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Jack Skellington

© IkeiKasbek

This is a story about how Jack died. I've read some fanfics about Jack's death, and I wanted to write one

I'm sorry if it's not very well, but English is not the language I speak the most... Even so, I've done my best. Enjoy!!

I rated this for 10+ just in case.

I DO NOT OWN TNBC CHARACTERS. They all belong to Tim Burton. The rest of the characters were made by me.

Chapter: 1 2 3

Jack was looking at the boat's wake with an absent mind.

He was only 22 years old, but his experience with criminal cases could equal to the one of somebody who doubled his age. Because of this, he'd decided to travel to England so he could investigate his uncle's murder.

Now they were quite entered in the Thames, so it was just a matter of time they arrived to London's port.

They had told him he had to meet Detective Ethan Brown, the man who was investigating his uncle's death, and that he could find him at the 32nd Greyland St.

He knew the detective wasn't expecting him, but he didn't care.

He has to ask for directions a couple of times, but a part from that, he made his way to the house without any problems.

It was quite a small house. The walls were made with big grey bricks, and they look just like the cloudy sky of that evening.

He knocked the door and he waited for an answer.

"Wait a minute!" said an old woman's voice from the inside. The door opened, and a short lady appeared, staring at him with difficulty through her old glasses “Hello, young man, may I help you?”

“Good evening, Mrs.” Jack greeted with a gallant smile “I’m Jack Skellington, and I’m looking for detective Brown. They told me I could find him here.

The old woman blinked a couple of times before answering.

“Oh, well, he’s not home right now. But if you want you can come in and wait, though I tell you, it can take a while.

“Thank you very much, Mrs.” Jack said coming in, maybe too friendly. “May I ask your name?” he asked not even looking at her. He was too busy observing every detail I the hall.

“Eeeh, I’m Mrs. Gordon, the housekeeper” she answered. She was amazed with the young man, but she was also curious “Do you want some tea while you’re waiting? Oh! Don’t stay there, Mr. Skellington, please, come into the living room.

“Thanks, Mrs. Gordon” he was very enthusiastic to bee in his situation, but he wasn’t sad about his uncle’s death. In fact, he hadn’t even known him. He only knew his name was Edward Connell, and that he had somehow made a lot of money.


A few minutes later, Mrs. Gordon came into the room with a teapot, a cup and a kind of appetizer made of bread and cheese.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you anything else, but we haven’t got much”

“Don’t worry” Jack said “Thank you very much”

Even so, Mrs. Gordon stayed in her place looking doubtful.

“Can I ask you a question?” she finally said.

“Go on”

Mrs. Gordon took her time to ask.

“Are you related to Miss Dómine?”

Jack blinked very confused.

“Sorry? Who?” he asked, but before Mrs. Gordon could answer, he spoke again “I think I haven’t got the pleasure of knowing her” he said kindly.

“Ah, I see. I-I’m sorry, Mr. Skellington, it’s just that-”

“It doesn’t matter, Mrs. Gordon” He smiled at her, and gave a little laugh.

The end of the first chapter! Comment your opinion, please! I’ll post the next one when I can! I know for now it’s a bit boring, but it’ll get better, don’t worry.

Chapter: 1 2 3

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