down a allyway and spied a bowl of water.She took a drink and she froze.Someone or something was watching her.

"Azul?I'm scared,"Sakura said thinking her spirit guide was watching her.

She heard footsteps.Her ears perked up and turned as she listened to her surroundings.The footsteps came again.She quickly turned around and managed to dodge a net being thrown at her.She started to run as the man picked up the net and started to chase her.She ran out of the ally,dodging trashcans as she went.The man still followed her.She turned around as she heard his footsteps get lighter and lighter.Was he giving up?She sure hoped so.As she reached the corner,she stopped.She couldn't hear the footsteps anymore.He was gone.She was panting real hard.She lied down on the concrete and rested her paws.Suddenly,the footsteps came again.He was back!She quickly shot up and started to run.

"Azul!Where are you?!"Sakura yelled.She was frightened.

The blue bird appeared to her and he flew along side her.

"Follow me!"he chirped.He dove into a abbanded building along side her.

Sakura followed him and once inside the building,she hid in a dark corner,listening for the man with the net.

"Search everywhere!It's got to be here somewhere,"she heard him say.

Sakura waited in the dark for what seemed like hours.Night drew closer.All she did was talk to Azul as if he was there.Then everything became silent.She crawled out of her hiding spot and went outside.Everything seemed clear.She started down the sidewalk as if nothing happened,but...
Kanari searched all over the city for the red dog.Darkness was apporching and she suddenly spotted the red dog,laying out on her porch mat sleeping.Kanari swooped down and landed on the steps.

"Excuse me,but have you happened to see a little light brown wolf named Sakura pass by here?"she asked.

The red dog opened her eyes and looked up at the winged wolf,"Oh,so you're not the angel of death that has come to collect me?Well,if you're talking about Luna and Kaze's pup,then you're too late.She left hours ago,"

"Where?"Kanari asked,"Can you tell me which way she went?"

"Lets see,she went that way,"the dog said looking to her right,"But where she went from there,I don't know,"

"I'll search from there then.Thank,"


"Scarlett.I'll let Luna and Kaze know right away before I start looking,"Kanari said spreading out her wings.

"Send them my regards,"Scarlett said.

"I will,"Kanari said taking off.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------But Sakura wasn't alone.Before she could even blink,a net landed in front of her.She jumped over it and started to run again.

"Don't loose sight of it!"the man yelled to his companions.

Sakura ran for her life.How she wished her mom was there or her father.They would show those men how mean they could really get if she was ever picked on or threated.She still ran,trying to stop whenever she got the chance.She turned down another allyway only to discover the pathway was blocked by two men carrying nets.She became scared and turned back around,but it was no use going that way ether.Two more men blocked her way.They too carried nets.She was trapped.

"Get it!"one man yelled.

The men ran at her.She had nowhere to go.A net was thrown at her and it covered her completely.She chewed on the ropes that made the net,but her teeth couldn't even make a piece come off.The man who threw it picked her up.

"We caught it!"he said.

"It doesn't look like a dog,"another said.

"Lets just take it in,"another said,"We'll find out what it is and what to do with it,"

They carried her to their car parked at the corner.As she was being thrown into the back of the car,she managed to see the writing on the side.It read "New York City Pound".

Poor Sakura! FrownShe was caught by the pound!Will she be able to escape?Find out in the next chapter! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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