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Bat Hysteria

© Demonwolf

The sequel to 'Like a Bat Out of Hell.' A strange series of destruction is occurring throughout New York City and all evidence points to Rin. James knows that his half-sister is innocent, but as Rin's behavior grows increasingly strange, James and his family find themselves involved in a dangerous mystery.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Ch. 1: The Start of it All

Inspiration for this fic came from one of my favorite episodes of Inuyasha: "Jinenji, Kind, Yet Sad." I highly recommend the episode to anyone who has ever felt ostracized.

The summer sun was rising, promising a new beautiful day for New York City. Dew was sparkling on the grass of Central Park, a soft breeze made the fresh green leaves rustle and a general feeling of peace enveloped the large island of Manhattan. On a day like today, nothing could go wrong.

Outside the Peach Seed House, Rin was perched on one of the higher branches of a tree. Slumped against the trunk and with her wings folded around her, the slumbering half-demon appeared as serene as the approaching summer day. From inside the house, Mrs. Ladybug could see Rin as she set the table for breakfast. Smiling and shaking her head, the kind-hearted insect pulled an eighth plate out of the cabinet for the family's most elusive member.

"Though I'll doubt she'll eat with us," she murmured. The young half-demon didn't sleep in the bed the family had purchased for her when she came to visit.

"Thanks, but no thanks," Rin had said when she had discovered the furniture in what had been set aside as "her" room. "I don't like to lie down when I sleep; feels too vulnerable."

"Well, maybe I could tempt her inside today." Upstairs, Mrs. Ladybug could hear the rest of the family stirring. She had the day off today and with James and his friends on summer vacation, there was little doubt that the little boy would be out playing in the park all day. As such, Rin would probably want to be nearby as well.

"Hmm, this might be good for Rin. If she's intent on spending time with James, she'll have to interact more with the rest of us and with other people." Mrs. Ladybug cast a hopeful eye in Rin's direction; with any luck, she could at least get Rin to sleep indoors for once this summer.

"Still can't believe ya eat seagulls, Rin."

"Hey, I can't help it if seagulls are my favorite food."

"I don't mind. There more seagulls Rin eats, the less there are trying to eat me!"

"When was the last time that happened?" Rin cocked her head at the sightless bug, a seagull bone halfway to her mouth.

"Well... not since the journey, but I know they're thinking of it."

"Trust me, seagulls aren't that smart."

"Did some one say tarts?"

Rin twitched her ears in Glowworm's direction as she went back to nibbling on the seagull bone. Having caught the hapless bird before the rest of the family sat for breakfast, the half-demon had decided to join the family at the table after plucking her meal of its feathers; as she usually forewent sleeping in her room, manners dictated that she at least share a meal or two with them.

"Is it hard to catch a seagull, Rin?" James asked her now.

"Not for me. I doubt there's a bird in the world that can out-fly me."

"I'd be interested in testing that hypothesis, Rin," Mr. Grasshopper said. "Since many flying machines are styled after birds' wings, it would be interesting to see if new designs could be created after watching you in flight."

"Yeah, they could make a bat plane and get people across the country in an hour," Centipede chuckled. "That'd be somethin', eh, Rin?"

"That WOULD be a sight, if a human could actually do it."

"Careful, girlie, some one just might."

"And when they do, demons will still beat them."

A sudden rap at the front door cut the conversation short. Mrs. ladybug wen to answer it and everyone heard her exclaim,

"Why, Chief Beatcom, what brings you here so early?" Mrs. Ladybug led the slightly frazzled-looking police chief into the dining room.

"Sorry to intrude," the chief said, casting a nervous glance in Rin's direction. The half-demon ignored him; while she didn't harbor any grudge toward the police chief as she once did, she still continued to think of him as a bumbling oaf and wasn't shy about sharing that opinion.

"Sir," he said, addressing Centipede. "There's been a huge accident down near the wharfs. I think you'd better see for yourself."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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