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Bloody Love


© 4everBurtonGurl

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Jack raced through the forest, and into the holiday circle. He looked around frantically, as he struggled to catch his breath. He caught a glimpse of a heat shaped door, and rushed torward it. It was chained up and sealed. Jack stared at the lock with great concentration, and looked around for a stick. Instead, he found a thick, silver plyer sitting in some bushes. Jack squeezed them tightly together until they snapped the chains in a clean cut. He set the plyers down, brushed his hands off, and continued into the door.
When he reached the front gate of the town, he saw a man in a pink tie with a black suite being carried by two buff men.
"Let me down this instant, im the mayor! I command you to let me down!" The man yelled. The buff, stiff men chuckled and marched on. Luckily, they had not seen Jack. If they did, the might have taken Jack as well. Jack made a mental note to help that mayor later, but Sally was much more important right now.
Jack raced torwards the Town Hall to searching for Sally when he ran into a familiar trio.
"Hey!" They yelled in, almost, perfect sync.
"Oogie's boys?" Jack said puzzled as he saw their masks.
"Surprise, surprise,"
"What are you doing in another town?"
"We followed Sally in here."
"Do you happen to know where she is"
"Yeah, we think she is in the hanging room. By the way, watch your surroundings, there is a mass murderer who will capture and hang you."
"Yeah, wait a minute. How did you get in here?"
"Long story, do you know where the hanging room is?"
"Yeah follow us," and the trio led Jack down a dark path.
When they reached the hanging room, the trio stayed behind.
"Sorry Jack, this is too dangerous for us. We cant go any farther. Goodluck!" They said and pushed Jack inside the door to scurry away.
Vthat was weird, Jack thought. Oh well, he needs to find Sally. Jack scurried down a long hallway and finally reached a tall, dark door. Inside he could hear chains rattling. That must be the hanging room, he thought. He did not want to walk right in, or else he may accidentally run into the murderer. Jack wamdered down another hallway to find any secret entrances. Instead, he found the murderer herself.
She sat in her room with the door cracked so he could peek. She seemed to be doing her hair as she graciously hummed. She looked and sounded a lot like Sally, but this woman was not dead.
"Soon Sally will die, and I will get revenge for what she did to me!" The woman spoke viscously. What had sweet Sally done to this woman, Jack thought. When he was in his deep thought, he had not realised that the woman now was looking directly at his reflection in her mirror. She spun around and stabbed him before he could even calculate that he had been caught. He cowered in pain and fell to the ground.
"You must be Jack, nice to meet you." The woman said.
Jack groaned in responce
"Oh dont worry, you will be able to see your wife in heaven. But while we are waiting, we can watch her die."
Jack was still stunned by what had just happened. His heart burned, not just becuase it was bleeding at a fast rate and not beating, but he hurt to hear Sally and death used in the same sentence.
Jack was now in the hanging room with Sally. He sat in his own throne as he stained it wih blood. Sally looked at Jack in horror and guilt, and he gave her a calm face to let her know everyhing was okay. Her face looked worried and depressed as she checked on the gradually lowering chains, and Jack bleeding wound. All they could do now was hope for the best.
The chains were now around Sally's throat and her muscles tensed. She was about to be raised when the doors suddenly slammed open.

I think this story has grown very violent, but it is called Bloody Love. I am so excited for the ending! I re-read my story recently and have seen a drastic change in my writing, now I have proff im listening in Emglish class!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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