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Halloween Festival

© ghostwolf23

I wasn't planning on typing a Halloween story,but this is what happens when your bored on a Sunday.

James and Luna are preparing for the Halloween Festival in New York and on their way home,they run into the group preforming at the festival,The Hex Girls.They decide to invite them to dinner since they won't be able to eat till late at night since they're rehearsing for the festival,but how will they react to James's family?

If you don't know who The Hex Girls are,then you probly never seen Scooby Doo and the Witch's ghost,The Legend of the Vampire or What's New Scooby Doo.The Hex Girls make appearances in those Scooby doo franchise items.Their two songs will appear in this story.
"Thank you James and Luna for helping us set up this haunted house,"Mrs.Francis,James's teacher said.

"It was nothing Mrs.Francis.It was alot of fun,"James said.

"If you need anything else,just let us know,"Luna said.

"I will.You two have a safe trip home and give my regards to your family,"Mrs.Francis said.

"We will,"The two friends said walking away from the school.

The two looked around the park at all the people hanging up black and orange streamers with pumpkins on them and craving jack-o-lanterns for their houses.The smell of pumpkin pie and candy corn filled Luna's nose as they walked by several houses.

"Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year,"James said.

"Do you have any idea what your dressing up as this year James?"Luna asked the small boy.

"I don't really.Maybe a pirate or a wizard or a vampire or a werewolf or...or...,"James said,"I'll just have to see what Ms.Spider has in mind or what's at the store,"

"Same here,"Luna added.

James looked off into the distance of the park and saw flashing lights.He cocked his head to the side and watched as they flashed again.

"What's that?"he asked.

Luna looked where he was pointing,"It looks like stage lights,"

"Maybe it's this year's concert preformers.Lets go see,"James said.

"No!Ms.Spider will have a cow if we're not home by dinner,"Luna said,"We'll see who it is Halloween night,"

"Please Luna!"James begged,"Just a quick peek,"

Luna sighed,"Okay.Fine.But just a quick peek,"

The two headed off towards the lights and crawled under some bushes until the stage was in sight.The two poked their heads out from the bushs and looked up onto the stage.On the stage was three girls.One with black hair and electric guitar,another with blond hair who was playing the drums and the last with orange hair playing two keyboards.It looked like they didn't see them standing there.

"Hit it sisters,"the black haired girl said as she turned around.

She had fangs for teeth.James gasped.

"Wow.Vampires,"James said.

Luna giggled,"No James.I think it's just part of their act,"

They started to play their insturments and then the black haired girl started to sing.

"I'm going cast a spell on you.You're going do what I what I want you to.Mix it up here in my little bowl say a few words and you loose control.I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you,"she sang.

"I'm going to put a spell on you,"the other two repeated the last line.

"They're pretty good,"James said.

"I'll say,"Luna said.

They continued to listen to them play and sing.

"I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you.Put a spell on you,"all three sang.

The black haired girl went back to her solo,"You'll feel the fog as I cloud your mind.You'll get dizzy when I make the signs.You'll wake up in the dead of night,missing me when I'm out of sight.I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you,"

James and Luna started to dance a bit to the music,"I'm going to put a spell on you,"

"I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you.Oh yeah,"the two girls repeated.

"With this little cobweb poution,you'll fall into dark devotion.If you ever loose affection,I can change your whole direction.I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you.I'm going to put a spell on you.I'm a hex girl and I'm going to put a spell on you.We're going to put a spell right on you,"they sang together and at the end,smoke rose up onto the stage until they were completely covered.

James and Luna applaided them and when the smoke cleared the three girls were looking directly at them.

"Thanks,"the black haired one asked,"Whata re you doing here?"

"The concret isn't until next week,"the blond added.

"Well,we didn't mean to intrud,"James said,"We just saw the lights and came by to see what was going on.I guess you guys are the preformers this year for the Halloween festival right?"

"Right,"the blond answered.

"Hey wait a minute,"the black haired said,"Aren't you James Henery Trotter?"

James nodded,"Yep.How'd you know?"

"We heard of your amazing story from some folks around here and thought it was pretty cool how you flew across the ocean on a peach,"the orange haired answered.

"Wow.I didn't think I'd be known by music artist such as yourselves,"James said,"By the way,this is Luna,my best friend,"

"Nice to meet you,"Luna said.

"You too,"the black haired girl said abit shocked by the fact that she was talking to a wolf who could understand her.

"My name's Luna as well,"the orange haired girl said.

"I'm Thorn,"the black haired girl said.

"And I'm Dusk,"the blond said last.

"Nice to meet you all,"James said.

"We've been rehearsing here since 3 and we can't wait to be on break to eat,"Thorn said.

"Well,we're about to head back to our house to eat.Would you like to come?It's no trouble at all I assure you,"James said.

"Thanks,but are you sure it's no trouble?"Dusk asked.

"Postive,"Luna said,"Anyone's welcomed in our home,"

"Thanks.Lead the way James,"Thorn said as the girls jumped off the stage.

They headed to the house until Luna thought of something.What would they think of the others?

Like it so far? SmileLet me know so I can continue! Grin
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