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Titch's story

© CarmineMystery

This is a re-write of my story Titch comes to HT. Looking back on that story, I realise how awful it is. The story-line WILL be different. I'm basically making this up as I go along.
This is how Titch comes to Halloween Town, the people she meets and the dangers she put herself in.
Titch © Me.
TNBC Characters © Tim Burton
My name is Katy, but, I prefer Super Titch or just plain Titch. I’m going to tell you all about how I got to the little piece of Heaven known as Halloween Town.

This is my story.


It was an average day. The sun was shining exceptionally brightly and it was time for me to get my unorganised self ready for school. I quickly put my glasses on, brushed my hair and got dressed into my uniform. I hate this uniform so much. I always have.
I’m in my second year of high-school. I’m already struggling with Maths, Science and Spanish. Although, I do excel in English and Art. I love to read and I love to draw. I always carry a book and a sketch pad in my bag. My bag comes with me everywhere.
I munch up my breakfast pull my shoes on.
“See you, Mum!” I called and I left the house. Me and my friend, Nicole, always walk to school together. The only downside is we are both hopelessly unorganised and, as a result, always end up late.
7 minutes after arriving at Nicole’s house, we are both sprinting up the road trying to make the 30 minute walk to school in 20 minutes.
It has never been done.
We both stopped, leaning against a wall for support, trying to catch our breath.
My brown hair flew in front of my face as I crouched over, my hands on my knees.
Nicole and most of my other friends always said I was odd. Both in appearance and personality.
For the most part, I looked like any other person, but, my eyes were the things that gave away my uniqueness. They weren’t just blue, or just green, they had a mixture of the two. The top of my eyes are blue and they slowly fade down into green. Nicole said she’s envious of my eyes. Other than that, I have average shoulder-length brown hair and a small side-parting. I’m also quite short for my age, hence the name ‘Super Titch’, but I hate when people focus on that factor.
Nicole had large, brown eyes and long brown hair which was always kept in a pony-tail. She was the same size as me, despite being a year older. This made me feel a bit better.
“We’re never going to get there on time going the normal way.” She panted.
“Yeah. Let’s just cut through the forest.”
“I thought your parents said you aren’t allowed to go that way?” She questioned.
“Yes, because I’m the type to follow my parent’s every whim.” I replied sarcastically.
She rolled her eyes at me and we set off again, through the forest.
I’ve always liked this forest. The trees are tall and about twice the width of me, the leaves tower high above, forming a kind of canopy or a roof.
The forest was a ‘short-cut’ but we had to go fairly deep into them in order to get to school.
I remember once, when I was young, I went really deep into the forest and I found a strange group of trees, all in a circle. I often went back there but I’ve never been inside the circle or very close to the trees. My elder brother, Michael, had convinced me that anyone who steps inside the circle will be offered as a sacrifice to the Demons of the Forest.
I believed him.
Obviously, I now realise that ‘Demons of the Forest’ is a lot of rubbish. But, he told me that people often went missing for days at a time and they were always found near that circle, babbling about all sorts of ludicrous things. One day I’ll come back and I’ll go into the circle, just to prove him wrong.
I paused for a minute.
I could’ve sworn I saw something move.
“Titch, hurry up!” Nicole shouted, running ahead of me.
“... Right.” I started running again to catch up.

I sat in my place in form, at the back in the corner, after receiving yet another lecture from Mr. Lann, my form tutor, about the importance of punctuality. He also gave me a detention slip for tomorrow after school, but that didn’t bother me. It was a no-uniform day tomorrow so the detention would be that much more comfortable. My mind wasn’t set on that, though. As I sat, staring out the window that over-looks the forest in the distance, I think about the circle of trees and why the hell my best friend, Kira, hadn’t come into school yet.
I saw her then; she had just run in through the school gates. I smiled and shook my head.
It seems that all my friends have a lack of organisation.
She walked in, also receiving a lecture and detention slip from Mr. Lann, and sat at the desk beside me and we talked about random unimportant things.
Ah, the joys of childhood.
Kira had been my best friend since summer school, the first year before we came to high school. It turns out we were both forced to go there by our parents. She had short black hair and ice-blue eyes. She was quite tall for her age and people often said we were like twins. Not because of the way we look, but because of our attitudes towards one another.
If you see Titch, you expect to see Kira, too.

At lunch time, I was talking to Kira about the circle of trees, but, she was acting weird.
“It’s only some trees. You know Michael is just pulling your leg about the Demon of the Forest thing.” Then she shrugged it off and started a conversation with another friend. Normally, she’d be all up for the adventure. Well, I thought to myself, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going. Tomorrow night. After my detention.
My parents weren’t an issue. I simply had to tell them I’d be home late and that’d be the end of it. They weren’t overly-protective of me and I was glad for that.
There were only two lessons now until the end of the day. I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to get home and go to sleep, to make tomorrow come faster.
Upon getting to bed that night, I soon fell into a dream-filled sleep about a circle of trees and the secrets that lie within...

I must be mad, I thought.
It was after school and my detention had also been pretty much uneventful. Kira had been in the detention, too and she had invited me to her house, but, I told her I had to get home. I don’t think she believed me; she gave me a questioning look but she let it drop.
Now I was walking towards the circle of trees, the dry leaves on the ground crunching beneath my converse, the end of my jeans trailing along the floor and my hoodie is slightly too big for me. As usual, I had my shoulder bag with my reading book, sketchpad, pencil case and a couple of my school books. I also had the results of a recent Maths test in my hoodie pocket, but, that seemed irrelevant.
Just as a precaution, I picked up a lethal-looking stick on my way.
I stepped towards the circle, still breathing heavily from running, lugging the big stick poised ready to strike.
"Ok... I'm ready for this. I can do this." I constantly muttered these meaningless words of encouragement to myself, in the hope to calm my racing heart.
Upon entering the circle, I gasped and even dropped the stick.
Each of the trees had a different shape on them.
A Christmas tree, a heart, a clover, an egg, a turkey, a firecracker and... A pumpkin.
With me being so attracted to creepy-looking things, I immediately stepped towards the pumpkin.
I ran my hands over the base of it and gasped again. The nose was a handle! It’s a door!
As if in slow motion, I stretched my hand out towards the handle, my heart racing.
Just as I was about to open the door, a pair of hands clamped over my eyes.
I screamed.
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