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Unsinkable Love

© 4everBurtonGurl

This is sorta like a Jack and Sally version of The Little Mermaid. The first chapter is just an introduction. The second chapter is where the Little Mermaid story kicks in. The 1st chapter is important though. I hope this turns out well.
The story sorta originated from a picture I drew so you might wanna check that out. But most important ENJOY!!! Lol
Sally POV
I stared at the moon shining through the water. The wonderful days I had as a human were long gone. Let me tell you about the day I was turned into a water dweller.


It was many years after Christmas and Jack and I were on a stroll. There were always many rumors going around that Jack and I kissed! All the girls were angered with me, even though we didn’t kiss. Jack and I went past the graveyard and into the pumpkin patch where we found a body of transparent yet green water. It looked gorgeous, Jack thought so too, what I didn’t realize was two witches and a sea witch watching us.

Jack took this moment to tell me the truth. We had kissed and I had loved him once before, he told me. He said I was brainwashed by Dr. Finklestein because he did not agree with our affair. After I was brainwashed Jack was forced to go along with it. He still loved me though, so now he is here letting his heart out and hoping I would love him back.

I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say, he was cute and charming and really the whole package. I did love him before so I must love him now deep inside me. Before I could answer Jack leaned in for a kiss but instead he got a fish on the lips. “Ah!” Jack jumped back in surprise. He looked all over for me but I couldn’t tell him where or what I was. I was now tied up at the bottom of the sea.

Jack was still very confused about last night. A storm was approaching and Jack was getting more and more worried. He had to find Sally, wherever she was. The storm wasn’t the only thing approaching either. Jack was turning 25 soon and he must be married.

All the women were impressing Jack as much as they could, to be his bride. Jack still kept his sights on Sally until two witches and a sea witch gave him some bad news. “Sir, We are sorry to give you such bad news but your lady friend has been turned into a hideous sea dweller. We happened to be picking some pumpkins when we saw you try to kiss her. Suddenly poof! She disappeared into the water.”

Jack was troubled by this( and a little embarrased), “Then I ought to find her, if I am unsuccessful I will marry the eldest of you three.” Jack trailed off to find his ship and collect a crew. If he was to find Sally he was to do it formally and proper. He dressed in his captains outfit( I may upload a drawing) and he grabbed a silver gold ring to put in his pocket. As soon as daylight he was ready for departure, the crew lifted the sails and, “Wait! Wait for me Jack! I am the eldest! I will help you find your lover and I brought some gold for you just in case we run into someone who can help us. Or we get married.”

Said the eldest witch. “Splendid.” Jack said more sarcastic than happy but he squeezed in a smile. The witch put herself in his arms, “We will find her together.” She said as the boat left the dock. “Hehe, yeah.” Jack said awkwardly as he kindly pushed her away.

* First chapter is done, tell me what you think* Wink I may upload pictures to go along with the story later.
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