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Luna and the Snowed-In Christmas

© ghostwolf23

I ment to finish Halloween Festival and The Moonlight Legend before I started this,but this is the only time I'll have to get this started so no questions about the others please.They WILL get done as soon as possible,but for now this is all I could do today. Frown So please enjoy!

Christmas is on it's way and this will be Sakura's first Christmas.Luna,James and Sakura are looking forward to enjoying a nice family Christmas together,but when Centipede is invited to a party being held at City Hall and is told to bring his whole family,they over slept and leave in a rush.But they left James,Luna and Sakura behind and now they can't get back when a blizzard hits New York snowing in the guests at City Hall making it impossible to cross.Can they ever get back to James,Luna and Sakura before Christmas comes around?And can James,Luna and Sakura survive till the family comes when two burgelers try to break in?
Based off the Christmas classic,Home Alone! Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Snow fell softly from the sky and melted as it hit the ground on Central Park.Christmas was in the air.Childern were out of school for the holidays,playing in the snow or riding their sleighs down the hills.James was walking home,his boots making crunching noises in the snow as he enjoyed the recently fallen snow.He was also happy that this was their first Christmas with Sakura.As he walked up the path,he saw Luna,Sakura and Centipede outside,hanging lights.Sakura turned to look down the path and dropped her end of the stream of colorful lights.

"James is home!"she yipped as she ran down the path to him.

James nelt down and picked her up and she licked his face with glee.

"Hello Sakura!"James said through laughs as her tough tickled his face.

Luna and Centipede finished the lights for a minute to go see James.

"How was school today Jimmy?"Centipede asked.

"It was good.We got to play in the snow during recess and read The Polar Express for the rest of the school day,"James said putting Sakura back down.

"Well,I think we should head on inside.I bet Ms.Spider's made some of that hot chocolate you two love so much,"Luna said picking Sakura up.

The four friends headed into the house.Warmth filled them as they entered and removed their coats,scarfs and gloves.Luna set Sakura down on the ground and watched as she ran to her bed by the fire place that had a dazzling fire going and snuggle under the blanket Mrs.Ladybug made for her when she was a baby(like about a week old).The smell of pine from the tree that was recently deacorated the day before filled the air as did the smell of Ms.Spider freshly made hot chocolate from the kitchen.The radio was turned on and Christmas songs could be heard in the living room.Ms.Spider peeked into the living room and smiled when she saw James,Centipede and Luna.

"Welcome home James,"Ms.Spider said as he hugged her.

"It's great to be home,"James said,"I can't wait till Christmas.Anyways,it's our first Christmas with Sakura,"

"It is indeed Jimmy boy,"Centipede said ruffling James's orange hair,"And now for some of that sweet smelling stuff,"

"I thought you would never ask,"Ms.Spider said.

Centipede,James and Luna followed Ms.Spider into the kitchen and she took two mugs down from the cubers and filled them with the steaming hot chocolate.She placed them on the table in front of the two friends and filled another mug for herself.

"So Luna,are you laid off for the holidays?"Centipede asked.

"Yes I am.Only until school kicks back in for the kids,"Luna said.She then lowered her head.

"You miss Kaze don't you?"James asked.

"I do.I wish he could be here for Christmas,but I know how he has to deal with the nature with the others.Even Mizu had to go off and get the others to a warmer climate for the winter.They'll be back soon though,"Luna said,"I just want Sakura to have a wonderful Christmas,"

Ms.Spider nodded as she sipped some of her hot chocolate,"The best thing about Christmas is spending time with the ones you love,"

James smiled at her and then turned to Luna,"You still got us to spend Christmas with Luna.We're your family and Sakura's too,"

Centipede gulped down all his hot chocolate and looked at the others,"And speaking of love,"

He looked over at Ms.Spider and she rolled her eyes at him.

"I know what your asking for and you're not going to get it,"Ms.Spider said taking his empty cup away and putting both her's and his in the sink to wash them.

"Just one kiss angel fangs.Come on,"Centipede said.

Ms.Spider sighed,"Fine.Only because it's the Christmas holiday,"

The kissed for a second and Ms.Spider let out a little giggle.

"Now go get those wreaths hung up before it REALLy starts to get cold outside,"Ms.Spider said shoving him out the kitchen opening.

"I'm goin'.I'm goin',"Centipede said throwing his coat,gloves and scarf on,"I'll see you at dinner sweetheart,"

"Not if you start hanging up those wreaths,"she added,"James,why don't you help me hang the inside deacorations while we wait for the others to get home before I start dinner?"

"Sure!Coming Luna?"James asked.

"You guys go on ahead.I'll stay with Sakura for awhile,"Luna said.

"Okay,"James said heading off with Ms.Spider.

Luna walked into the living room and laid down beside her daughter,wrapping her tail around her.Sakura slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Luna.

"Mom,is dad going to be home for Christmas?"Sakura asked.

"It doesn't look that way darling,"Luna said,"He's a very busy wolf this time of year,"

"Will he be home soon?"Sakura asked.

"I don't know Sakura,but he'll be home when the first sign of Spring hits the ground,"Luna said.

Sakura let out a small yawn and laid back down,snuggling close to her mother.Luna laid down her head and fell asleep as well.

Like it so far?Hope you do! Grin More will come!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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