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The Addams Family Crossover

Running Away

© S.R.C.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The next day, the Addams children were getting ready for another day of school. Just when they were about to head out the door, Morticia gently pulled Wednesday aside, looked at her in the eye and said, "Be strong my little bat. It'll be alright. I promise." That lifted Wednesday's spirits more. She hugged her mother tight and ran off to join Pugsley.

As soon as the creaky door shut, she walked over to Gomez, who was doing a Zen Yogi exercise (which consists doing a handstand) while reading the newspaper upside down. Morticia sat in her favorite chair and said, "Gomez, get back on your feet and call the others. We have to talk."

Gomez sensed how serious his wife was, so he got back on his feet and called Lurch, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, and Thing into the living room

"Alright everyone, last night I got Wednesday to talk to me . . . "

*About an hour latter.*

After Morticia told the family about what Wednesday said to her, everyone was upset. Lurch groaned, Gomez shook his head, as if he was afraid this would happen, and Uncle Fester and Grandmama immediately ran to their rooms. Gomez started to pace back-and-forth in fury.

"Don't you see my dear? We must take our children out of school. It's clear that its got out of hand."

"No Gomez, I don't want to do that. It's important that our children stay in school. We can make it better for Wednesday. We'll just call the school and arrange an appointment with her teacher or at least the principal to talk about this. Maybe if we talk to them, they'll listen and help Wednesday."

Suddenly, Unlce Fester came back with his blowgun and Grandmama came back with her battle axe, the one she hasn't used since the tax payer came.

"Mama and I will come too. And if they don't listen, I'll shoot 'im in the back!"

"And if they still don't listen, I'll chop them to bits!"

"Uncle Fester! Mama! I will not allow you to do such things! That is not the honorable way. Gomez and I will talk with the school and sort this out."

"Tish is right. And besides, you two can't go around shooting and axing people."

"Why not?" Grandmama asked.

"Too much of a mess to clean up. Blood stains are always a pain to get out."

Uncle Fester nodded thoughtfully. "You have a point."

"In fact, I'll call the school right now," said Gomez. Thing dialed the school number and held out the phone to Gomez.

"Thank you, Thing! . . . Hello, is this Mrs. Brown? . . . Gomez Addams here. . . My daughter Wednesday is one of your students. My wife and I would like to scedhule a meeting with you to talk about Wednesday. . . Yes, today is a perfect day! . . . Alright, see you then." He hanged up.

"Great news! We'll be meeting Wednesday's 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Brown after school in her classroom to settle this issue. Although, she sounded weird on the phone. She sounded tense."

"Brilliant Gomez! I'm so relieved. Everything will be alright now, just like I promised her."

Meanwhile . . .

Wednesday hated school and practically almost the whole outside world. Green lawns, daisies, blue skies, sunny days, people with happy faces, "p-u-p-p-i-e-s", "k-i-t-t-e-n-s", Girl Scouts; all of it made her sick. She often wondered why the whole world wasn't like one gigantic graveyard; where everyone and everything was like her. She often wished for the world to be dark, creepy, and magical everyday. Wednesday feels at home in her own house or a graveyard, haunted places, a dark forest, a cave, or a swamp. But in other places that aren't as creepy and more cheerful, she feels so out of place.

At school, its all the same. All the children there are weird to her. The girls and boys are smiling and laughing all the time at lunch or recess. Its a rare pleasure to hear some depressing thoughts or crying. The games they play are way to foreign to her. Tag, hide-and-seek, catch, baseball; what kind of games are those? What about gernade toss, hangman, burials, riding a jaguar? None of the other kids seem to know what they are. Wednesday tries to join in to make friends, but the games are weird, boring, and no fun. She also sees how happy the kids were when playing together and that made her feel even more left out.

After a long time of walking to school, the two children reached the main entrance. Pugsley was in 5th grade so they rarely see each other during the day.

"Are you going to be okay, Wednesday?"

"I'll be strong, Pugsley. See you at home."

Once inside, Wednesday took the 3rd grade hallway while Pugsley took another wing. As Wednesday walked down the hallway, all the kids that were talking happily and going to class immediately ran away in fear and kept muttering about a girl who is psycho. She hung her head in shame. Everyday its like this. Kids trying to avoid her and call her names. It gets worse in the classroom. As soon as she sets foot, the talking and happy atmosphere vanished. When she went to her seat, the nearby kids try to scoot over to avoid being next to her. Some glare or give strange looks to Wednesday, and others whisper to each other. Wednesday knows for sure they were talking about her.

After the bell rang, lesson began. A couple of hours went by fast, but to Wednesday it felt like an enternity.

"This is absolute torture!" She thought. "It's worse than being tied up and left in a flower field with butterflies and bumblebees everywhere. Where's Pugsley's time machine to speed up the day when you need it."

["Be strong my little bat."/i]

Wednesday was trying very hard to take her mother's advice, but her feelings were still tarnished. She just wanted the boring grammar lesson to be over with, so she could go home.

"Could this day get any-"


Mrs. Brown was on top of her desk, looking like she was about to faint. She was so shocked that she could only point at a big black eight-legged creature that scuttling on the floor. All the students were freaking out and screaming in panic, but not Wednesday because she knew the spider.

"Homer?! How did you get here?" Wednesday said surprised. She glanced at her backpack and it was slightly opened. "He must of snuck into my backpack by mistake," she thought.

Poor Homer was frightened himself! He had no idea where he was and what all the noise was about. A lot of kids were running around, trying to get away from the spider. Homer was scuttling frantically, looking for a place to hide for safety.

A little girl named Angelina took a huge math book and declared, "I'll kill it!"

Wednesday tried to stop her. "NO ANGELINA! HE'S MY PET!"

She tried to get to Homer first, but a couple of boys named Andy and Ryan took this as a great opportunity and they tackled her and pin her to the ground. As Wednesday struggled to get up, Angelina looked at her with a wicked gleam in her eyes and slammed the book onto Homer. As soon as the book slammed the floor, everything was in slow motion to Wednesday. The boys let go of her and she ran to Homer. She picked up the book and Homer was squashed and flatten like a pancake. He was dead. Everyone was glad that Angelina took care of the little beast, but on the other hand, Wednesday was numb with shock and emotional pain. Her pet spider, her best friend and loyal companion was dead. Wednesday burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably. Then she marched towards Angelina was looking quite pleased with herself.


"Homer? That [thing/i] had a name?" Angelina asked sarcastically

"Of course my spider had a name! All pets have names!" Wednesday snapped.

"Well of course normal people like ME and the whole class have average pets. Only weird, twisted, crazy people like you keep monsters for companions."

"Wierd? Twisted? Crazy? Hark again!"

"You heard ME. You are weird and you know it. You don't have any friends because of what you are. You're too different. Nobody in the entire world plays dangerous games, keeps weird pets, or looks too pale and wears black all the the time.-"

"SHUT UP! I may be all of those things, but I still deserve respect and you Angelina had no right to kill my best friend."

"Well, in MY world, you only get respect if you are like everyone else. Why don't you Little Miss Creepy try to be more like ME? Make your hair blond, like ME. Put on a fancy pink dress, like ME. Play jump rope, like ME. If you do those things, then, you'll have friends."

"I RATHER DIE!" Wednesday shrieked.

"Then why don't you crawl back to your grave weirdo. Nobody wants you here and you don't belong anywhere."

Angelina's "friends" nodded and agreed with her. Even Mrs. Brown patted her hair in ecouragement. Wednesday started shaking in anger. After 3 years of being bullied, she couldn't take it anymore.

"How could they be so heartless to me?" she thought. "I've tried to be nice, but it doesn't matter. Me being weird and different is all they care about."

She screamed through her sobs, "FINE! I'LL GO! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

With her heart shattered to peices, she burst out of the classroom and ran to the nearest exit. She didn't care if it was the main entrance or not. All Wednesday could think about was getting away from the school. She let her fast legs carry her into the woods that was behind the playground. Wednesday ran deeper and deeper into the forest. Even as the branches and bushes snagged at her dress and tights, she kept going. It wasn't until she tripped over a rock that made her stop. Wednesday didn't bother to get up. She lay still on the forest floor, crying in despair over her lonliness and over the death of her beloved pet spider.

(Poor Homer! Frown Poor Wednesday! Frown Will it ever change for the better for her? Keep reading to kind out.)

(P.S. I just want to let you readers know that I have nothing against spiders. I think they're cool. Smile)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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