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Return to Wonderland


© Dr Who

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Tatiana felt her heart ramming against her chest as she gripped Edgar's sword tighter; looking around at the guards that stood around her. She tried so very hard to muster up her courage but at the moment even that failed her. She glanced around for a sign of Cheshire but saw no tell-tale signs of his presence.
Fighting back the urge to cry; Tatiana looked up at the Queen.
"I must say I am impressed that you managed to get here and get to the clock in one piece, girl. Although it seems almost for nothing, doesn't it?" her voice was a sickening pout as she lifted the vorpal sword; running a finger along the blade. "You still lost, even through all your effort.''
There was a rumble of low laughter from the guards and Tatiana gripped the sword tighter. Narcissa was right. She had failed. And now she wouldn't even get to see the King and Queen. She wouldn't get to reunite with her parents again...
"It's a pity, you know. The last of the Royal Family, the savior of Wonderland." Narcissa laughed. "Come to die."
Narcissa gripped the Vorpal sword but it emitted a loud squeak and turned into a large rubber chicken.
"What the-???"
The real sword appeared in front of her; followed by the smiling face of Cheshire.
"You!" the Queen shrieked, squeezing the chicken in her fist so hard its head burst. "You rotten cat! I should have had you killed-!!!"
"An impossible task, I assure you.'' he said loftily, turning in a slow upside down circle. "You're better off not trying.''
An angry growl escaped Narcissa as she tossed away the chicken angrily and stood. A black sword appeared in her hand and she made her way down the steps. Guards parted to let her through and soon it was just Tatiana and the black Queen standing face to face.
"I vowed I would kill you myself.'' She said, her voice a low threatening decible. "And I shall. No longer will anything stand between me and Wonderland!"
She raised her sword; plunging it towards Tatiana's chest.
It seemed as though everything had slowed down; Tatiana watched as the black blade of the Queen's sword came nearer to her chest and could not make herself move. Suddenly she felt herself being shoved roughly aside as Edgar took the blade instead.
He seemed to stagger and then fall to his knees.
"No! Edgar!"
The Queen lunged again and Tatiana barely had time to raise the vorpal as the black blade bounced off of it. Her mind racing Tatiana ducked again and, picking up the Clock, slammed it onto the hilt of the Vorpal.
Nothing happened.
The stupid thing didn't even glow.
"No-" Tatiana said, eyes widening. "No, please-Work! Please!"
Narcissa's blade skimmed Tatiana's arm and she stumbled back; a cry of pain emitting from her lips.
What the hell did she know about sword fighting? She should have had Edgar give her a crash course on it before they even set foot in Wonderland.
With a savage cry the Queen moved with lightning speed; her sword coming down again at Tatiana's face.
Just then a light; a blinding white light emitted from the clock. Tatiana felt a warmth spread from her heart and throughout her body as she heard Narcissa's surprised gasp.
Tatiana was now dressed in a royal purple gown; her hair pinned back with flowers. The Vorpal Clock Sword clutched in her right hand as she blinked, confused.
You must fight, Tatiana!"
The voice was quiet, soothing. The voice of a loving woman.
Please, Tatiana, be strong! Be strong for us!
The voice faded and Tatiana looked back at Narcissa, who was breathing heavily; her forhead damp with sweat. "Your blood with decorate my castle walls.'' she snarled.
The fight picked up again and the black blade of the crystal was no match for the Vorpal Sword. Soon it skid across the floor in peices. Narcissa lunged again and this time Tatiana raised the sword so that the Queen dived onto it.
A surprised gasp escaped Narcissa's lips as she slid back off the sword; a deep red spreading across her stomach as she stumbled back, her violet eyes wide with shocked fury. She fell to the ground dead. At the throne, the black crystal's light flickered and then died as it crumbled and cracked; falling to peices to the black-glass floor.
Tatiana clutched the sword (now slick with blood), still almost afraid to move, to make a sound.
It was a strange feeling, having murdured someone. She despised it with her entire being.
Suddenly her eyes flickered to the second figure on the ground.
She dropped the sword; falling to her knees next to the brave knight. She propped his head on her knees and smoothed the hair from his face.
"No-" she shook him. "Look at me-Don't go! Stay with me Edgar!"
He coughed, looking up at her with unfocused eyes. "Princess-You're safe-"
"Yes, we all are.'' Tatiana said softly. "We've won, Edgar.''
"Good....I always knew you could....Tatiana...'' he said, voice growing more faint as he struggled to breath. "I wish I could see your return to the crown....''
"Don't talk like that, you'll be alright. You'll see.'' she was crying now. She was losing her friend, the only friend she'd had her whole life.
Edgar laughed breathlessly, then his face seemed to focuse on something beyond her. "....Tatiana....?"
"What?" she sobbed, squeezing his hand.
"I love you.'' he whispered. "I always have.''
She sobbed again; squeezing her eyes shut for a moment then looking back down at him. "I love you too, Edgar.''
A small smile spread across his face before his head fell slightly to the side; his eyes closing slowly as he died in her arms.
She stared down at him; eyes wide with shock as she half expected him to open his eyes. Then the realization set in and she let out a moan of complete despair as she cried her heart out on the throne room floor; holding the body of her only freind in her arms. She held him close; burying her face into his hair.
I never wanted any of this to happen she thought miserably. Oh, Edgar, I'm so sorry.
It should've been her to die. It should've been her that bled out on the floor.
Please bring him back she begged to no one. Oh please, please bring him back to me.
There a moment of utter complete silence. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Tatiana saw a faint blue light emitting from the Mordre Clock. Looking up she saw tendrils of blue light slithering across the floor and winding themselves around Edgar. She watched in stunned awe as the light covered him completely; healing his wound. It died away; leaving the throne room dark again.
Pushing her hair from her face she looked back down at him. He stirred slightly, opening his eyes halfway.
Tatiana gasped, surprised, and then she hugged him tightly. "Edgar!"
Pulling away she looked at him before leaning in and capturing his lips with hers. She felt him kiss back and smiled.
After a moment they pulled away and Edgar smiled at her. "See? I told you it'd be ok.''
Rolling her eyes she pushed him playfully. "Whatever.''
He stood, helping her up. "Are you ready to return home, Princess?"
Tatiana felt her heart ram against her ribcage and nodded. "I've been ready my whole life.''
Let me know what you think about this chapter Smile I think it's a bit rushed to be honest lol.
But in the next one we'll finally be seeing the reunion of the Royal family! It'll be a detailed return, I promise Tongue

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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