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The Addams Family Crossover

Discovering the Holiday Doors

© S.R.C.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Wednesday was startled when she woke up and found herself lying down on the forest floor. She was a little groggy and it took her some time to bear her surroundings and remember what happened. Unfortunately, she began to remember. As if her heart were staked, she thought of her classmates, her arch-enemy Angelina, and the death of her beloved pet spider. Oh, how Wednesday loved Homer; he was the only best friend she ever had. Homer was there when Wednesday was happy and cheered her up when she was down. Now that he is gone, Wednesday feels more empty inside than a hollow casket. She hopes that she and her family could have a funeral for Homer.

"Home?" she thought, "Oh no! How long have I been asleep in these woods? I should go home, but which way should I go?"

Wednesday attempted to run to find her way home, but the minute she took a step, she collapsed in pain. Her left ankle ankle was swollen and bruised.

"I must of tripped over that rock pretty hard." She tried again, but the pain continued to grow.

"OW! My ankle! This hurts worse than getting a forced tan in the sun or getting burned from explosions that go all wrong."

Wednesday was puzzled. She's usually use to pain, since she plays with her "toys" everyday and getting hurt was the fun of it, but now she can barely walk or think straight because the pain was so bad.

"I have to get home. Hopefully Grandmama will have something to ease the pain in my ankle. Maybe a leech treatment will do."

She limped and hopped for hours, but there was only more forests and no sign of a clearing. She started to panic because she'd fear that she will never get home to her cozy, gloomy mansion.

For the first time, as she hopped through the woods, she noticed that something wasn't right. As she kept going, the ground was starting to become bare; no leaves, twigs, rocks, or roots. And the trees were becoming bare and leafless. The forest became lifeless and deathly still. There wasn't a single sound, except for Wednesday herself. There was no wind and the forest gave off a creepy, unpleasant vibe. This cheered up Wednesday greatly.

"I love this part of the forest. The creepy, cozy vibe really comforts me."

Up ahead, she also saw something else. Wednesday limped to get a better view. When she stopped she looked all around.

"Wow! What... is... this?"

Wednesday was amazed. She was in the center of a circle of trees (seven of them). Each tree had a door that was a shape that symbolized a holiday. Wednesday examined each door carefully.

"These are all doors! I've never seen doors in these shapes before. But why is each door a shape of a holiday? Maybe behind each door, it leads to some sort of magical place."

She looked at all the doors again. Her cold steel eyes were sparkling with curiosity. She wanted to pick a door and explore it more. Wednesday could not turn back and go home anyway. She was already so lost and in the middle of nowhere. Her only option was to pick a door.

Of course, only one door truly caught her eye and that was the Halloween door, shaped like a jack-o-lantern. Wednesday stroke the door lovingly. With anticipation, she reached for the handle which was the jack-o-lantern nose. Her hand was shaking with excitement.

But immediately, her heart sank when there was nothing behind the door. Wednesday wasn't sure what to expect, but she didn't expect it to be nothing.

"It's empty. Now what?"

Suddenly, autumn leaves began to swirl around her.

"Wha-What's happening?!"

Then a force started to pull her towards the inside of the tree. As if she was pushed, she fell in.

"WWOOAAHH!" Wednesday screamed and the door closed shut.

(Author's note: I know this chapter is short, but don't worry; more will come. I also wish everyone a Happy New Year! Smile)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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