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Town Meeting

© SelenNight

Side story to my other story "It's all in the Past". Jack goes to his first town meeting.
"You know everything there is to know of Halloween and yet you hardly remember where the forks are in your house!" Selen said sadly shaking her head.

"Yes I do! There are in the, ummm, the... Wait we don't have any forks!"

"He figured it out! Let's give him a prize!" Selen shouted and pulled out an old box she opened it and gave Jack a piece of folded paper.

Jack unfolded it and looked closely at it.
"It's blank." He announced pulling his face away from it.
"Surprise!" Selen shouted throwing her arms over her head.
"You see what I have to live with" Jack said jokingly to the witches who happen to stand beside them.

Instead of laughing the witches looked terrified.

Jack saw that they weren't looking at him but behind him, turning around, he saw Fearnouse starring hard enough at him that Jack felt like he was melting on the spot.

"What do you think you are doing?" He demanded.

"Umm discussing how to make Hairs on your Back Raise?" Jack said helpfully.

"Isn't it enough that I let you go on with that girl and now your mixing more with the commoners?" Fearnouse's voice remained low but you could tell that he was angry.

Selen shrank behind Jack biting her lower lip.
"I thought a king is just as good as his people thinks he is." Jack stated standing up straighter trying to show Selen it was OK.

"Enough games Jack, you have to come and address the people with me now." Fearnouse graded Jack by the arm like he was a little kid again, and lead him to the town hall.

Selen was right behind them, mouthing to Jack.
"You'll do fine, just remember don't mumble, don't shout, smile, don't frown, don't fall over, dont stub your toe, dont hit your thumb or head...

Despite of Selen's advise, Jack did reasonably well for the meeting.


"Greetings fellow creatures of the night, let me be the first to say congratulations on doing a fantastic job on Halloween, well some of us did." Fearnouse began, he carried on praising only the noble people of high ranking, on what a good job they had done.

'Fearnouse there is a reason why this is called a TOWN meeting because every one in TOWN is here, didn't everyone do something for Halloween? So shouldn't everyone get praised?' Jack squabbled in his head. 'Wouldn't that be more fair? Humph. Since when did Fearnouse know fair? He is the kind of king who growls at babies!'

"And now my son, Jack, will want to say a few words."

Jack rupted out of his ponderings. 'Jack wants WHAT??'

Being pushed forward by Fearnouse before he could decline,
Jack stared at the audience not really knowing what do say.
He quickly found Selen in the crowd, it wasn't that hard she was in the way back and holding a giant board that read.


Choking back a laugh Jack opened his mouth, 'Just like Selen to do that AND use my nick name."

It was true, when they were little,er Selen didn't like to say Vanlouse. So Jack came up with Skellington, heck he liked it more then Vanlouse.

"Hello everyone, my Father had started to praise some of you of how a great job you had done, so I'm going to continue it. I would like to thank the Wired Sister Witches on the marvellous potions, like the thin fog, the creep and the Hairs on your Back Raise" Jack felt more confident so he continued and seeing the faces lift of everyone in the hall, it was well worth the trouble.

Pulse it also helped that Selen had done her job of getting him started, so she kept pulling faces at him and when he forgot someone she drew a quick sketch of them then showed him on her giant board.

Jack had a feeling he was going to like Town Meetings.
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