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© Twig

WARNING: If you haven't read Jealousy Takes Over and then Thought Wrong, then don't read this story until you have read them yet.
Jack, Sally, Emily, Jace, Wookie, and Zero are on another adventure. Please enjoy this third, and last, story of the sequel. ^^

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Jack stood above the dug up grave. "How?" he thought out loud. "How could this be possible? It is impossible... right? After all, he is made of- oooohhh."
Jack investigated the crime scene again. The dirt was still in the grave, as if it was dug up from underneath. Around the grave was a set of five foot prints. One of them was his own. He searched for his camera to take the picture of the evidence, but something dropped out of the belt. Jack picked it up. It looked as though it was made of a crystal and in the shape of a claw. Though, it had a handle and the curve was short.
"What is this?" thought Jack out loud. He quickly put it back on the belt and found the camera in his pocket. He snapped a photo of the grave and then the footprints. After putting the camera back in his pocket, he started to dig up the loose dirt with the shovel he brought.
* * *
Sally was in her room crying. "Why did he leave me? What if he's dead right now? What if he never returns or his.. body.. is never found?" she said, talking to herself with Jack's picture in her hands. Sally could barely stand the thought of Jack being dead.
The knock on door excited her, for she hoped it was Jack. Then Emily's voice sounded. "Are you ok? Can I come in?" she asked.
"Just go away!" Sally shouted with disappointment.
"Give me one good reason why I should go away."
"Because I need to get this out of my system alone."
"You've been doing that for three hours, Sally. Time to come out."
"Just leave! I want to be alone right now!"
"Fine. But next time I'm feeling down, don't come to sooth me again. Ever!"
"It's ok. No need to cry," Sally heard Jack say.
"Jack," Sally called out.
"Right behind you," he said.
Sally looked behind her and saw Jack sitting on the bed's edge. "Jack!" Sally shrieked and rushed towards him. When she got to the side of the bed, he disappeared. Sally stood in shock.
* * *
"She still won't let me in, Jace," said Emily as she sat back on the couch next to him.
"What's it going to take," said Jace.
"I don't know. This is the first time I've seen her like this."
"Then I guess there really is nothing we can do for her. Only what Jack could do for her."
They both heard a thud from Sally's room. Emily and Jace raced side by side to the room. "Sally! Are you alright?!" asked Jace.
"Fine! Just, just give me a minute." Sally shouted. Emily and Jace looked at each other, both confused. The door opened and Sally stood there looking disheveled. Her hair was in knots, one side of her dress was down so her shoulder showed, and her right eye's stitches were coming undone.
"Um, Sally, come to the kitchen. You need food and some fixing up," Emily said cautiously.
"Right." Sally walked to the kitchen while Jace and Emily supported her weight. She didn't complain. Jace pulled out a chair while Emily helped Sally sit down.
"Jace, could you please go get her brush? It's in her room."
"Sure thing." Jace rushed to Sally's room to retrieve the brush. As he did so, Emily went into the restroom to get thread and a needle. They both came back at the same time. "Let's start with sewing the stitches back up," Jace said.
"Good idea. After all, that's more important than brushing her hair," agreed Emily. Jace pulled out a chair for Emily next to Sally.
"Thank you," Sally said shamefully. Emily sat and began to restitch Sally's eye. Jace took the brush and started to get the knots out of her hair. "I'm sorry that I look like this," Sally continued.
"Well, you did grieve in your room by yourself for three hours, Sally," said Emily. She finished the last stitch before Sally blinked. Emily tied it off and cut the excess thread with her nails.
"I have to be going crazy," Sally gabled. "I've got to be. There isn't another explanation.. unless. No. He couldn't have. It isn't possible. I mean I-"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you talking about? Who is 'he'?" Jace said, stopping Sally in her voice tracks.
"I saw Jack in my room. He was sitting on my bed and when I went to go over to hug him, but then he was gone. Poof!"
"Stay here for a moment. Jace, can I talk to you for a minute in the other room?" Emily said, gesturing towards the living room.
"Sure," said Jace as he sat the brush down on the table. They walked into the living room far away from the kitchen so Sally couldn't hear.
"This doesn't make any sense. How could she see Jack and then see him disappear into thin air," Emily whispered.
"I don't know. Unless she's hallucinating. Other than that, she is going crazy!" Jace whispered back.
"That could explain some things. Like how she looked and how she's been acting. But I would mostly go with the hallucination thing."
"Right. So what do we do?"
"I don't know. Maybe you could track Jack while I'll take care of Sally."
"Maybe, but I don't have my tools. Jack took them and he doesn't even know how to use them. Those items are hard to replace!"
"Ok. Well, can you track him without the tools by any chance?"
"Maybe. I was trained a little bit for it, but not much."
"Well? Do it then, use that training you big buffoon!"
"Alright, alright. I'll find him."
"Remember, you're doing this for Sally," Emily said before she turned back towards the kitchen. Jace grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.
"He's just going out to get stuff. Ok?" asked Emily.
"That's fine," Sally said, dazed.
* * *
Jace raced to the cemetery. (The letter said something about Oogie Boogie coming back to life.), he thought. (Maybe the cemetery could show me some clues.) He got to his destination and looked at the ground. (Why are there no tracks?) Jace looked behind him and saw his own tracks. (I hope they didn't cover them.) Jace continued to walk amungst the graves until he saw one that was dug up. Leading from the grave were five different sets of tracks. One of which he recognized in an instant. (Jack!) Jace continued to look. (It looks as though that Jack dug up Oogie's grave. Could it be that Jack is betraying us?) "But why?" Jace said, thinking out loud the last question.
A voice sounded behind him saying, "Why what?" Jace jumped and fell in the grave. "Sorry!" she said as she rushed over to help him out of the grave.
"It's ok. You didn't mean to," Jace said. He grabbed her hand to half jump and to be half pulled out of the ground.
"Terribly sorry about that. I didn't mean to scare you. I didn't want to, even though it's Halloween Town and you're supposed to, but I didn't want to at all and I'm terribly sorry that I did and-"
"Hey. It's ok. I thought I was here alone," Jace said, interrupting her fast nervous and terrified jabbering.
"So did I. See, I was with my friends in the park and the next thing I knew, I was standing on that." She pointed towards a hill with the an arch which had the tip curled up.
"You mean spiral Hill? So you're a new comer. But how do you know this place is called Halloween Town?"
"It's famous from where I came from which is Earth. I got here by portal which I found in the library but I had to translate the language. It took me a while but after I got one word, the rest just made sense. For when you-"
"Ok. You said you were in the park when you got here. But there are words to say, so did you have the book at the time or what?"
"Oh. Right, I remember them so I wanted to tell my friends the translation so I said it and whoever says the words, comes here alone. Unless they came too and we're all scattered. That wouldn't be good at all. No. Which way is Town Center?"
"Who are you looking for?"
"Cordelia, Conner, Wesly, Gunn, and Angel. They're my coworkers slash friends. We're almost like family, we're so close. But I should warn you that Angel is a vampire and Conner is a baby. Conner is Angel's son."
"First of all, stop doing that."
"Doing what? I'm not doing anything but-"
"Stop talking so fast. I can barely keep up. Second of all, we need to find them. I'll be your escort for the day. But right now, we need to find that baby!"
"Conner. Also, don't forget the rest of my friends. My name is Fred," Fred said a little slower.
"Come on! Let's move," Jace said. He grabbed Fred's hand and ran towards Town Center. While almost dragging Fred behind him, he forgot about Jack's chase.
Here is the first chapter of the third and last story of the series. Hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to type the next chapter. ^^ Twig

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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