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© SkellingtonGirl

Hey again everyone~! SkellingtonGirl again! I'm bringing you some never-before-posted outtakes of my stories! Now you can see what WOULD HAVE happened had I not posted that other chapter in!~
(Hey~! This is an outtake chapter two for my story: Beyond the Grave. Instead of Barkis burying her, her parents found her dead. This is mainly what goes on through Emily's mind as she is buried)

~Buried....Alive? No..~

Emily knew she was dead....Yet.....How was it she was able to think? Attempting to open her eyes, she could not. Her body refused to even move. It felt as though your mind awoke before your body. Able to think, yet, unable to move. Emily knew she was dead, as she was unable to hear herself breathing or hear her heart beating as she felt someone gently putting a hand on her face.

She wanted to cry, although the action was not able to be made yet. But instead, with heavy heart she listened to what was going on around her. The town prier's words echoed as she heard him, "LADY EMILY MURDERED LAST NIGHT BY OLD OAK TREE! FATHER IN GRIEF AS HE VOWS TO FIND KILLER! LADY EMILY TO BE BURIED BY OAK TREE NEAR GRAVEYARD!" She would've frowned if she could. She remembered the murder.....Oh how she wished she'd listened to her father! Oh why couldn't she listen?! She would've been alive if she had just taken the time to listen to his reasoning! Emily wished she could go to him and apoligize. Yet, it was far too late for that.

She heard crying.....Wait....She recalled the voice as it sobbed. It was the mourning voice of her parents. She heard her father, "I...I will avenge you Emily..." he sobbed, she knew who's hand was on her face now. Her fathers. Her mother sounded too despaired to even speak. Oh how she regretted not listening to them! She wished she could comfort them and tell them it was going to be alright. But no, she couldn't. She continued to mentally beat herself up as she felt someone pick up her corpse.

She recodnized the feel of the clothing. Her corse was being buried in her mother's wedding dress. The exact clothes she died in. Emily felt herself being placed on something rather soft. Although she knew what it was by the lacking of space. Emily was being placed in her coffin. She heard the sad mournful cries again of her parents as they bid her final farewells. She wanted to cry as she felt her own forehead being kissed final farewell. Then, a feeling of being lowered. Her grave.

Emily awaited something as the adding of dirt was atop her. Death couln't possibly be the end....Right? But.....As more dirt was placed on her. Nothing. Nothing happened. She wanted to frown as she laid there. The tickle of flowers against her cold, dead skin were the only things that seemed to be happening.

Is this it? Am I....Doomed to lie here for all eternity? Could nothing lie beyond the grave? she thought as she lied there. Her desire to move and interact again seemed to finally be fufilled as suddenly her eyes twitched. She finally felt them opening as a light thud was felt. Then more voices as her eyes fluttered open. Seeing into the darkness of the closed coffin, she wondered why she could not move before. Lifting up her arm, she tapped the lid lightly. Then with a heavy heave gave it a large push to try to get it open. She nearly fell forward as she found it open with unusual ease. Wasn't there six feet of dirt abouve her? She blinked as she turned her head this way and the next. Gasping in complete shock of what she saw.
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