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Bloody Love


© 4everBurtonGurl

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Meanwhile, Lock, Shock, and Barrell overheard the great news and decided now was a great time for revenge. “Maybe we can burn Jack to ashes” said Barrell. “No way! We will have a very upset bride then and I want to hang jack’s bones on my wall for honor.” Said Shock. “No fair! I want Jack’s bones” “Let’s draw straws” said Barrell.

Lock, Shock, and Barrell fought back and forth till a voice echoed through their home, “Stop! Why don’t you all fix me up and bring that lovely doll of mine to me. Then Jack will fall right into his own trap! Bwahahahahahahahaaaaaa!” The 3 trick-or-treaters laughed childishly but maniacally at the same time. Revenge on the man who killed their leader was all they needed.

Setting: Halloween town hall.
“Sally and I will be getting married on our 15th anniversary, Christmas! Send invitations out to all the town leaders, including Sandy Claws, he may be busy that day but he could at least drop by after his trip!” “Jack dear, I have a feeling something is not right.” Sally said sweetly.

“Nonsense my doll, everything is fine, there will be nothing wrong with *our*wedding, I will make sure of it!” Jack said. “Jack listen to me! I don’t think anything will go wrong with our marriage.. I just think something isn’t right around here!” Sally said a little more sternly.

“Sally, tell me what’s wrong around here, I will fix it, anything for my doll.” Said Jack a little more curious. “Well, I think Oogie Boogie may be coming back. Things have been strange recently. I can feel it in the air.” Said Sally. Jack held Sally then said, “My dear I never knew *that* day left such superstitious thoughts in your sweet little mind, my dear, you must have been scared to death, you are talking nonsense!

Oogie is dead now there is nothing to be afraid of, I will never let you go again.( F.Y.I *that* day is the Christmas that Jack took over, and Sally almost plummeted into the flesh eating lava) Sally was a little upsetted by this, she knew something was wrong and Jack just thought she was crazy! She has to stop him before things get too bad.

Sally’s POV

I decided to let the topic go by for now. I enjoyed the rest of the day at an engagement party the town threw for Jack and I. After that I just grew more and more nervous. I decided to follow my instincts and check things out. I know if Jack found out I went outside to go exploring for upraising danger he would be angered. I need to protect this town, Jack, and my family.

I decided to check out the graveyard. It is near where Oogies boys live, and they spell trouble with a capital trouble! I saw nothing but my favorite dead flowers. I decided to hang out for a while to see if anything would go on soon. Then Sally drifted off to a deep, I really mean deep, sleep.

“Hello! I know you are awake! You know you aren’t supposed to be out and about at this time! It is very un lady like.” Said a voice. “Yeah! You should be home with your *boyfriend*” said another voice. “and please next time you get all mushy please, not in *our* graveyard” Said another, very familiar voice.( FYI sally is all wrapped up and she has a blindfold on)

“*your* graveyard! You think it’s yours!” I yelled. “Well yeah, we sort of live right by it!” said the familiar voice again. “You are so stupid! Sally knows that there are only three people that live by there! And *we don’t” said a voice that seemed to be stalling. Oh! How stupid am I it’s Oogie’s boys!( sally managed to slip her hands out of the rope around her)

I threw off my blindfold! “Oogie’s boys!” I yelled, “but we aren’t Oogie’s boy anymore!” said a voice “it is lock” said the voice again, “Shock!” said another one, “and Barrel!” said that familiar one. “But you are! I know the scheme you are up to!”

“Ah!” gasped the 3 children in unison. “I told you! I should be the only one speaking!” Shock said choking Barrell as Lock hit Shock and they ended up getting in a big fight.

Oooooh yes done with another please enjoy and comment for any Ideas you think I should put in the story!


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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