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Shock. That's all I felt. Complete and utter shock.

Chapter: 1 2 3

His life was miserable ever since his best friend, Brett (or as everyone else called him, Barrel), died.

 I was quite a nerd and really geeky in the time I was alive, I was even scared of the dark. The big kids beat me up practically every day, and they managed to get me afraid of pretty much anything. 

They saw me in the hall the first day of October and pushed me around yelling "NERD! LOSER! GEEK! FREAK!" They started to rhyme, I thought that their brains were to small for that. But I just dealt with it trying not to whimper, cry, squeal or make any sound. I knew that if I did, it would only make it worse. 

They pushed me around like that all recess until my teacher finally came down the hall and gave them detention. I thought everything was going to be okay know, boy was I wrong. 

My teacher gave me detention with them. "Why?! I didn't do anything!" he corrected me, "Wrong, Lucas, you didn't ask them to stop. If they can't hear anyone protest, they will keep doing it." And with that he walked away. So for the next month, (until Halloween) I was on decoration duty for the costume party/dance thing. The worst part of it: all the decorations really freaked me out.

You're probably wondering by now about Barrel (Brett), well he died on his birthday last year. Sucks right? He was out with me and we were just walking back to my house after the best day ever when I saw a majorly drunk guy running at us with something in his hand. We stopped walking and stared at the man. He then toppled over and landed flat on his face. I ran up to him yelling, "Mister! Mister! Are you okay?! Barrel, call an ambulance!" but Barrel didn't move. "What are you doing, Lucas?" I was very confused at this point. "Barrel..." I looked back at him. He wasn't standing anymore. He was being held up by an adult, not just any adult though, it was his dad. I glanced at him, then back at the drunk guy. I started to cry, "Mr. Lette? What's going on? Why isn't Barrel moving?" Mr. Lette let go of Barrel and Barrel landed on the sidewalk with a loud thump in his skeleton costume. There, sticking out of his back was the biggest knife I've ever seen. Mr. Lette smiled at devilish smile at me and charged. I ran as fast as my legs could take me until I reached my street. When I looked back, Mr. Lette was gone. It was then I realized that Barrel wasn't okay anymore, Mr. Lette had murdered him. And on Barrels birthday too! I remembered what today's October 31st.

Poor Barrel...I still weep at night on Halloween, remembering what his dad had done. 

Anyway, I was telling you about my detention, oh ya, here it is.

Finally, it was Halloween night and I tried to face my fear (or one of them) and go trick-or-treating as a devil. Whenever I walked up to someones house and they opened the door, they either shrieked, "AH! DEMON BE GONE!" or said "Well, aren't you the cutest trick-or-treater ever!!" I got exhausted very easily and started to walk back home when I got the strangest feeling someone was watching me. I figured it was just my imagination so, I stayed calm. I then heard a bloodcurdling scream from down the street followed by a maniacal laugh. By then I was running for my life, back to my house. I tripped on a rock, unfortunately and smacked my face on the hard concrete. I heard footsteps coming towards me and held my breath. The footsteps stopped so I figured the person had gone away. I turned around only to have seen a bone white face and the most horrible look I've ever seen in my life of 8 years. That's when it happened. 

That's when I died.

 I died by being scared to death (literally). I must have had a heart attack or something. I thought I blacked out but I actually died. I cant believe i didn't notice until I saw I was lying in a graveyard.

I got up, feeling very light-headed and nauseous. The graveyard I was in was quite big, and there were ghosts everywhere I looked. I then heard a friendly voice. It sounded like a man. He said, "Oh, you're awake!" he seemed surprised, "I'm so sorry what happened to you! I didn't mean to hurt anyone physically!" I turned around to face the skeleton? I recognized his face immediately. His face was the last thing I saw before know. He smiled a great big skeleton grin, "I'm Jack. Jack Skellington." Jack Skellington, I thought. Im going to remember you, Jack. You killed me. One day, I swear I will have my revenge!

Chapter: 1 2 3

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