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My Dear Queen

© Dr Who

Tarrant and Mirana, and Tatiana one shots and short stories
I hope you enjoy them Smile
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Chapter: 1 2 3

Her soft voice cut through the soft silence and he propped himself up on his elbows and looked at her.
Mirana; thin, tall.....absolutely gorgeouse. Her large dark eyes seemed worried as her dark eyebrows knitted. He hated seeing her like this; all worried and upsetted. He always wanted her to have a smile, that bright wonderful smile she had.
"Do you think I'm a good Queen?"
Hatter blinked, confused before his face settled into a kind expression. "The best, Dear Mirana. Why do you ask?"
The White Queen shrugged slightly, looking down at her hands as she wrung them.
"Well, my Queen.'' she looked up, blushing as he reached and took her pale hand in his, bringing it up and kissing it. "You're certainly the best, most kind Queen in all of Wonderland. I wouldn't be on anyone elses side.''
She smiled, laughing softly. "There you are; I love you so much more when you're smiling.''
Her smile grew as she looked up at him. "Thank you, Tarrant.''

"Tarrant? Tarrant!"
She grabbed his arm; face contorted with worry and fear as he yelled; swinging his arm around and knocking over a stack of teapots. He was yelling utter nonsense as he raged, his once kind face now contorted and dark into someone she didn't recognize. Just a moment ago they'd been having a nice chat at his table by the windmill when he rose suddenly and went into on of his dazes.
She surprised both herself and him when she yelled his name louder; and apparently it was enough to knock him out of his reverie as he paused completely, staring at her. Clearing her throat, The White Queen looked him deep in the eyes; hands coming up and cupping his pale, scared face softly.
"Mirana....'' He said, voice hoarse from all the screaming he had been doing seconds earlier. "I'm horribly sorry-"
"No, don't be.'' she said, smiling softly. "I'm just happy you're all right, dear Tarrant.''
In truth she was worried about her dear dear friend. Ever since her dreadful sister, the Red Queen, had attacked his home and destroyed his people and village, he had not been the same. And that made her a little sad.
They'd grown a little apart; he rarely left his table and she hadn't been allowed to leave the castle because the guards and her father had feared Iracebeth would attack her if she did. But today she had been able to visit him and he seemed overjoyed as he saw her approach; rising and rushing to her, helping her off the large white stallion she had ridden up on.
"Mirana, I'm horribly confused.'' he said, shutting his eyes tightly and then opening them again. "There are so many....sounds rattling about my mind, it's getting horrible to tell them apart.''
She kissed his forehead; feeling his face relax at the contact.
"Then I shall help you in sorting it all out, shall I?"
He smiled softly. "I'd like that very much.''

The White Queen stood by the large window, smiling to herself. Looking down, she ran a hand over her large round belly. She was eight months pregnant and couldn't wait to have the baby. She would absolutely love being a mother, nurturing and raising a person with love and affection.
What would they look, sound, act like? She hoped it would look like Tarrant. That was her wish.
She hoped that the child inherited his brilliant orange hair.
Warm arms wrapped around her from behind.
"How much longer?"
Mirana, smiled, turning her head and kissing her husband on the cheek.
"Nineteen weeks.'' She said lovingly. "Can you believe this, Tarrant? Nineteen weeks from now we'll have our little prince or princess with us. We'll finally have a family.''
Hatter laughed softly, his hand covering hers on her belly.
A small thump came from within and they both beamed at each other.
Yes, nineteen weeks and they would be a family.
It couldn't come sooner.

"Here you are, your highness. A healthy baby girl.''
Mirana watched in awe as the nurse slipped the lace bundle into her arms and smiled as she saw the wisps of dark orange hair that were plastered to the baby's head.
"Hello, my beautiful girl.''
The infant opened her eyes slowly, stopping halfway. The Queen's eyes filled with tears as she looked into bright green eyes.
"You have orange hair.'' she muttered to herself, giggling softly. "And green eyes! Oh, lovely child, you're the spitting image of your daddy, aren't you?"
The baby made a cooing sound and Mirana kissed her forehead. The door opened and Hatter walked in, slipping his hat off; face filling with the awe his wife felt. The sight of his two girls was enough to fill him with enough joy to last him a lifetime.
He sat next to her on the bed, pulling the lace back to get a better view of his daughter. He leaned his head against Mirana's, smiling from ear to ear.
"Hello, my precious baby girl.''
The baby stared up at him, green eyes wide and hand coming up to grip his finger as he touched her cheek. The King and Queen laughed.
"Welcome to Wonderland, Princess Tatiana.'' Mirana cooed.
Little did they know that their happiness would only last so long.

hope you liked them.
Please comment.

Chapter: 1 2 3

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