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Bloody Love

All grown up tragedies

© 4everBurtonGurl

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Jack stared lovingly at his gorgeous daughter, and her handsome date. “You guys have fun, but not too much fun now.” Jack said jokingly. “Dad!” Said Anne scoldingly pointing at her date who seemed a little uncomfortable.

“Now dear be nice, This is her first prom and we don’t want her date running away.” Said Sally fixing cocoa and ginger cookies in the kitchen. “Now, Jacob, would you like some treats before you go? Don’t be afraid to scarf them down, we don’t judge people in this house. But I have to brag my wife is sort of a good cook.” Said Jack to Anne’s date.

“ Don’t worry, it’s good.” Said Anne to making sure she could get some herself. “ Sure, I guess.” Said Jacob. “ Awe my little girl using her cuteness to win over the boys, good job sweetie!” Yelled Sally from the kitchen. This made everyone giggle. After everybody ate Jacob and Anne went to the prom, Leaving Jack and Sally alone.

Sally smiled at Jack which made him melt, he tried being strong when the children are around but this time he just burst. “ aren’t they so cute together.” Sighed Sally. “ Yep, my little girl is growing up to be just like you, miss sassy.” Said Jack teasingly. That made Sally giggle, which made Jack melt again. Their flirting had come to a complete stop when there was a big thud, then an explosion!

“ Sally! What was that.” Said Jack, a little more nervous than usual. “ I don’t know Jack but don’t you think we should check it out!” Yelled Sally over the noise of more explosions. “ good idea, you get the children, I will find the source of this!”

Yelled Jack. “ Good plan, but before you go, kiss me.” Sally said before Jack ran out the door. The heat was beginning to make Jack and Sally sweat. The fear in Sally’s eyes attracted him so much, she looked like one of those chicks in an adventure movie saying her last goodbyes to the man she loved. Except this won’t be the last. “You know I can’t resist.” Sighed Jack

It took a little while for Jack to notice their building was on fire. Jack broke away from the kiss and took Sally by the hand as they both ran together. Sally went into the school to find her Daughter and Jacob crying together. The fear shone in their eyes. “ Don’t worry everything is going to be fine, just follow me.” Said Sally, still yelling over the noise.

“ Where is dad.” Wept Anne, “ Don’t worry dad is trying his best to save our town, it is his job to keep the town safe, and it is my job to keep you guys safe. Now will you guys please get everyone else to follow me out of the building. Sally led the school out of the burning building to the graveyard. “ Everything will be okay!” yelled Sally. “ what about dad!” yelled Anne, “Aren’t you worried about him!”

Sweetie, I am not worried I am frightened, but if Jack dies( Sally trembled at this) he would not be happy if you died trying to save him. He wants you to be safe, and so do I. I believe in Jack, there is no way he could, um you know.” Trembled Sally.


* I have to give a special thanks to Kiara Noelle. She was the one who suggested this chapter, and I have to applaud her for such a great idea. Please Kiara Noelle tell me how you think this went.* Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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