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Full Moon Rise

© Kyle Skellington

Vampires. I CANT stand them! All they do is drink blood and say cheesy lines and all the girls are all over them. And they can never figure out if they want to burn in the sun, or that other thing. You know, with that Edward guy. I hope he dies. Why am I saying this? Did my family get killed by vampires? No, I'm just a werewolf. I kinda have to hate vamps. Whats that? My name? Oh, well its Justin Hunter. And why do you care? Cause my job is to hunt vamps, the bad ones. Like the ones that took this girl named Sally. Dont know her, but I do know Jack. And he saved my life when we were little. So I owe him one. And I always pay my debts. Lets just hope we can do it before the full moon. I would hat to turn and bury him in the backyard. Again.
7:00 A.M. The clock was blinkin, playin a song. A hand came out from under the blanket, tryin to find the botton. After the hand pushed it, it went back under and a snoring sound could be heard. The clock went off again and then hand reached out for the botton. Somthing grabed it and pulled the man out of the bed. The man was pale, with short blond hair. "What the!" He yelled. "Hello Max." Said a man holding him to the wall. He had brown short hair, and a goatee. His eyes were also brown. He wore a green shirt, a hoodie with a denim jacket over it, dogtags, jeans, fingerless gloves, brown shoes, glasses, and a green hat, he also had two katanas on his back. "J-J-Justin!" Max said. "What are you" 'Shut up Max, I dont have time. Her name is Sally, she is from Halloween town, taken by a group called "Bat Fever" and was taken 24 hours ago. You have 5 secs to give me all the info you know, before I get one of my blades, and cut off anything that sticks out." Justin said. "But I dont know anything." Max said. "Wrongo." Justin said and smiled.

"Bat Fever, is going to Hollow City in two days." Justin said and got into a green '69 Chevy Impala. Jack was sitting in the other seat. "So what now?" Jack asked. "We go get your girl." Justin said. Jack nodded, and said "So, how long can we get to Hollow?" "Its about a days drive. That will let use get set up and ready for them." Justin said. Jack smiled and said, "Thanks for this man. I owe you one." He said. Justin hit the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road. "No, you dont. You saved me when we were little, I owe you and now I'm paying you for it. A life for a life." He said. Jack nodded, "Sounds fair." Justin nodded and put the car in park and opened the door. "Where are you going?" Jack asked. "Stay here." He said and walked to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and smiled. "Well now, look at this." He said.

"HOW COULD YALL!" Jack yelled and Lock, Shock, and Barrel. "We just wanted to help." Shock said. "You three could be kidnapped, or killed." Jack said. "We cant take them back. We are to far from town." Justin said and put a toothpick in his mouth. "We could put them on a train." Jack said. "No. It'll cost alot to do that, and your payin for the gas in my car. If they get hurt it's on them." Justin said. Jack crossed his arms and after awhile nodded. "Fine." He said. "Good, now you three get in the car." Justin told them. They nodded and got in. Barrel stopped before he got in and looked at Justin. "Why does your trunk smell like a dead body?" He asked. Justin just smiled and started to drive.

(It will get longer, I'm just pressed for time right now. I hope you all enjoy and dont worry, the next chp will talk about how Sally was taken.)
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