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Return to Wonderland


© Dr Who

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

tap tap tap
Tatiana was hunched over her desk; pencil poised over the numerous sheets of homework she had; barely registering their existance.
tap tap tap tap
She tapped the pencil against the desk, biting her lip and shifting her eyes unseeingly to the window; rain slamming against it.
That guy in the square earlier....Erny....No, not Erny....Oh that's right Edgar was still in her head. He shouldn't be....but he was.
Princess of the White Kingdom
She laughed humorlessly.
I suppose every girl wishes she were a Princess.
Turning, Tatiana cast a wane eye over her dreary living space; the moldy couch, rotted floorboards.
It's kind of hard to beleive you are one when you're sleeping with roaches.
Fingers subconsiously finding the locket around her neck; Tatiana fiddled with it. Taking it off she opened it and the warm tune spilled out. She smiled softly.
"....Whoever gave this to me must've loved me....'' she said to no one as she closed it again and gripped it.
the king and queen sent me on a special mission to find their lost daughter
If this Edgar was telling the truth.....he'd be able to take her to see her parents....
The all too familiar wave of the feeling that she'd met Edgar before washed over her and she groaned; covering her face with her hands.
All this 'deja-vu' was getting really old and she wanted it to go away.
Suddenly there was a sound from somewhere above her and she froze; looking slowly up at the ceiling. Something was dragging itself across the floor, a thunk every so often as it caught on something. After a split moment of silence there was an even louder crash as her apartment rattled. Tatiana got to the floor as her front door was bashed in with a crash and before Tatiana could react she flew back through the window behind her and landed roughly in the grass outside her apartment building.
It was like something out of a horror movie as it slithered out through the busted window; it's large white eyes twitching in different directions as its arms pulled itself out of the wreckage. Tatiana lye frozen in place as it towered over her; opened it's mouth, revealing to her one hundred rows of huge, pointed, dripping yellow teeth and emmitting a sound that would forever shake her to her core.
Tatiana turned her head and saw Edgar running towards her; unsheathing his sword.
"Princess, don't move!"
Don't worry, I won't
The monster directed it's attention towards Edgar and Edgar lunged, swinging his sword at the monsters eye; making contact. The creature shrieked loudly and recoiled, disrupting the wreckage around it and sending boards and rubble raining all around Tatiana. The monsters tail came swinging behind him and he jumped over it; sending the blade of his weapon sinking into it's head. The monster emitted one last pitying sound and collapse on the ground.
"What-" Tatiana swallowed thickly, getting up. "was that thing?"
Edgar cleared his throat, wiping his blade off on the grass.
"Skerpial.'' he replied simply. "A favorite of Queen Narcissa's. I suspect that she sent it to retrieve you.''
"retrieve me?"
"Or kill you. I suppose it's the latter.''
Tatiana just stared at him, mouth open slightly.
"Come, we must go to wonderland, You'll be safer there-"
"Wiat a minute I'm not going anywhere with you until you tell me everything.''
Edgar sighed, turning back to her. "I already have.''
They settled on the curb.
"A long, long time ago there was the White Kingdom ruled by the King and Queen, Your parents. Everyone was happy. Everyone that is, but Queen Narcissa of Mourn. She hated your parents and wanted them gone so that she could rule wonderland. So one day, she sold her soul for the power of the Black Pearl, an item that allows her to have great black magic. She used that magic to destroy the white Kingdom and undoubtedly she'll try and use it to destroy you."
"If the White Kingdom is destroyed then how did the King and Queen send you to find me?"
"The White Queen Mirana sent me to search for you shortly before she sealed the Kingdom into sleep so that the Black pearl wouldn't destroy it completely. It's sort of....frozen."
When Tatiana looked confused Edgar continued.
"And in order to destroy the black pearl you'll need the only things it was weak against; the Modre Watch and the vorple sword. Combine those together and Narcissa doesn't stand a chance.''
"And I don't suppose that the Modre Clock and Vorpal Sword are in the White Kingdom?"
Edgar laughed and Tatiana frowned. "Of course not."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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