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© NintendoGal55

Secondary "what if?" sequel to "Sewing Basket". This time, we chronicle the events of the film as if Jack and Sally were together and in love following the events of the previous story. Jack comes to deal with two obsessions. Christmas, and Sally too.

Rated for mentions of sexual content and just to be safe.

Chapter: 1 2 3

Some time into the morning after the newly formed couple exited the graveyard, and made their way back to the laboratory, there was a wave of anxiety in the air. At least on Sally's part. She felt nervous and scared of what the Doctor might say or do about this, especially since this more than likely had to be the last straw for him. For the first time, she felt more than just a bit guilty. She felt very guilty.

Her actions had led to her not only violating the Doctor's trust yet again, but it also led to her lying AND running from Jack...something she had hoped NEVER to do. While his assurances from earlier helped, she still couldn't help but feel insecure about that.

But now, the moment of truth had come.

They were inside Dr. Finkelstein's lab, together (with Sally asking for Jack's help to vouch for her), and facing up against the old doctor. He looked at Sally with hard eyes, expectantly, waiting for her to say something.

Sally took a breath, comforted only by Jack squeezing her hand gently. "Doctor, I....I first just want to say that I'm sorry. There is...a reason I snuck out last night. While I will not use it as an excuse, but I will tell you the truth. I snuck out my window, and...I brought a basket of some gifts for Jack, which I delivered to him. I...I was worried about him and I wanted to give him something to keep his mind off things."

Jack nodded, instantly feeling the need to add something on her behalf. "Yes, doctor, she really did just come to check up on me. I didn't realize she had snuck out though of course or I wouldn't have kept her for so long, And she really did...erm...assist me..." He couldn't help swallowing and looking off to the side with a touch of distress. After all, Jack...had a feeling that if Doctor Finkelstein didn't like Sally sneaking out...he...probably would neither be too thrilled with her doing so to woo the Pumpkin King. Jack sighed and just did his best to look back to Dr. Finkelstein and go on for now. "A-Anyway, I was about to take her home when we heard you coming and then I couldn't find her and you asked me to help you look for her, and I'm sorry I didn't let you know then that she had spent the night with me..." Jack blinked... "I-I mean, spent the night at my house, heh...B-But I was just worried that she would never come back if we both went stalking off together to find her so I went off alone and discovered her and gently explained to her that she needed to come home to you and explain the situation and we are." Jack did his best to smile but, even though he was the King...even he was sort of worried about the doctors potential to be very very VERY angry right now.

"Spent the night with you at your house?!?!?!" Dr. Finkelstein was utterly shocked! "Jack my boy, you certainly shouldn't have had to put up with that! Sally and why did you do that?! Bothering the Pumpkin King like that..."

"I-...I didn't ask him to, I swear!" Sally said in panic. "I also didn't want to b-bother you and I couldn't get back into my room because I jumped" She blanched if she could and then looked down in shame.

"Jumped out the window?!!?! Why would you do a silly thing like that?!?!?" The old doctor palmed his face. "Ridiculous! You could've been hurt!!"

"Doctor, you know I can't feel pain..."

"You JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW!?" Jack suddenly boomed, utterly in shock, looking right at Sally... 'She...She lied to me...again...' And Jack right now wasn't sure what he was feeling more pain from: Sally putting herself in danger by jumping out of the window...or her lying to him again, however 'small' she might have thought it at the time.

"...Yes...I did." Was all she could say, not looking at either of them.

"And you didn't tell him that?!?! You LIED to the Pumpkin King of all people!!" Now Dr. Finkelstein looked a bit concerned. "You could have detached yourself completely and be left out there on the ground all night with no way to put yourself back together without help! Now explain! WHAT happened?!?!?"

"I opened my window, and I had no other way out. I jumped out. And yes, I did lose a few of my limbs, all but one arm. Then I put myself back together and left."

Dr. Finkelstein groaned, shaking his head. "Unbelievable!"

"You lied to me again..." Jack couldn't help saying it quietly, sort of a blank look on his face, looking forward and down. He knew she probably already felt badly enough...but...he...he felt badly too and also...he'd just spent the better part of the previous night opening up to her in ways he had never opened up to another person ever in his entire existence...Giving her access to vulnerable, untouched pieces of who he was...and it was hard to square that with the fact that she had lied to him...twice now...and all during that wonderful night together. It was enough to almost make one wonder if everything had been a lie, although of course Jack knew better...He could feel the truth of her feelings for him...But still, it made the horrible doubt creep up hurt...considerably...

Jack swallowed and looked to the doctor and spoke calmly and sincerely. "Doctor...She's right. I saw she was outside so I invited her in so that she wouldn't get hurt out there. It was my pleasure. I know how important she must be to you. I'm just so sorry you had to be worried all night because of this and I hope you'll accept my sincerest apologies on both of our behalves..." Jack gave a small bow.

Dr. Finkelstein sighed. "Don't you worry about it, my boy. If anything I should be sorry for having her drag you into her weaved web of sneakiness and lies. As for YOU, Sally..." He glowered at her with anger and disappointment. "You are not getting out of this easily."

By now Sally was crying, realizing just how much she wanted to kick herself for lying AGAIN, to her beloved. He likely felt he couldn't trust her. "Yes Doctor...I take full responsibility for everything I had done. Especially in l-lying...t-t-to Jack..." She sniffled, looking up again. "And I won't sneak off again."

"You said that last time, and look what you did!" The doctor fumed. "You are confined to your room for the rest of the day, and you are to do extra chores around the house! You will not leave unless it is for important errands, to which Igor will assist you with! You may come out if you behave. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes..." Sally nodded.

"Good. Now, you had better apologize to Jack for all this! You lied, and even got him involved in your shenanigans! And look him in the eye when you do this! None of that shy business!"

A gulp escaped her throat, but, she knew what she had to do.

Facing Jack, and looking him in the eye, she wiped her own eyes and began. "I'm very sorry, Jack. For everything. I had lied to you, and you deserve better than that. For that I hope you accept my sincerest apologies. You were good to me, and yet I dragged you into this when you clearly had much better things to do. I will understand if you're not ready to trust me right now, I will understand completely. I just wanted you to know I'm sorry."

A part of her wanted to flee and run to her room and hide, without waiting for an answer...but right now, she just couldn't do that. It would only add insult to injury, and she wasn't about to make this any worse. No, she stood her ground, and awaited his response.

"Doctor..." Jack let out a small breath and glanced over at Finkelstein, "May I...have a moment speak with Sally? I promise, I'll be brief..."

Now Sally was scared. Now they were going to talk alone? She had a very bad feeling about this. What if he was going to tell her he never wanted to see her anymore?

Dr. Finkelstein rose part of his face as if it were an eyebrow. He hadn't expected this at all. In fact, when they had come back, they were holding hands and there seemed to be some kind of a...spark between them. He had to wonder... As hesitant as he was, leaving his creation alone with a man, Pumpkin King or not, he wasn't about to deny a request like that. "Absolutely, my boy." He said, and wheeled out of the lab, shutting the door behind him.

Jack let out a breath...and then he swallowed and turned to Sally. Then he stepped forward, placing them close and right in front of one another.

Then he just let out a deep sigh.

"J-Jack, I-Mmm!" Before she could even begin he had come forward and wrapped his arms around her was was kissing her deeply and warmly upon the mouth.

Needless to say, Sally was quite stricken, her eyes had gone wider than diner plates! What was going on? It was all happening so fast! The Doctor left the room to leave them alone for a bit, to which Sally would have expected that they talk about things neither of them were quite ready to mention in front of her creator...but no, Jack had taken her into his arms and was kissing her. For a moment she was too shocked to do anything, but it wasn't long before she relaxed, responded in kind and clutched at his shoulders. Even in a moment like this, his kisses were by far irresistible, and it was hard to think about just what was going on through his mind at the moment.

Jack let out a deep sigh through his nose, savoring her, holding her, melting into her...forever...The seconds passed and passed...and then finally Jack gently relaxed his grip on her a little and delicately removed his mouth from hers. For a moment he just stood there holding her and panting a little to catch his breath. Then finally he swallowed and looked her in the eyes. "Sally..." he started softly.

Sally blinked a few times, trying to regain her breathing and her senses, as well as trying to make sense of all this. Why had he done that? What was it for? "...Y-Yes...Jack?" She managed, finding her voice, unable to keep from sounding anxious.

He looked directly into her eyes, reaching a hand up even to place under her chin and tilt it up so she would look directly into his as well. He spoke quietly and softly and very seriously. "Do you love me?"

Despite being a little surprised at the question, Sally nodded and answered with no hesitation, "Yes, Jack. I do love you."

Jack gave a small nod. "I love you too...But you musn't ever lie to me ever matter what...Otherwise...even if we both love each other...I don't think we can be together, Sally. Do you understand?" he asked tenderly.

A stricken feeling coursed through her, and she unconsciously gripped his shoulders tighter. "I do understand, Jack... I'm so sorry. I promise you I will never lie to you again. I...I'm sure you may have a hard time believing that, and I understand. But I hope you know from the bottom of my stuffing, that I will never lie to you again."

Instantly both of Jack's hands were on either side of her face, cupping it gently. He moved closer, his forehead resting against hers. He whispered to her. "I know...I believe you...And I know why you told those lies and that they were small ones...but no more, not even small ones...not between you and I...Now..." one of his hands shifted into her yarn hair...a small smile started to return to his lips. "Kiss me goodbye, before I leave...?"

"No more lies...and....of course..." Sally smiled more for the first time since they arrived, and leaned in to meet their lips in a sweet, and even somewhat grateful kiss, releasing his shoulders and clasping his neck gently.

Jack removed his hands from her face and wrapped his long arms fully around her soft, adorable little body...He started to even lean her back a little, angling his skull...pressing more and more deeply into their perfect kiss of forgiveness...

"Sally, has Jack gone yet? I want SOUP and I want it no--WHAT'S THIS????!!!" Yes, Dr. Finkelstein had just wheeled himself right into the room!

"Um!!'s not-we..." Sally had pulled her head back, though not moving from where she was, and bit her lip nervously. "Um...." She sighed, conceding. "...It's exactly what it looks like."

'O-Oh dear...' Jack utterly gulped and froze up and quickly turned around, though he still held her close. "I...Doctor...I...I'm sorry, please...let me explain. You see, we-"

Instantly though Dr. Finkelstein had wheeled himself forward and grabbed Sally's arm. "Sally is MY creation." He looked at Sally, his eyes narrowing. "So this is what you do--you not only sneak off and poison me but you go off spending the night with and tempting the Pumpkin King of all people!" He looked back to Jack now. "And Jack, how could you...She's...She's a servant! And she's my servant to boot! What do you two have to say for yourselves???" He looked back and forth to them, almost snarling a little.

Again, Sally was scared to death and wanted to run off and hide. But, she wasn't about to do that anymore and leave Jack alone with the Doctor like that. Important figure or not, her creator was really not unlike an overprotective father trying to keep men away from his daughter.

"Doctor, please!" Sally cried, stepping forward in front of Jack in a protective way. "If you're going to get mad at anyone, it should be at me! Jack isn't at fault for any of this...and I...I love him....! Please understand this, Doctor... It isn't some kind of a stupid fling, I swear...I would never do that to him, or any man. Ever..."

Jack swallowed and now he knew he had to stop being worried and embarrassed and start helping his love. "Doctor..." Jack stepped forward as well, holding Sally from the side as he looked at Finkelstein, "Please...I know Sally is very special to you and I have no desire to 'steal' her...It's just...things have gotten...rather complicated...and I barely know how it happened did...somehow." His tone gained some more firmness as he finished, "I love Sally, Dr. Finkelstein...very much, I think...and I can't lose that. Please, we didn't even realize...until last night...but we know now and of course we want you to share in it. Please, Dr. Finkelstein..."

For several tense seconds Dr. Finkelstein just sat there in silence. Then he let out a deep sigh. "Jack...I'd like to speak with you for a moment..."
Sally opened her mouth to protest, but then felt Jack's hand on her shoulder. When she looked at him, he nodded to her, and let her go. She nodded in return, understanding.

"Go make that soup, Sally." Dr. Finkelstein said absently, waving her off.

"All right." Sally cast one more worried look at Jack before she left the lab.

Now alone, Dr. Finkelstein looked over at Jack for a moment, his hard stare wavering quite a bit. "....Well then, my're in love with my...creation, then." He said finally.

Jack took in a breath and let out a breath...and then chose to reply quite simply and honestly (unable to help correcting Dr. Finkelstein's 'assessment' of the situation a little), "I am in love with, Sally." He gave a small nod.

The mad scientist was silent for a moment as he nodded slowly. "All right, how did she do it? Just how did SHE win you over? Explain!" He tried to sound angry, but it came out more in surprise and disbelief.

Jack blinked, almost considered getting a little defensive about his privacy with all of this for a moment, but then let out a breath again and decied that Dr. Finkelstein really did have the right to some answers, all things considered, and really it was an understandable enquiry. "I...She's just...perfect for me..." left his mouth on instinct, his gaze a little downward and his eye sockets wide, "She's calm and quiet and sweet and kind...loving and affectionate...happy and hopeful...I've never encountered that much in anybody else here, touches me...and I can't deny it any longer, I suppose..." He brought his arms behind his back and looked to the doctor again.

As much as he tried not to be, Dr. Finkelstein was speechless. There was not one trace of deceit, doubt, irony, or anything that would lead him to say he was joking. And he also didn't even mention her...well, exterior assets. "I never would've thought, my boy...." He sighed, shaking his head. "I suppose that's why she's run off all this time.... How long?" He demanded yet again.

"I..." Jack blinked, feeling a touch of fluster for a moment, "Well...I think that's a complicated question," he answered truthfully finally. "I...I don't know how long she's loved me exactly...maybe since the first time we met." He shrugged a little. "A-As for me though, I...have...liked her...more than anybody else, I think, ever since I met her...but I...didn't realize I had...romantic feelings for her until last night when we were talking. We were together and it just...came out. And before I knew it I confessed my love to her as she had confessed hers to me." He hoped that made sense and didn't sound nearly as ridiculous as he was afraid it might.

"So you've been seeing her since last night. When she stayed the night at your place." Now Dr. Finkelstein gripped his wheelchair a bit too tightly. "Nothing happened....right?"

"NO!" Jack instantly and firmly and sincerely replied, eye sockets wide, shaking his skull and holding up one of his hands. "I-I mean...w-well...nothing...terribly serious, at least..." He looked downward. "Just...W-well, like I said, nothing s-serious...A-And then I gave her a blanket and she slept out on the couch until the morning."

"All right then." Dr. Finkelstein calmed a little in his usual manner. "You just be careful not to turn your back on her, my day she may just poison you!"

"She'll never poison me...She'll never poison me or lie to me or leave me...or like me for something I'm not..." Jack stated firmly and confidently. "I trust her with all of my heart and I will make her so happy that she'll never want to do any of those things ever again..." And then, because he couldn't help it, he added...with just a touch of something hard in his voice, "...I'll never lock her away..."

A cough died in his throat, as he realized Jack had him there. Sighing, he shook his head a bit. "I only wanted to protect her from the outside world...she wasn't ready for it yet. I hadn't thought she would gain a restless and independent free spirit as her days since being created wore on."

"I...understand..." Jack did his best to be calm and level and diplomatic, "But...she's a person...Even if you designed her to be your servant, she's still a person...with a mind...and a spirit...and a heart all her own. And she doesn't deserve to be as lonely as she is...She's...brilliant, Dr. Finkelstein, utterly...brilliant...She needs to be free..." Jack's voice and faced had softened at this point, unable to help doing so.

Studying him for a moment, Dr. Finkelstein sighed once more and nodded. "All right, my boy. I suppose I'll let her out...after all, since you're seeing her...may as well do it right..." He grumbled a bit. "You just be sure she's back by midnight whenever she's out and don't let her get into any trouble, my boy! And be sure nothing happens to her. Sally is still my creation and my responsibility, after all. Oh, and NO funny business if at your home! Not unless you plan to marry her!"

Jack's eye sockets popped open wide again, fluster overtaking him! "I-I-I would never! W-We only kissed last night, after all..." He swallowed and did his best to get himself under control...but then he blinked as the doctor's words fully processed. "'ll...let her see me?" He almost couldn't believe it.

"Yes." Dr. Finkelstein replied, not looking at him. "But not for a while, my boy. She still needs to uphold her punishment and take responsibility. If she behaves, perhaps I'll let her go out tomorrow, but only if you are with her at all times."

Jack nodded. "Of course, I'd never let her out of my sight. I-I'd be her escort after all...I could never abandon her. I...want to...c-court her...honorably..." he added with a touch of shyness.

"I suppose I shouldn't expect less of that from you, my boy." Dr. Finkelstein remarked, shaking his head. "Just see that she doesn't cause you trouble, or get herself in trouble."

"O-Of course, not," Jack assured very sincerely with a nod... "And...Dr. Finkelstein?" he called after him unsurely.

The scientist had just been wheeling away when he turned around. "Yes, my boy?"

Jack looked at him very sincerely. "Thank you..."

Blinking behind his dark glasses, Dr. Finkelstein grumbled a little "You're welcome" in response before he wheeled over to one of his worktables. "You can go now if you wish, my boy."

"O-Oh, a...alright..." Jack nodded, stepping back a little toward the door. "Please...wish her well for me, Dr. Finkelstein...Perhaps I'll...come by tomorrow evening to take you up on that offer of taking her out...i-if she'll have me, of course?"

Pausing for a moment, Dr. Finkelstein considered it, and gave a mild shrug. "I suppose....if she promises to behave herself."

Jack smiled, hope coursing through him. "Alright then! Splendid! H-Have a pleasant evening then, Dr. Finkelstein. I'll see you tomorrow!" He gave a little wave and turned to head for the door, a spring back in his step.

"Good day to you, Jack my boy..." Dr. Finkelstein said with a faint smile. He did have a lot to take in, after all!

Meanwhile, Sally was downstairs preparing some soup. She wondered just what the doctor and Jack were talking about...and couldn't help but feel a bit anxious. Was it anything bad? Did he chastise Jack? Forbid him from seeing her? She couldn't help but imagine the worst. Going over to the cupboard, she peered inside for the Worm's Wart and Sweet Pea ingredients, when her eyes fell onto the jar of Deadly Nightshade that was still there.

Frowning at it, she pushed it to the far back of the cabinet, and took out what she needed before returning back to the large, brewing cauldron. She didn't seem to hear nor notice a presence descending the spiral ramp behind her.

Jack, meanwhile, was just heading down the staircase with every intention of leaving and locking himself away in his house for the next day or so...under the pretext of studying Christmas but partly to just daydream about his lovely Sally and her kisses. "Hmm hmm, hmm hmm, hmm hmm, hmm hmm...." He hummed a bit of the tune of that song he had heard her singing last night to himself as he proceeded to pass by the entrance to the kitchen area.

Humming? Was that...oh, it was Jack, and he was humming! Sally turned right around, nearly dropping her large stirring spoon. "Jack!!" Was he humming her song?

Jack stopped dead in his tracks and gasped at his name being said in that voice. "Sally!" He blinked and turned his head and there she was in the kitchen, looking about as surprised as he felt!

"Oh, you're leaving....? ...Um...did...everything go all right?" Sally placed her spoon down and approached him.

Jack blinked once more...and then he let out a breath and glanced away...doing his best to hide a little smile. "Actually..." he waited for her to get closer, knowing she would thanks to her natural curiosity...Then he let his eye sockets go back to her eyes, "...Things went splendidly!" And instantly he was hugging her and picking her up and twirling her around in happiness.

"Oh!!!" Sally squealed in surprise, and brought her arms around him. "I-It did, Jack...?"

"Oh yes!" Jack placed her down and looked happily into her eyes, still holding her. "I explained everything to him, Sally, and I told him how much I care for you and how you deserve to be free...He said I could court you, my Sally...You can go out, as long as you're with me to keep you safe. And I'm to stop by tomorrow evening to come pick you up for an outing...if you'll have me of course?" He smiled just a little more at her.

"Really?" Sally beamed, and hugged him tight as well. "Oh, Jack...yes! I'd love to go out with you..."

Jack's grin went utterly goofy. "Oh Sally...thank will be my honor to escort you...anywhere your heart desires..." He released his hold on her only to take up one of her hands and kiss the back of it tenderly.

"Ohh.... Jack..." Sally beamed and giggled happily. "Thank you so much!! That would be wonderful..."

"Everything's wonderful with you, my Sally..." He lowered her hand and gazed at her adoringly. "I'll miss you until then though..." his smile fell a little, " least there's something to look forward to...." He did his best to let his smile pick up again though really...a whole day without her after all that had happened...It felt like an eternity.

"You're right...something to look forward to..." Sally brought her arms behind her back shyly. "Um....Jack?"

"Yes, dearest Sally?" he asked sweetly, tilting his skull to the side in curiosity.

"I...well I...I know I already did kiss you goodbye earlier...but um...well...." She looked down shyly, tipping her shoe along the floor. "Could I kiss you once more before you go? ...You hold each other over...until tomorrow?"

jennaasazure129: Jack's eye sockets went a little wide for a moment...but then he just glanced to the side bashfully with a little smile, swaying a little on his feet. "I-I, well...o-of course, Miss Sally..." He chuckled a tiny bit and glanced to her. "You...certainly like kisses a lot, don't you?"

"Um!! ...Well" Sally looked down shyly, still twirling the tip of her shoe along the floor.

Jack chuckled even more. Her shyness was just intoxicating. "You do, don't you?" he couldn't help prompting, his grin picking up on one side.

"...Yes..." Sally played with her hair shyly. "...Well, only because I love you...and...sharing them with you...."

"Well...what a coincidence..." And then Jack slid forward and suavely wrapped his arms around her waist as he added, "...I only love them so much because they're with you too..." He winked at her.

"Ooh..." Sally would've blushed if she could, and smiled shyly as she brought her arms around his neck. "...And Jack? ...I also wanted to say thank you. ...I was afraid you wouldn't want to see me anymore...after how I lied to you..." She looked down a bit, trembling.

"Oh...Sally..." Jack looked down at her with a small frown, speaking in a coo, "I know you had reasons for it...And I didn't mean to make you feel bad about it--I just felt...hurt...A-After all, I...shared so much with you last night, Sally...and the idea that there was any dishonesty between us after all of that...was painful to think of...and it made me have doubts... That's why I asked you not to do that anymore--I don't want to have doubts...I want to believe in us forever..." He smiled again.

"That's just it, that's exactly what I meant by that." Sally looked up again, biting her lip, but then smiled once more. "But I have to thank you for still...believing in us and giving me a chance, because from here on I will never lie to you and I will make it up to you, whether you let me or not."

Jack smiled more. "Sally, I appreciate your enthusiasm but you really don't have to 'make it up' to honest, like you said, and everything will work out between us."

Now she pouted. "Please, Jack? I really want to make it up to you..."

Jack blinked and looked at her curiously. "Well...if you really want to, I suppose you long as you don't put yourself out too much of course." He smiled again but then the curious look returned as he added, " did you want to make up for it, Sally?"

"Mmm...I'll think of something..." Sally said sheepishly, gigling. "I haven't thought that far ahead...but ooh! I know! I'll surprise you! Oh, what was I doing again? ...Oh, of course..." She leaned in closer and kissed him sweetly, tightening her hold on hmi a little.

"Mmm?!" Jack hadn't expected her kiss so suddenly but...who cared, he adored it! He closed his eye sockets and melted in her arms and kissed her back tenderly, holding her snugly against him.

A little giggle escaped Sally at his surprised reaction, and she too melted against him, savouring their wonderful contact.

"Hmm..." Jack chuckled a little at the back of his throat. He knew they had to stop...if the doctor caught them he would probably be furious. And yet still...just...just one more to hod them over, as she had put it. He leaned her back a little, angling his skull more as he kept kissing her.

Indeed, Sally worried a bit about the doctor catching them kissing again (and knew he'd be furious if that happened), but oh, she was just so lost in him yet again! He loved her!! He still wanted her!!! She couldn't help but feel a lot happier! Oh, his skull was just within reach...if she just lifted her hands....

She stopped herself very reluctantly. If she did that, they would be here for hours.
"SALLY!!!" The Doctor suddenly called from the lab. "That soup of yours ready yet?!?!??!?"

Annoyed, Sally pulled back, trying to maintain herself. "C-Coming!!" She called back up.

"Hmm mmm!" Jack cleared his throat and did his best to straighten up and to remove his grasp from her but was so hard...He wanted their date: he wanted to be alone with her on his couch after walking and talking together...the light's to be dim...and then they would come together...and... "Y-You..." Jack barely managed to get out... "You...should go...a-and so should I...for now..." He managed to take a step back from her.

"Right...yes..." Sally stepped back shyly. "Um...well...I'll see you tomorrow then, a dreadful day, okay? And please take care of yourself..." She bit her lip in worry, recalling the premonition from earlier.

She was so caring and concerned... "I will, my darling..." he nodded with a smile, "And you look after yourself as well...and have a dreadful day as well. Until we meet again..." He gave her a low, suave bow and then waved as he stepped back from her toward the exit.

"Ohh...." Sally held a hand to her chest as she tried to maintain her balance. "I love you, Jack..." She cooed sweetly. "Goodbye..."

"I love you too, dearest Sally...Goodbye..." Jack cooed tenderly before slipping away from her sight.

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