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It's All in the Past

© SelenNight

Every great leader has a past, even one that he can't remember...
This is a story on how Jack became the Pumpkin King when he was 17 and the sacrifices he didn't have a choice about.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

If you see
Xxxxxx = a different scene or a different perspective.
' = thoughts marks, someone is thinking
"=Speaking marks

"But why?"

"Because I’m the Pumpkin King and you’re the prince! We are suppose to be beside each other."

'Please let that day come when only Jack is there.' Selen thought irritably as she played with her deep blue hair in a nearby willow tree, listening to the argument between Jack and Fearnouse.

Fearnouse was the current Horror of Halloween, the Demon of demons, his majesty the Pumpkin King. Well till it’s Jack’s turn anyway.

Jack was the heir to the throne and Selen’s best friend. They both had been friends since they were little terrors. Because Jack’s Father was Fearnouse, every one was scared of him, and still are. Everyone was too scared to play with him. And one day Selen was a lonely little vampire she was being bullied by the larger kids and Jack was the only one who stood up for her. Since then Selen and Jack were inseparable.

Much to Fearnouse’s dismay. Fearnouse thought that royalty should not mix with commoners aspshly a low ranking vampire. Fearnouse was he kind of person who wanted to show everyone where their place is, he showed Halloween Town that he is King and they should not forget it. He even lived in a castle!

Rolling her eyes, Selen recalled how many times Fearnouse tried to separate them. Fortunately to no avail.

"Jackaless Terror Vanlouse! That is enough! My word is final. Go to your bedroom this instinct or a great disaster will befall you…" Fearnouse’s voice shook Selen out of her pondering.

Knowing that Fearnouse could very well carry out the threat, she hoped that Jack will go his bedroom.

'And I will meet him there.' She thought smirking to herself as she slid down the tree. Racing into the ground, she sneaked up the slippery tower to Jack’s bedroom.


Nearing the top, Selen paused. 'Did i just hear mumbling? Great Jack's already there, i wanted to surprise him.' Selen grumbled as she continued the climb.

Reaching the top, Selen leaned in to open the windows but to her shock they were open. Unable to stop herself Selen fell right through the window. She had managed to dodge the window unfortunately the same could not be said for the think curtain. Falling on the curtain Selen managed to break the rail causing the rest of the curtain to fall on her.

She struggled to get it off and it didn't help when she was suddenly lifted in the air still with the curtain around her. Searching around her, Selen caught a glimpse of light but as she reached for it was sealed away in a tight knot.

"Jack!" Selen yelled in frustration. "Who's there?" Jack commanded firmly but making a effort not to sound scared.

''A stick! Now let the bloodily stick out!"

''Selen.'' Jack sighed in relief. "Dreadfully sorry, i thought you were someone else." He apologized as he undid the knot and held out his hand to help Selen up.

"Your right Jack, I am someone else." Selen said in a low clam voice as she took Jack's hand. "But your luckily. Very luckily. That your already dead..."

"I said i was sorry..." Jack mumbled as he pulled her up. He raised an eye socket. "Selen what's that?" He asked pointing to his head helpfully.

Selen raised her own eye brow, then she lifted her hand and brushed against her Umbrella-Hat. "Oh it's a umbrella silly! It is day outside you know."

"But umbrella's are supposed to be carried in your hand..." Jack continued waving a hand.

"But then i only have one hand to do anything!" Selen protested throwing both her hands over her head. "See i can make gestures too" She added with a smirk.

Jack chuckled placing a hand over his eye sockets.
"Selen you are the most practical vampire i ever met."

"Thank you , thank you very much." Selen said taking a bow. Then her smile disappeared. "Jack what have you two been arguing about now?"

Jack sighed and went to sit on his bed. "He wanted me to be by his side at Halloween."

"Well that doesn't sound too bad." Selen said sitting next to him.

"Selen you know what he does at Halloween!" Jack gasped in shocked. "I want to SCARE people on Halloween not KILL them!

"I know but he said he wanted you beside him. Not killing with him." Selen said placing a hand on his shoulder, witch was quite a stretch seeing that Jack was already very tall.

"I guess so. But you never know with him. He wants to keep up appearances." Jack's faced light up as an idea came to his skull. "Hey he can't do anything about it if I'm not there he can? How about me and you sneak off, instead of being the model children."

"That's a great idea!" Selen exclaimed jumping up on the bed. "Now we don't have to be moody all the time!" She said hugging herself.

"You know" Jack said laughing, he jumped up with her. "One day people are going to ask where i get all my enthusiasm from, and I'll have you to blame."

Selen jumped into his arms "But that's why you love me" She said pulling her best innocent face.

Jack rolled his eye sockets. And dropped her on to the bed.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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