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Bloody Love

The End

© 4everBurtonGurl

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“Stop!” 4 familiar voices called out. Ally was just about to raise the chains when she stopped to the new company.
“What do we have here?” Ally said Manically, “Mr. Mayor, how do you do?” she bowed with a deathly grin.
“Ally, you are out of control!” The Mayor replied in a tense tone.
“Out of Control! None of this would’ve happened if it were for her.” Ally pointed to Sally, “ I’m just making her pay for what she has done! No one can stop me!” Ally yelled
“Oh yeah!” The three other characters now revealed themselves with full armor and weapons.
“Oh I’m so scared! Three little kids!” Ally said sarcastically, “ Guards! Take them away!” Ally turned toward Sally and said, “My precious, don’t worry. Your King will save you,” Ally forced Sally to look at Jack, and Ally shrugged, “Well, maybe not.” Ally cackled as she went to raise the chains.
“Not if I can help it!” A tall and skinny man stood with Oogie’s boys and Jack who now had a fabric tied around his wound.
“Victor! I said I never wanted to see you again!” Ally said.
“I know, but I never said I didn’t want to see you.” Victor replied in a flirty manner
Ally grinned fiendishly and she raised the chains. Sally gripped around the rope and used her strength to keep the weight off her neck.
“Sally!” Jack screamed in horror.
Victor decided it was time for plan B, he ran towards Ally and pinned her down. Oogie’s boys ran towards the control box to lower the chains. While Jack fought the guards.
“We can’t figure this out!” Shock yelled.
“Well figure it out soon!” Jack yelled back as he punched one of the guards.
Victor thought for a moment which gave Ally time to escape. She ran to the control box. Jack and the gang were now caught by the guards.
Ally smiled, “here is the button you should’ve pushed.”
Shock yelled at Lock and Barrell, “I told you!” All of them were now fighting.
“Silence!” Ally screamed. She raised her arms in frustration, but when she brought them down her fingertips pressed the release button. The chains came hurdling down. Jack regained hyis strength and fought out the guards arms and ran to catch Sally.
Jack whispered in a calm tone, “Just like she said, your King will save you.”
Sally grinned as she was put down on her two feet.
Victor ordered the guards, “Ally has no power over you, I do, I’m your king. So as your King I order you to let us go.”
The guards looked at each other and agreed, then let everyone go and took Ally by the arms.
“Ally, if you want, you could come live with me. Just promise not to do anything. We could forget everything.” Victor said in a hopeful tone.
“How could I trust you?” Ally spat.
“Because I have finally realized, you’re the one for me.”
Ally had joined Victor and sworn to never turn against the town again. The Mayor had installed the latest security system. While Jack and Sally finally came home to their children with many bedtime stories to tell. Lock, Shock, and Barrell were awarded for bravery, and they still visit their friends Kohl, Kosh and Lera sometimes. So in the end everything was fine, and the story was forgotten. Until this Fanfiction was made… Sorry Jack.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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