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Emma Skellington

© Sally_382

Hey guys, it's Leslie comming at you with another story. This one is kinda sad kinda family centered. Jack and Sally find a new arrival. There will be more stuff, including why Emma is NOT an OC.
(Thanks to SkellingtonGirl because she helped me make this story and because she was there for me, reason being inside)

Chapter: 1 2

Jack and Sally were sitting on Spiral Hill, having a lovely picnic in the moonlight. "Oh Jack, this is so romantic." Sally sighed, smiling up at her husband. "I'm glad you think so." Jack said, kissing Sally on the cheek. "Now, let's get to eating I'm starvi-" Jack started to say before cutting off. "Jack?" Sally asked worriedly. "Do you hear that?" Jack asked, pulling Sally to her feet and walking off Spiral Hill, pulling his ragdoll towards the graveyard. "Hear what?" Sally asked. Jack didn't respond but moved faster between the graves until he came to stop at one.

It was a freshly dug grave and the tombstone looked brand new. Sally crouched to look at the print upon the headstone. "Here lies Emma Goodayle" She read. "It says she died before she was born." She informed Jack. "I guess we have a new arrival." Jack said dully. As much as he loved Halloween, the worst part was the new arrivals. They had just died and were still scared. But the children and infants were the worst. The hardest thing to do is telling a child that he won't be seeing his parents for a while, if they even come to Halloween Town.

"Well how do we get her out?" Sally said, breaking Jack's morbid train of thought. "We dig." Jack told her, pointing to the two shovels beside the grave.
About half an hour later, they hit something. Jack uncovered a small white casket. From inside came the wailing of a newborn. "Oh the poor dear." Sally whispered, pulling the coffin out of the grave with Jack's help. Using the shovel Jack broke the lock in the casket and opened it.

Inside was a little child, a new born baby. She was a skeleton except she had little tuffs of blood red hair on her head. Sally reached in and picked Emma up, the new born ceasing her cries when Sally rocked her.

"Shh it's okay." Sally cooed in little Emma's ear. Emma giggled and snuggled against Sally, causing the ragdoll to laugh. "She seems to like you." Jack noted. "Isn't she adorable?" Sally squealed. "Well.... she doesn't have a family. I don't know of anyone who's ever come here with the name Goodayle." Jack told her. "Oh but then what will happen to her? I don't want her going into an orphanage. She's barely old enough to be without someone constantly." Sally argued. It was obvious she had already falling in love with the baby, like a mother for their own kin.

"Then why don't we adopt her?" Jack suggested to his ragdoll wife. "Oh you mean it Jack?" Sally gasped, hugging Emma tightly to her. "Sure. I mean, we don't have any children of our own and she's a skeleton with red hair. She'll fit like a fiddle." Jack said. "One thing though. Can we keep her name? It's the only thing she has left of her familiy and I quite like the name Emma." Sally said. "Sure. Emma Skellington." Jack tried. "I like it." Sally whispered, kissing Jack on the boney cheek as they walked away from Spiral Hill.

King, Queen and newfound baby Princess.
Hey guys it's Leslie. Now, lemme just explain this story.

1. Emma is NOT an OC. Emma is my sister's bff's half sister who died three days before her mum was gonna give birth. This happened a few months ago and I just wanted to write this as a bit of closure. I never met Emma but I'm sure she would have been a beautiful, wonderful child.

2. Jack and Sally belong to Tim Burton. As does Spiral Hill....

3. I wanna thank my friends for helping me get through Emma's death. Emma's mum and half sister being very close to the family made this a tradgity for me, my mum and sister as well. You guys helped me so much get through it.

4. I wanna personally thank SkellingtonGirl AKA Skelly for all the help. She rp-ed this story with me so I could plan it out, helped me get through the death and offered non-stop support as a friend. Thanks Skells.

R.I.P Emma Goodayle. You'll be missed.

Chapter: 1 2

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