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Chapter 3

© lockshockbarrelcrazed

Chapter: 1 2 3

Locks P.O.V.

I was really mad at Jack today. I don't like being in big crowds regardless, but he was practically shoving all their names down my throat! (by the way, what kind of names are tall witch and small witch?) Later on in the day, he interrupted our game of truth or dare! Barrel was just about to eat a cockroach! 

I was actually surprised when he said he came to check on us. It's sort of nice that he cares, but it didn't help the fact that I want revenge on him. Speaking of revenge, I've always wondered if Steph-I mean Shock and Barrel have had it out for him.

I noticed that Shock's mom left (not surprising) and still felt as if someone was watching us. Maybe it was just my imagination. Then came a knock from downstairs.

I answered it since Shock and Barrel were still asleep. I rode down the elevator to be greeted by a strange and familiar man. "Hello?" He was a strange looking man, only about 4 and a half feet tall, a very tall top hat on his head, a black suit with a spider tie and a badge that read MAYOR. I recognized him from the other day and could have sworn that he had two faces.

"Hello," he replied "I'm the Mayor, as you might have already guessed. But you will address me as Mr. Mayor or Sir." I didn't like this guy already. "Okay, sir!" I was attempting to mock him, "What do you want?" he sighed. "I came because you three children are in need of a guardian. I heard Stephanie's mother left, so I came immediately. If someone is not willing to take you three in by one week, you will have to live with Jack." And with that he left in his hearse.

I rode back up to the treehouse with a depressed expression. Shock noticed immediately. "What's wrong, Lock?" "The Mayor just told me we have to get a guardian within a week or else we have to live with Jack." I scowled when I said his name. Shocks eyes widened. "WHAT?! BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR! NO ONES GONNA WANT US!" I nodded, it was sad but true. 

Barrel overheard us from the kitchen and rushed in. "Shocks right! And I don't wanna live with that bone bust!" I sighed, "Well, what other choice do we have?" Shock smirked as if she remembered something.

Jacks P.O.V.

I was sitting all alone in my living room when I heard the Mayor knocking on my door and yelling "Jack!!?? Jaaaack?!" I sighed, got up, and opened the door. "yes Mayor?" I asked curiously. "I just received word that those evil three kids heard about Oogie and are trying to bring him to life!" 

My jaw dropped. How did they find out about him? Someone in town must have told them, no one else knows! "Where did you hear this Mayor?" He answered after a few moments, "The witches, they were out for a daily fly and heard them talking about The Boogie Man, they said they were carrying a burlap sack and a needle and thread! Jack, I have a terrible feeling about this!"

Yup, I thought, that sounds an awful lot like what Oogie used to look like, and what he was called. "It'll be fine Mayor," he switched his face to sad long ago, "I'm sure they won't really bring him back. I mean, they're just kids!"

Shock's P.O.V.

I remembered the witches telling me a story when I was little about the Oogie Boogie man, and I always wondered if he was real. Now's my chance to find out. They said he was nothing more then a burlap sack full of bugs...sounds easy enough.

Me, Lock, and Barrel gathered up a whole bunch of bugs, much too big for only one of us to carry so, we all had to help carry the bugs. We already stuffed 'em in the burlap sack and were taking it up to the graveyard...I mean Spiral Hill.

Before we left, I brought a spell book with me, (I swiped it from the witches last week) and looked for a resurrection spell. No such luck. I got really mad and threw the book in the graveyard and hit someone on the head. "OW!!" I looked down to see who I hit, "Who's there?!" I asked none too politely. When he didn't answer, Lock came over and threw a rock at him, we both burst out with laughter.

Finally, he emerged from the base of the hill and into our view. He was holding his head, of course. He was a strange looking kid, about our age, I'm guessing. He's a skeleton, he resembles Jack quite a bit, except he has a head of shaggy brown hair, half covering his sockets. His clothes were ripped, with a "Metal Mulisha" shirt and ripped cargo shorts.

I stared at him, "Who're you?!" I demanded. He didn't answer for a moment, then Lock grinned evilly and showed him another rock. The skeleton quickly responded, "I-I'm Westley...who're you?" I glared at him, "You don't need to know!" I snapped. He cowered in fear. I giggled at his scaredness...or whatever you call it when someone is scared of a little girl like me.

Barrels P.O.V.

I wasn't too sure about the idea of "recreating the Boogie Man", but Lock and Shock really wanted to do it, so I went along. 

We set the sack of bugs on the top of Spiral Hill, when Shock spotted someone. I didn't get a good look at him, but from what I saw, he was a skeleton. Westley, that's what he said his name was. I snickered when I heard it. What a stupid name, I thought.

I walked over to my comrades to get a better look at Westley. What I saw kind of startled me. He looked an awful lot like Jack. Ugh, I hate that pumpkin king.

Chapter: 1 2 3

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