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© lockshockbarrelcrazed

Chapter: 1 2 3

Barrels P.O.V.

I was walking alone in the Hinterlands on Halloween. Hoping that someone would come out and talk to me. I'd been so lonely since I died. Not a day had gone by when I didn't think about my best friend, Lucas. Poor Lucas, I thought. The big kids probably beat him more since I died. 

This is the worst birthday/Halloween ever! I thought. I had only one-third of my trick-or-treating bag full and was all alone. My sister got grounded, for uh...I can't really say. Finally, I got bored out of my skull and walked back toward HalloweenTown.

I returned to Halloween town, only to find most of the citizens huddled around the town fountain. Including that weird ragdoll the doctor made. I shoved my way to the front of the line. "Hey, move! What's going on?!" Finally the small witch answered me, "New arrival!" she whispered. I got excited instantly. But, I'm smarter than that, i told myself. It's probably just another adult witch or adult wolfman or adult cyclops! Stupid adults! I walked up to the 'new arrival' and nearly passed out. 

There was Lucas, standing beside Jack looking scared, confused, and surprised. "Lucas?" I asked, breathless. Lucas jumped at the sound of his name. He turned to face me and nearly tackled me with glee. "BARREL!!!" he shrieked, frightening the other citizens. "Lucas, y-you died? How?!" I was very happy to see him, but I'm terrified that he died.

"Lucas, w-what h-h-happened?" Lucas' face immediately turned into a frown. He points to Jack. "Ask him" Lucas answered, starting to cry. I looked at Jack, confused. "Jack," I continued cautiously, "What happened to Lucas?" 

"Uh, I, um Barrel, it's nothing personal but, Uh...on Halloween Lucas got a little too frightened by my face and-" I interrupted, "YOU KILLED HIM?!" "Barrel, I swear I had no intention of doing any such thing!" I glared at him, then shot a quick apologetic look at Lucas. "Lucas, I'm so sorry! Jack can be really Uh-" Lucas cut him off, "it's fine, Barrel! I'm okay!" he said between sobs. I gave out a sigh of relief. 

"Well, since you live here now, Lucas, you're gonna have to meet my family!" "Family? They're dead too?" "Yah, I'll tell you how later."

Lucas' P.O.V.

 I also (somewhat) wanted to thank Jack because ever since I died, I've become much tougher, cooler, and developed a new, way cool name. Lock. That was my new name.

We entered Barrels house and heard a bloodcurdling scream from the kitchen. "D-darling", the frightened voice said, "I don't understand!" I then heard a second voice which made my spine chill. "No, you don't understand, Mom! I said I've been a good girl and then you don't let me go trick-or-treating?!" I heard another painful scream. "Ha! Hurts doesn't it?! That's how I felt when you wouldn't let me go!" Barrel finally broke the awkward moment, "SHOCK! We're home!" I heard footsteps and a smallish girl in a witch costume ran down and glared at Barrel. "We?" she asked. Barrel pointed to me.

The girl looked at me and sheepishly smiled saying, "Hi Im Stephanie, but no one ever calls me that anymore so I'm now called Shock." I smiled. Shock seemed like a pretty vicious little thing but, she was really cute and I instantly liked her. "I-Im Lucas." Shock frowned, "Oh, you need a better name then THAT!" She thought for about 30 seconds then exclaimed, "I've got it! Lock! You will be called Lock from now on!"

Lock, I thought. Hm I like it! I am still going to get my revenge on Jack, but I have to admit, I've already gotten slightly tougher and developed a new name! Lucas is no more. From now on I'm Lock, the devil.I also (somewhat) wanted to thank Jack because ever since I died, I've become much tougher, cooler, and developed a new, way cool name. Lock. That was my new name.

Monsters in HalloweenTown will fear my name! No, not just my name, they will shudder every time someone mentions Lock, Shock, and Barrel!

Shock's P.O.V.

"Lock is really cute huh, mom?" I got tired and bored when Lock and Barrel left so, I tied my mom up on the table. She looks hideous after someone has beaten her up, by the way. I only heard muffled sounds from her, I also tied up her mouth. 

I had to make supper again. Barrel couldn't cook and would probably kill himself in the process. And mom, well she's to beat up to do anything. I just then noticed that Lock was around the corner, eavesdropping probably. "Lock?" he nearly tripped from the looks of it. He started stammering, "Sh-Shock! I Uh, was j-just-" I started giggling "it's fine Lock...Uh did you hear me talking to my mom?" he answered after a few moments of silence, "Uh, yah really think I'm cute?" I giggled, "of course! And I really like you!" 

Lock smiled and mumbled, "I really like you too." We both blushed and I noticed that my stew was burning. "Ah! My stew!" Lock ran to help me, but ended up burning himself quite bad. He claimed he didn't feel anything though. After my stew was done burning, I served it. "Barrel!," I called, "Dinner!" 

Barrel finished his supper in record time. Which was surprising because that's the worst stew I've ever made. Oh yah, I forgot all about my mom. I moved her into her room since we needed the table. When I got in there, however, she was gone. I figured she escaped while I was trying to eat and she probably left Halloween Town for good. Oh well.

Jack's P.O.V.

I felt absolutely horrible after killing that sweet little boy, Lucas. And the look on Barrel's face...mortified me. I'm pretty sure Sally didn't even understand what I was doing. I tried to calm the citizens down after the 2 boys left, but that just made it worse. 

They forced me into my tower and Zero wouldn't even talk to me. This shunning was so terrible, so horrible that I was almost tempted to... NO JACK! THATS CRAZY! I couldn't possibly talk to that thing for advice! I let this incident slip out of my mind until further notice.

I had to go find those kids! I thought to myself where Barrel might have led our new citizen. I'll check his house, that seems like a good place to start. 

His house was quite charming, actually. It was the shape of a demented treehouse with spiders, cobwebs, cockroaches, and a metal cage elevator instead of stairs. It's placement was unusual, even for Halloween creatures. They decided it should go on the edge of a graveyard. I've honestly never been inside their house before, because, well I haven't had a reason to until now.

I rode up in the elevator to find Lucas, Stephanie, and Brett sitting on the couch playing truth or dare. "Excuse me?" I asked politely as I could. They all turned their heads to glare at me. Stephanie was the first to speak, "What do you want, pumpkin king?" "Stephanie-" I tried to finish but she cut me off. "NEVER CALL ME THAT! MY NAME IS SHOCK!" I was baffled. "My apologies, Shock. I was just coming to check on Lucas and Brett." This time the boys answered, "LOCK AND BARREL!" It seems everyone has gotten a new name. "I'm fine!" Lock snapped. "Yeah, we don't need YOU checking up on us!" replied Barrel. "SO GET OUT!" all three screamed at me.

What a bunch of monsters, I thought. And not the good kind of monsters either, no these children were each devils in their own special way. Which is ironic because Lock is one. I sure hope they don't find out about Oogie, if they do...I don't even want to think of what would happen.

Chapter: 1 2 3

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