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Return to Wonderland

Homeward Bound

© Dr Who

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

It seemed that in the course of one hour Tatiana's life had turned a complete 180 degree angle. She had gone from monotinous life to fast paced and walking towards the woods behind what use to be her apartment complex; confused and half beleiving that this was all a dream that she was having after she had fallen asleep doing her homework.
Yeah, that was it.
This was all a dream.
Edgar had told her that the portal to wonderland was in the woods by the tallest tree. He had said it simply as though it were obvious to anyone that it be there. And he kept bringing up weird names like "Mctwisp" and Malyupkin and Absolem and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. But again, she felt as if she knew them perfectly.
They arrived at the tallest tree and a large, somewhat gaping hole greeted them and Tatiana looked at Edgar, who gestured to the hole.
"Well.'' he said, somewhat impatiently. "Jump.''
"Yes, Princess. Please.''
Tatiana looked down into the blackness and swallowed. She had always disliked the dark.
Clutching her locket, she stuck a foot out and leapt.
It was the strangest feeling as she fell, fell, fell down through a whirlwind of smell; cinnemon and flowers. Lights flashed all around her as she heard piano plinks and laughing. Just when Tatiana felt as though she'd be sick her feet planted firmly into the ground and her legs buckled; sending her to the ground with a painful thud.
Getting up she found herself in a great hall, doors surrounding her. She turned and saw Edgar standing with a large white door open. "Hurry Princess! Hurry!"
She walked through the door and out into a larger courtyard; flowers of every shape, size and color lined the slope and weird bugs buzzed around her. Every so often a green pig squeeled by and Tatiana had to blink twice when she saw a dodo bird casually stride past.
She looked ahead and saw group of very strange looking people walking up to them; two very squat chubby boys, a white rabbit in a coat, and a mouse. Edgar met them halfway.
"Have you found her?" The rabbit asked, eagerly. "Have you found the Princess?"
Edgar smiled triumphantly. "Of course.'' he gestured to Tatiana and they all looked at her.
"Doesn't even look anything like herself!"
"That's because it's not the Princess!"
"Well, she was she might be.''
"If she isn't she aint.''
Tatiana was so confused at this point. Why didn't they think that she was this Princess if Edgar said she was and he had even said she looked exactly like the King? This was indeed a very very strange situation she had found herself in.....
"Too bad the Queen and King are where they are. They'd be able to tell us if she was the princess right quick.'' one of the boys said.
"But they aren't no how.'' the other one replied.
The white rabbit hopped up to Tatiana and sniffed her; ears back. "Oh bother. We need the real princess.''
"Oh for God's sake she's the ruddy Princess!" Edgar said, annoyed.
"The princess was sent away no less and no more than seventeen years ago." They all turned to Tatiana. "How old are you?"
"Uhm...I'll be seventeen this thursday-"
"That's not her!" the mouse said, crossing it's arms angrily. "Edgar brought us the wrong girl!"
The rabbit, McTwisp, hopped around Tatiana. "She certainly does look like the Princess.''
"Same name also, no doubt this is the real Tatiana.'' Tweedle Dee said, a look of triumph crossing his chubby features.
"Aint no how it's not!" Tweedle Dum said, the same look crossing his face.
Tatiana suddenly felt a pressure on her shoulders and, looking to the side, saw a large cat with dark blue fur and bright eyes sitting on her shoulders. "She must be the princess, she has the amulet around her neck. Only the princess has that amulett."
"Oh yeah.''
"I still don't beleive she's the princess.'' Malyupkin said.
"I searched through hundreds of girls in that town and none of them looked as much like the King as she does; I mean look at the hair! And the eyes! She's it, i know it.''
There was a moment of silence.
"I want to find out if I am.''
They looked back at Tatiana, who had a determined look on her face; her brow furrowed.
Mctwisp started to say something but Tatiana cut him off.
"You don't understand what it's like.....not knowing who your parents are and why they dumped you off in some Podunk town like the one I lived in. I'm here, so I might as well find out if I am this Princess so I at least have some confirmation."
"V-very well, I suppose.....That would do.'' Mctwisp said, ears twitching. "The journey will be incredibly dangerous...We must get going if we wish to find it before Narcissa discovers your arrival.''
Edgar clapped his hands together; clearing his throat.
"Let's get going then!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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