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The Addams Family Crossover

Welcome to Halloween Town

© S.R.C.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A couple of days passed since Friday found the live girl in the Graveyard that fallen from the sky. The mystery girl was still in Dr. Finklestein's care. Friday and Sally came to the lab during the past two days after school was let out to see any progress. The wounds were taken care of: her ankle was bandaged up, the swelling lump on her forehead disappeared, her breathing was stable, but the girl still hasn't opened her eyes yet, as if she were sleeping.

Of course, the whole town was gossiping about it and asking a zillion questions about the girl:
"Who is she?" "What is she?" "Where did she come from?" "Is the girl a monster?" "Will she wake up?" "Is she dead or alive?"
To avoid hysteria, both the Doctor and Jack answered questions truthfully and told everyone to remain calm; there was nothing to worry about.

But by the second night, when they were in the Laboratory where the girl was being held, Dr. Finklestein told Jack the results of the many tests he did on the girl. Jack's eye sockets widen in shock.

"A human?! Are you certain Doctor?"

"I know Jack, I couldn't believe it myself at first, but the tests that I conduct are never wrong.
"She has a heartbeat and is breathing, which is something not many creatures in Halloween Town have. I didn't find a trace of monster DNA in her blood and appearance wise, she has no fangs, scales, wings, horns, feathers, fur, revealing bones or flesh, or dangling limbs."

Jack was definitely surprised. A human? In Halloween Town? There haven't been any human visitors other than Sandy Claws.

"Jack, could this little girl be a threat to our holiday world?"

"I don't know, but let's keep an eye on her. When she wakes up, we will then know more about her and then help her get back to wherever she came from." Jack looked over at the still, but breathing girl on the observation table.

"It is a little surprising that she could be a human," Jack thought to himself, "At first glance, she could pass as a vampire, maybe a witch."

Suddenly, Jack saw the girl mumble and flutter her eyelids open.

"Dr. Finklestein, come quick! She's finally waking up."


Wednesday's mind kept drifting in and out of consciousness. The last thing she remembered was falling, hitting her head hard against a stone, and everything going black. Wednesday couldn't see, hear, or feel anything for a while. When she finally came around completely, she heard voices. The only thing that she could tell was the voices were male and sounded surprised about something. She strained her ears to hear what they were saying, but her mind was so fuzzy and slow at the moment that she could only hear them mumbling. Wednesday tried to respond to the voices and see where they were coming from. Suddenly, she heard perfectly clearly the urgent words of one of the voices saying, "Dr. Finklestein, come quick! She's finally waking up."

Wednesday's eyes slowly flutter open. Towering over her was a tall, thin, and handsome skeleton wearing a black pin-stripe suit with a bat bow tie. Beside him was another man in a motorized wheelchair that looked like a mad scientist. He was bald, had screws in his head, small beady eyes covered by black goggles, a duck bill mouth, wore a white scientist uniform and long black gloves.

Wednesday gasped sharply and sat up straight, but moving so quickly made her head dizzy.

"Take it easy little one", Jack said gently. "You just lie back down. There's no reason to be frightened of us."

Then Wednesday did something that neither Jack nor the Doctor expected. Instead of screaming or fainting upon the sight of them, her shocked facial expression relaxed into curiosity.

"I'm not scared of you, but I don't know where I am or exactly how I got here, or who you guys are. But you guys look interesting. I've never met a talking skeleton before or a mad scientist. May I ask, how did I end up in this cool laboratory?"

Jack regained his calm and collected composure. "My daughter found you in the Graveyard, unconscious. I carried you over the the Doctor's Lab, so we could help you recover. You were in pretty bad shape, little one. You had a sprained ankle, cuts and bruises, a swelling lump on your forehead, and you were unresponsive."

"How long was I out sir?"

"A couple of days, but we managed to heal your wounds and bandage your ankle. How do you feel now?"

"I feel fine sir, thanks for asking."

She looked down to see her ankle bandaged up, but with no shoe. Wednesday swung her legs over to get off the observation table and tried walking a few steps. Tentatively, she stepped with her bandaged ankle and applied pressure. No pain came. It was already healed.

"My ankle is all better now. I can walk." She sat back down to unwrap the bandage.

"Extraordinary! Usually sprained ankles take weeks to recover. How did you heal so fast?" Dr. Finklestein asked.

She shrugged as she tied on her other shoe.

Curious, Jack asked, "What is your name little one?"

"I'm Wednesday. Wednesday Addams. What is your name, sir?"

"My name is Jack Skellington. I'm also known as the Pumpkin King", Jack introduced himself with pride.

"A King? Pardon me your majesty", Wednesday said respectfully and did a curtsey.

Jack smiled wide. "What a polite and charming girl you are Wednesday, but please, call me Jack."

Wednesday grinned, then turned to the Doctor. "And you sir must be Dr. Finklestein."

"Why yes, how did you know?"

"I heard Jack say your name right when I woke up."

"Wednesday, do you remember how you got here?" Dr. Finklestein asked.

She frowned and said sadly, "It's kind of a long story. Let's just say that I was upset, ran into the woods and I got lost. I couldn't find my way back home. Then I came across 7 trees and each tree had a door that symbolized a holiday. I opened a door that was shaped like a jack-o-lantern, I got sucked in and fell."

"Hmm." Jack pondered on what to do with the little girl. He already thought she was charming, sweet natured, and polite. It probably wouldn't hurt for her to stay in Halloween Town for a few more days; until he can figure out how to get Wednesday back to the Mortal World.

He knelt down on bended knee to Wednesday's height and said, "Wednesday, I know how you got here to our holiday world, but I don't know how to get you back to where you came from. Why don't you come and stay with me for a while? Just until we can find a way to get you back home. I'm sure my wife and daughter will be delighted to have company."

She was uncertain at first. She was wondering if her family was worried sick by now. But Wednesday wanted to stay as well. She was beginning to like the Pumpkin King and Dr. Finklestein and she wanted to explore more of this world she fallen into.

Wednesday started to smile again and nodded eagerly. "Yes Jack, I would like that very much."

Jack smiled back and took Wednesday's unusually cold hand. Before they left the Laboratory, Wednesday looked back at Dr. Finklestein and said, "It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again soon."

When the two were out of sight, Dr. Finklestein scratched his head, puzzled. "What a charming, yet peculiar little girl. If she's a human, how come she wasn't scared of me, or even the great Pumpkin King himself? She seemed so relaxed around us. Hmm..."

The minute Wednesday and Jack stepped into Town Square, Wednesday gasped.

"Wow!. . . Jack, what is this place?"

"Wednesday, welcome to Halloween Town!"

Monsters of all kinds were walking around Town Square doing their daily routine. The four Vampire Brothers were taking a stroll with their black umbrellas, the Mayor was driving in his hearse, the Corpse Parents taking a walk with their kid, but he was on a leash and would be yanked back if he went too far, the Clown with the Tear-Away Face was giggling while riding his unicycle, the Witch Sisters were traveling by broomsticks, and numerous Ghosts were gliding all over the place.

Usually, any human who saw monsters like them would probably faint or scream in terror, but not Wednesday. She had the look of unbinding joy, pure amazement as she saw the diversity of monsters and the creepy stone architecture of the buildings in Town Square.

Jack was starting to feel happy himself, seeing how Wednesday was liking his beloved town.

"You look very happy Wednesday. You must like it here already."

Wednesday nodded vigorously. She was too amazed to say anything for the moment. All her life, she wished for a world like Halloween Town, a world filled with the supernatural and magic that wasn't just constricted to her own home. Now her wish came true. She didn't regret getting lost and choosing the jack-o-lantern door, not one bit.

"I bet you want to meet every single monster here and see the rest of the town, don't you Wednesday?"

"Oh yes Jack! That sounds exciting!"

He chuckled, amused with her positive attitude.

"Alright, but first I must have a word with the Mayor. Then, I'll take you to my home."

Obediently, Wednesday followed Jack, still holding his boney hand. They stopped at a hearse that was parked outside of Town Hall. The Mayor was still in the car.

"Hello Jack! How are you?" the Mayor greeted Jack.

"Good afternoon Mayor! I'm fine, thank you. Listen, I need you to call a Town Meeting for tonight. It's very important. I won't say what it's about. It'll be a surprise."

"Yes Jack, right away." He turned his key in the ignition and the motor started. He gave a friendly wave to Jack (he didn't see Wednesday) and drove off.

"Town Meeting! Town Meeting! Town Meeting Tonight!" the Mayor said into his microphone that carried his announcement throughout the whole town.

Jack and Wednesday continued to walk on. They stopped at an iron gate and behind it was a long flight of stairs that led to an elegant stone house.

"Is this where you live?"

"Yes. It use to be a single tower, but it got added on ever since I got married and had a child. "

Jack unlocked his front door with his skeleton key and led Wednesday inside. She liked the inside just as much as the outside. The interior was dark and gloomy. It had stone floors, black wallpaper that had peculiar gray designs that looked like evil eyes, comfy gray furniture that had legs made of bone, and a couple of coffins that were used as tables. Also, there were candlesticks in metal candleholders and some were lit and the flames were flickering. Spiderwebs hung in odd places, scary paintings and family portraits hung on the wall, and in the middle of the room was a metal spiral staircase that led to other floors and bedrooms.

Wednesday was impressed. Jack's house sort of reminded her of her own house, comfortable but eerie and dark all the same.

"Nice house you got Jack", Wednesday complimented.

Jack smiled. "Why thank you Wednesday!" But then asked uncertainly, "It's not too dark and creepy for you, is it?"

She shook her head. "Oh no, this is perfect! I like the dark."

"Really?" Jack thought curiously. Out loud, he said, "Here, sit down over there and make yourself comfortable. It's 3 o'clock now so my wife should be home any minute from picking up our daughter from school."

Just as soon as Jack said those words, the front door opened with an echoing creak and a woman rag doll and a skeleton girl entered. Wednesday watched them with great interest. She thought the woman rag doll was very pretty. The rag doll had reddish-brown hair, big round eyes with long eyelashes, pale blue skin, a kind, stitched smile, stitches all over her body, and was wearing a beautifully creative dress made of different patterns and colors sown together. The skeleton girl had her mother's hair, but was tied back into a ponytail that had a bat bow-tie; much like the one Jack is wearing around his neck. Her face looked similar to Jack but more feminine and child-like. She was wearing a long flowing black skirt with low-healed black shoes with white socks, a white blouse, and a black pinstripe sweater that matched her hair-tie.

"Daddy!" The little girl ran to her father to give him a hug, who was on bended knee to her height. Jack was just as happy to see her. When they let go, he asked, "How was school?"

"It was okay, but I'm glad it's the weekend now."

"Jack, we went over to Dr. Finklestein's house to check on the little girl, but told us that she recovered and is with you," said Sally who came to his side.

Jack stood up again. "That's right my dear." He looked over to where Wednesday was sitting and motioned for her to come closer. She got off the armchair, smoothed her dress, and walked over. She was a little nervous, but wasn't scared to meet the rest of Jack's family. Sally and Friday were relieved that the girl woken up. They were worried that she never would.

Wednesday was going to say who she was, but she blurted out instead, "You look very pretty ma'am."

Sally was a little taken aback because she didn't expect that compliment, but felt very flattered. She gave Wednesday a warm smile and said, "Thank you. That is very kind."

Wednesday smiled back. "Your welcome. My name is Wednesday Addams."

"A pleasure to meet you Wednesday. I am Sally." She extended her stitched hand and they both shook hands.

Wednesday turned to Friday who waved gave her friendliest skeleton grin.

"Hi Wednesday. My name is Friday. Friday T. Skellington."

Wednesday couldn't help but gasp. "Your name's Friday?! That's my middle name!"

It was Friday's turn to gasp. "No way! What a coincidence! Wednesday Friday Addams does have a nice ring to it."

"Thank you! And I'm guessing your middle name is Thirteen."

"How did you guess?" Friday giggled. She was really starting to like this Wednesday girl.

"Friday, why don't you show Wednesday your room? Your father and I have to talk. We'll call you girls when dinner is ready," Sally advised.

"Okay Mama. Come one Wednesday, I'll show you my pets and my scary cool toys." Friday grabbed her hand and led her upstairs.

Jack and Sally walked into the kitchen so there would be less of a chance of being overheard.

"Wednesday does seem like a very nice girl, don't you think so Jack?"

"Yes Sally, I think so too. She's polite, sweet natured, and very friendly. Wednesday seems to like Halloween Town a lot. When we were walking through Town Square, she seemed completely amazed and mesmerized by all the monsters walking around.
"In fact, that is what's making me puzzled. I like Wednesday very much, but what makes her confusing is that she's a human and none of this scares her."

"She's a human? Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. Dr. Finklestein did some tests on her and so far, no trace of monster DNA was found in her blood, she has a beating heart, and has no physical features that monsters here have.
"I've scared many humans in my time and I know that most humans get scared very easily, especially on Halloween. If a typical human were to drop in Halloween Town and see all the ghosts, skeletons, vampires, werewolves, and witches, the human would be so scared and probably faint or scream. But Wednesday didn't scream once! When she first woke up, she was shocked to see us, but then relaxed and spoke to us politely. I've never met a human that wasn't scared of Halloween or monsters."

"Hmm, I do admit that it is pretty strange for a human, especially if it's a little girl at Friday's age, to not be scared of us. But at least she likes Halloween and that should be a good thing, right Jack?"

He smiled at his lovely wife. "As always, you're right my dear. I do see a lot of Halloween spirit in her, which is nice to see."

"Sweetheart, how long is Wednesday going to stay with us?"

"Just a few days, until we can find a way to get her back home. You don't mind, do you Sally?"

"No, I'm glad she's staying with us. I'm just wondering how we can get her back to the Mortal World."

"I've been thinking about that too. I don't think there's another door somewhere in the Hinterlands that could lead to the Mortal World, but it wouldn't hurt to search. If there's no door, we'll find another way."

(Author's Note: I know this chapter is pretty long, but I hope you like it. Fortunately, the next chapter will be up very soon.)

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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