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Meet the Skelligntons

© mistyskellington

Yeah, the title is a play on the movie Meet the Robinsons.
ok so, the story doesn't have an actual plot per say, it'll just be some random stories of Jack, Sally, and the kids. all 5 of them. Yes. 5 kids.

Children and their personalities:
Misty (Mist) : Age 13. She is kind hearted and gentle. She would do anything for her family, even fight to save their lives (read the story's later chapters for more).

Jackson: Age 11 3/4. He is calm and quiet. Named after his father.

Robert (Robby) : Age 10. He is usually sitting on the windowsill in his room, thinking about life. he was adopted.

Zachary (Zack) : age 9. He and his sisters have very close relationship. Misty is usually the first one in the house to learn about his problems.When Warren, Oogie's son, began bullying Zack at school, Misty was the first person he turned to. Zack is rather shy and quiet.

Roxanne: age 6 1/2. Roxanne see's the beauty in everyday life. she is kind, sweet, warm hearted, and gentle. She is like Misty in every single way

ok, well I hope you enjoy the story! I DO NOT OWN TNBC!!!!
CHAPTER 1: Bullies

It was an average day. A young girl, around the age of 13, was sitting on the couch, a book in her hands. She was wearing a school uniform, and her neatly polished black school shoes where laying beside her sock covered feet. Her bony hand reached for the TV remote as she sat the book down. She hated Thursdays. She always got out of school an hour before her brothers and sister. Her father was planing the next Halloween with the mayor, and her mother didn't get off work until 5:00. It took her about 15 minutes of watching TV, but she slowly drifted off to sleep. a few minutes later, she heard the door close, and the relieved sigh of a young boy. She heard him try to sneak past her, but she quickly sat up and said "Come here Zack."
Zack sighed "Alright Mist.." he said quietly, walking over to his older sister. The bone around his eye was blue, his cheek was bruised, his mouth was slightly swollen, and out of his nose dripped a little stream of blood.
Misty cupped her brother's chin gently, shaking her head as she inspected him "Oh, Zack! Again?"
Zack nodded and sat down beside Misty "Yes, again!" he whimpered. He laid his head on Misty's shoulder and began to sob quietly.
Misty sighed and patted Zack's head "I'll go talk to your principle tomorrow. now come on. I'll get you something for your bruises and your lip." She said, standing up. When she stood, she towered a good 2 feet above her younger brother. Misty took her brother's hand and headed toward the kitchen.

A few hours later, Zack was asleep on the couch, and everyone was sitting around, waiting for him to wake up. Misty was sitting up against her father's leg, and Roxanne, her little sister, was sitting in her lap. her other 2 brothers, Jackson and Robert, where laying in the middle of the floor. Misty looked up at her father, who was none other than Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween, and said "Dad..this has to stop. I hate seeing Zack like this.." She looked over at her brother, all curled up on the couch. His face was still bruised, and the bone under his nose was slightly stained with blood. He just looked so defenseless..
Jack sighed and said "I know..I hate seeing him like that too.." The pumpkin king sighed again and sat back in his chair.

Ok well, i hope you enjoyed!!!! Expect more soon!!! Smileb Wink
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