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Return to Wonderland

© Dr Who

Imagine growing up thinking that nobody wanted to have you, never realizing that the world that was waiting for you was just through a rabbit hole.

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A long time ago in a far away place there lived a grand Kingdom; ruled by the fair and just White Queen, Miranna of Memorial and King Tarrant Hightop.
They ruled Wonderland with kindness and were loved by all their subjects.
Or so they thought.
A force came against them; almost destroying the kingdom. The evil Queen Narcissa used the power of the black pearl and tried to take over wonderland.
Seeing that they were no match for the strong power of the evil Queen; Miranna and Tarrant hid their daughter, the two year old Princess of Wonderland, Tatiana in the mortal world hoping that when the time was right she would come back and defeat the power of the black pearl.
Miranna then used the power of the vorpal sword to seal the White Kingdom into a deep sleep.

Bright; intrusive and assaulting to the human eyes.
People stared at orange.
Orange was the color of Tatiana's hair-long, flowing and orange. and she hated it. Nobody else in town had orange hair. She had even tried dying it brown but the color just...Wouldn't stick; it just slipped off.
The worse part is that it was a neon orange. And it clashed with her neon green eyes. Everything on her was neon orange. 6'2 and neon. That was Tatiana.
She lived in the dull town of Edenridge, where the clouds never went away and every week there was at least one flash thunderstorm. It was so painfully dull that when people moved in they stayed for exactly five weeks before they moved out.
Tatiana lived in an apartment on the border of Edenbridge; allowing her to see the muggy city in all it's glory. Improperly furnished with nothing but an old couch she found on a curb and a tv she bought at a pawn shop the apartment was....decent.
And it was all she could afford; working at a clothing shop payed well but not well enough.
Chic and Fabulous was the poster store of all cliche, stereotypical women's fashion stores. It sold small, small and smaller and bright bright and brighter.
There were no words to describe just how out of place she felt working there among bleach blondes and girls who used like in every sentence. But, alas, there was a hiring sign. So she took the first chance she got.

Tatiana didn't really know who she was. In all truth she had woken up in an orphanage when she was two years old with no recollection of her past or parents. But, since then, she'd been having dreams; strange dreams of dodo birds and talking rabbits. Every so often she would dream of a very loving woman; a woman in white singing to her. Other times it would be a man, a man full of laughter and joy telling her stories of ravens and writing desks. Tatiana didn't know why but somehow she felt as if those dreams were....memories. Like she knew the woman in white and the joyful man.
Tatiana had made the mistake of telling Ivory, the head of the orphanage, about her dreams and had been reprimanded. Ivory scolded her for thinking of talking animals. So Tatiana tried to ignore the dreams and shove them down.
A great lot of help that did; the more she ignored them the more frequent they became.
Tatiana learned to ignore the dreams, however, and also learned to get used to her boring, monotonous life in dullsville.

A tall boy walked through the streets of Edenbridge; scanning the crowds. For the past few days he had done nothing but "interview" young girls; hoping he'd find the one he was looking for. But they were all too.........
Normal. The girl he was looking for was to be rather odd; one who dreamt of insane and wondrous things. And he was beginning to lose hope.
Suddenly he saw her; tall and thin with.....Bright orange hair.
There were only two people in the world who had that precise shade of hair. The King and.......
He followed her; being sure to stay out of her line of sight as she went and sat next to another girl in an outside eating area.
"Tatiana!" the second girl said happily; smiling. The boy's heart stopped. Surely the first girl was who he was looking for.
"Hey, Marly." tatiana said tiredly as she plopped down in the wicker chair.
"No sleep?"
Tatiana shook her head. "I kept having that same dream of the dodo birds and the rabbit."
The boy smiled. Yes, this girl was surely the Princess Tatiana.
"Girl, you seriously need to think of toning down the imagination." Marly said, taking a sip of her drink. "It's seriously unhealthy."
"Almost as unhealthy as the amount of tea you drink." she added as Tatiana refilled her cup
"I can't help it." tatiana said sheepishly. "I love tea."
The boy waited as the two girls talked for a while longer and then the boy followed Tatiana to the square.
"Excuse me."
She turned, meeting his eyes, and Edgar couldn't help but pause. This girl's eyes were a bright, bright green.
"I would like to speak to you."
She waits.
"You, as I believe, are the lost Princess I am looking for."
A beat.
And then she's laughing.
"I've heard some pretty bad pick up lines before, dude, but thats the worse!"
The boy furrows his brow.
"Madam that was no pick up line. My name is Edgar Malloy and have been on special orders from the King and Queen themselves to find their lost daughter, the Princess of the White Kingdom She is the key to unlocking the vorpal swords power and defeating the evil queen Narcissa."
Tatiana stares at him incrediously. This Edgar dude must be huffing some serious fumes. The way he was dressed (a black and silver armor ensemble) to the way he spoke (in such proper English it was impressive.) He seemed like someone out of a knights book.
"Dude just leave me alone, ok? Hope you find your 'lost princess'"
As she walked away Edgar looked at the back of her head sadly.
"But." he said weakly. "I have already found her."

The Mourn Palace.
The kingdom of the evil Queen Narcissa of Hallengard.
It is a place no creature in wonderland ever wants to be taken to; a place of torture and sorrow.
Narcissa sat before the black pearl; running her thin hands over it. It had proven most useful in defeating the White Queen, the fool Miranna and now it would aide her in ruling all.
But something was still standing in her way. Or rather...someone.
A certain Princess would hinder the evil queen's plans.
"That little fool thought hiding her daughter would save her." Narcissa muttered, cackling. "But it won't. I'll find that Princess. I'll find that little brat and drown her myself!"
The pearl glowed
Hope you guys liked it. Please comment! Grin

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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