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Bloody Love

Love rebuilt! :)

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That was the year Halloween had not come to be. That year Jack took on every day like it was chains with weights on each end. He took care of all 5 of his children as much as he could without crying. Anne looked so much like Sally.

A couple months later, Sandy Claws decided to give Jack a visit to see what was up. The last time Sandy had seen Jack was at his wedding so Jack had to keep himself from crying when he explained to Sandy what was going on. When Sandy heard this he was shocked, Jack really loved Sally a lot and now she was dead. Sandy didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sorry to hear that, it must be hard to be a single father of 5, if only death could be reversed.” Sandy said as he placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder and left.

That was just it, Jack can start the day Sally died over again. This time Jack will find a way to help Sally. Maybe Jack should go back to when Anne was born so while Sally is still fine Jack can get help for her. That was just what Jack did; he headed to Dr. Finklestien, to see if he can build a time machine.

“ Dr. Finklestien!” said Jack. “Yes.” Said Dr. Finklestien. “I am conducting a great experiment!” said Jack before Dr. Finkelstien interrupted, “what Jack! You know your presence reminds me of Sally, please what do you need, I’m sorry sometimes this gets to me.”

“It’s okay, It gets to me too, but this will help it, I need you to make a time machine so I can go back in time to help Sally!” Said Jack. “Hmmmmm, I think I will be able to figure this thing out. I will get to as soon as it’s done!” said Dr. Finklestien. “Thank you doctor! Don’t worry we will never remember the day Sally died anymore!”

Later Dr. Finklestien had finished the machine and now it was time for Jack to fix things. “Thanks again doctor, I won’t remember but I really appreciate it!” Said Jack. “You are very welcome, just save my daughter!” said Dr. Finklestien as he broke the son and father in-law moment. “Bye now!” Said Jack, “yes no need to mope around we can’t waist another second!” Said Dr. Finklestien again breaking the moment.

With that Jack set off. Well at least Jack will see Sally again, but he won’t remember this day ever again. Or how beautiful his daughter will turn out to be. Well he will find out again as he lives a life with Sally and his new baby. With Sally things will be normal again. Jack’s heart will beat again, and the children will have a mother again.

Soon Jack was back at the time Sally gave birth to Anne. Jack waited for the news, not nervous anymore because he had gone through this before and knew what was gonna happen next. Then Dr. Finklestien carried out a beautiful baby. “Here my boy, the newest addition to your family” said Dr. Finklestien. “She is gorgeous! You should see her in the future; she looks just like her mother!” Said Jack. “What!?” Dr. Finklestien said a little confused.

Jack explained everything to the confused doctor. He understood immediately and decides to fix Sally up before it is too late again. It was just a little while till Sally came out and She felt like brand new. “That acid sure can get to someone!” said Sally. Oh, it was so nice to see Sally’s face again and hear her voice. “The baby is so adorable!” said Sally just like before. “We should name her Anne.” Said Jack. “Anne, I always loved that name, not just because it’s my middle name, it has such a sweetness to it.” Said Sally. “just like you!” Said Jack as they kissed.

* oh boy, I think I am done unless I come up with more ideas, please give me your ideas cause eighthor my brain farted or I am out of ideas completely ( wait is that the same thing!)

4everBurtonGurl Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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