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When Darkness Comes to Call

© hog s head

When the Heartless invade our world me and my two best friends end up in Halloween Town. After a time we gain fantastic powers. But Oogie is back and using the Heartless for his evil schemes and dreams. Rated PG 13 for mild language, blood and gore.
In the realm of eternal darkness, all that can be seen is blackness. Blackness, and many pairs of glowing yellow eyes. They all share one mind. Hearts. Must have hearts. But Keyblade stops us. Keyblade here, Keyblade there, Keyblade is everywhere. In all worlds Keyblade stops us. What's this new world. Yes, new world, we go, more hearts. WE GO! And now the eyes began to swarm off toward a new patch of darkness. A patch even darker then the surrounding darkness. A patch that was moving ever so slightly.

Chapter 1
I was at my friend's house sitting on my old couch, which we had given my friend’s family after they moved into their new house. And we were playing Mario Kart Double Dash, but I am getting ahead of my self, introductions first. My name is Johnny, and my two friends are Mateo and Amy. Although we didn't know it at the time, we were about to take a journey that would save, all of the worlds. Now, as I was saying.

We were at Amy's house playing Mario Kart Double Dash, and our race was nearing it's climax. It was the final lap on Bowser's Castle. We were all fighting for first place, having left the AI's far behind. As we rounded a corner Mateo took the lead with me zooming just behind him, and Amy right on my tail. Mateo missed the cluster of Item Cubes, but me and Amy both shattered one. I got a mushroom and Amy a red shell. By boosting with the mushroom at the exact time I managed to fly through a gap in the low wall around the track, and skip a u-turn. Amy and Matt took the turn. Amy knocked Mateo into the surrounding lava by use of her heavier cart. Matt was now essentially out of the running.

With Amy catching up fast we approached a vital jump and beyond it the last turn. Amy was now right behind me, she launched her red shell, and it knocked me forward and onto the boost panels on the ramp. Amy now mounted the ramp and made it safely to the other side. I had landed on the boost panels at the wrong angle and was flung into the moat of the castle. Amy was about to cross the finish line when the game froze.

“Dang!“said Amy “Oh well.” She walked forward to reset the Wii.

“Hmm, I've never seen Double Dash freeze before.” I commented

“Me neither,” added Amy “But my Wii has frozen before so it's probably the Wii's fault.” Amy was about to hit the reset button when the Wii bounced into the air, the casing cackling with electricity.

“What the-” Amy started to say but then something happened. Ovals of swirling darkness were opening all around the room. Now a shapeless black mass of things with glowing yellow eyes came pouring out of the Corridors of Darkness. I recognized the Heartless called Shadows immediately. The day, that my over active imagination had often forced me to picture, had come. Except this time when I held out my hand there was no answering flash of light, or the weight of the Keyblade. No childish heroics, no hope no survival.

Amy and Matt both shouted at the same time. “What the Hell?”

“Heartless.” I said softly. Amy shoved me and Matt behind her as we backed against the couch. Looking around desperately I spotted something. One of the Dark Corridors had no Shadows pouring out of it.

Knowing it was our only hope of surviving I took Amy and Matt by the hand, then dashed into the swirling blackness. Now we were zooming though utter darkness. Suddenly a three blobs of purple light appeared out of nowhere. Each flying toward one of us. I felt one of them connect with my chest and pass through my flesh to settle inside my heart. I gasped as this happened but not with my voice. I gasped with a voice that was slightly high pitched and mocking.

The other two lights now connected with Mateo's and Amy's chests, they too gasped. Matt in a voice that sounded like it belonged to a lazy procrastinator. Amy in deep easygoing man's voice. All three voices sounded familiar, but I couldn't think were I had heard them before.

I couldn't think at all at the moment, because now I felt bolts of electricity running up and down my body. And then I had no body just a humanoid form of pure electricity. I watched in horror as Mateo's body dissolved into water, and Amy's started to flicker in and out of being. Now I was falling down, down, down, into a void of swirling darkness.

Chapter 2
I came around. I was lying on the cobblestone street of a very dark town. Matt and Amy were lying next to me. I sat up, right next to us was fountain with green water pouring out of the mouth of a winged serpent carved out of dark stone. Matt and Amy both sat up. Matt looked around, and said.

“Where are we?”

“I don't know.” I answered. We seemed to be in a town square, but a very creepy one. It was very dark with buildings that were shaped like cats or heads. To our left was a building that had a clock set into it. The clock was marked with the months, and had October in the “12” position. To our right was a crooked looking gate. In front of us was a tower, with a wider oval section set on top. Behind us was a tall thin mansion, with a high, lopsided spire. I scratched my head confusedly and found a large lump on the crown.

“Do your head hurt?” I asked

“Yeah,” said Matt “what a fall.”

“Where are we anyway?” Amy inquired

“I don't know.” I answered. “Creepy place though.” Suddenly we heard a rather whiny voice.

“Jack, Jack over here!” It shouted. Now we heard another voice. This one was kind, but it held authority.

“Ah. at last.” The second voice said. We around. There in front of us was a nine foot tall skeleton with a pinstripe suit and a black bow tie. Next to him was a short cone-shaped man with a very tall and and a red ribbon labeled “Mayor.” I fainted.

When I came around I was lying on a table in The Nightmare Lab.

“How did I end up in the Nightmare Lab?” I asked

“Hey, I remembered.” I remarked.

“Your treatment worked like curse Dr.” I heard Jack say. Now he stepped into view, with the Dr. wheeling beside him.

“Of course it did my boy.” The Dr. said casually. Once again I looked around, and spotted Mat and Amy standing in the corner of the room, and examining one of the Doctor's experiments. At my voice they look around. They both smiled when they saw me. The Dr. undid the straps holding me down, and I rushed forward and hugged them both.

“So what happened?” I asked.

“I will explain,” Jack began “But please what are your names?”


“I'm Amy”

“My name's Mateo.”

“I am Jack, Jack Skellington. And this is Dr. Frankenstein.” Jack said pointing “Now let me explain.” Dr. Finklestein here has been conducting research on the Heartless ever sense a boy named Sora showed up here a few months ago. You do know what the Heartless are don't you? I heard that they are the enemies of a popular video game chain in the Mortal World.”

“Yes we know about the Heartless,” I said quickly “and in that same series someone else was conducting research on the Heartless with disastrous results. I suggest that you abandon it while you can.” Dr. Finklestein waved a hand carelessly.

“We can discuss that later, please continue Jack.”

“As I was saying,” Jack started again “the doctor's research yielded a way to predict the movements of the Dark Corridors. He knew that a Corridor would open in the Mortal World, and that it would lead here. What he didn't know was where it would open in either case.”

“So why did we have amnesia?” Mateo asked.

Dr. Finklestein answered him. “The town has a defensive mechanism. Whenever a mortal leaves this town they lose their memories of it. The Dark Corridors however do not follow the normal rules of transport in or out of the town. This, in combination with the Corridor opening a few feet in the air, caused you to lose your memories of this town. How you even got those memories is beyond me however.” Me, Amy and Matt exchanged looks of surprise.

“Don't you know that this town is the subject of one movie and two video games in the Mortal World?”

“Really? Wow.” Jack scratched his skull wonderingly

“Yes.” I continued “This town and it's residents are an international sensation. Especially you Jack.”

“Well I am the Pumpkin King.” Jack said not so modestly “But what happened in these movies and games?” I proceeded to explain what had happened in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Oogie's Revenge”, and “The Pumpkin King.”

“Hmm, you know, Johnny, what you just described, is essentially a summary of my biography.” Jack said thoughtfully. Amy rolled her eyes.

“You have a biography?” she asked in an exasperated tone.

“Of course, I just wish I had thought of it first. It was Mr. Hyde's idea, he is writing it.” Jack replied. At that moment Sally walked in.

“Jack, Clown is outside he lost his face again, and needs your help finding-” She began, but upon spotting us she stopped.

“Ah, this is Johnny Mateo and Amy.” Jack pointed at each of us in turn as he spoke. “And I suppose you know Sally she is my well...” Jack trailed off awkwardly.

“Girlfriend.” Amy finished with a mischievous smile.

“She is not.” Jack insisted, blushing somehow.

“Sure.” I said sarcasticly with a glance at Matt. But then I did a double take. Something was wrong with Matt's eyes.

Chapter 3
As I looked back into Matt's eyes I saw, quite clearly as though through a window, a view of a raging sea with waves going this way and that. There was rain but no lighting or wind.

“Hey, there's something wrong with your-” We both started at the same time, but then stopped.

“What did you see?” I asked

“Lightning, and a lot of it.” Matt answered.

“I saw a raging sea.” I remarked

“What's going on?” Amy asked. We both stared into her eyes and saw the night sky. Clear, but full of stars.

“Oh.” She said catching on. “What do you see in mine?”

“The night sky.” Matt answered

“But away from a city.” I added “We can see a lot of stars.” Jack had been keeping quiet, but now he spoke up.

“Dr. I think you need to run some more tests.” Jack suggested. We all agreed, and after another hour of tests the Dr. had his results.

“Well doc what's the diagnosis?” I asked

“A most mysterious thing has happened to you three.” the Dr. began ”Somehow each of you hold two hearts in your body. It's impossible to say whose hearts you hold, but each is somehow connected to a different element as reflected, quite literally in your eyes.”

“Oh I see.” I commented

“So what does that mean for us?” Amy asked

“It has caused great change in each of you. Johnny, you have strong currents of electricity running up and down your body, quite regularly. Mateo, your blood has turned to pure water, and your lungs have adapted to extract oxygen from water. Amy, you are the most unusual case. You are being read on my instruments as an anomaly in space.” We had kept silent through the doctor's talk, but now I spoke up.

“So what does this mean for us?” I asked repeating Amy's question

“I can't be sure.” the Dr. answered “It could be good or bad.”

“Thanks a ton.” I said under my breath. I leaned on one of the many Tesla Coils that decorated the room. As I did I was suddenly sucked through the coil with a loud zap. I was no longer myself but I must have somehow changed into electricity, because I could not see, hear, or smell. What I could do was feel, and I felt myself zooming up the many coils and then emerging at the electrode on top and falling flat on my face. When I stood up I felt physically stronger.

“What the shriek just happened?” Jack asked. All three of us smirked at the phrase. But I explained what I just felt.

“Amazing!” Jack remarked “Dr. what do you think happened.”

“Impossible to say for sure.” The Dr. answered.

“Then make a hypothesis.” I retorted quickly.

“Heh heh, very well.” The Dr. said with a smirk “The second Heart you posses seems to have had influence on, or properties of electricity. And it passed it's er traits on to you. Somehow you can turn yourself into electricity, and maybe do more.”

“What about me and Mateo?”Amy asked

Dr. Finklestein had his answer ready. “Well you see lightning in Johnny's eyes and he has some kind of influence on electricity. So I think the same can be said for you two. Mateo you will have some kind of influence over water. Amy your element will be Space, but I don't know how that will affect you.”

“A most fascinating case.” Said the Dr. “But if you will excuse me I have research to attend to”

“Yes of course Dr.” Jack said quickly. “Come with me you three. We need to arrange your sleeping quarters.” We followed him down the long ramp and out into the town square.

Plz comment. If you don't Oogie will make stew out of me. Frown Just kidding... or am I?
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