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Jake Skellington

© TNBC geek

A story of Jack and Sally's first born, Jake.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

"Oh Zero, how am I going to ask her?"
The pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, was nervously pacing his tower, being watched by a ghostly hound with a jack o lantern nose. Jack was dressed in his usual black suit with white pinstripes over a white shirt, complete with a black bat-winged bow-tie. The only thing different was that he was wearing a big black top hat on his head, and a black rose tucked in his jacket. He held a tiny grey box in his boney hand.
"What if she says no?" Jack asked Zero as he continued to pace. He finally stopped and collapsed into his electric chair. Zero floated up to him and barked twice, as if he was saying, 'snap out of it, man! You'll be just fine!' Jack stroked the dog's head, relaxing slightly.
"What am I doing?" he thought aloud, "I'm the pumpkin King, I don't get scared like this!"
Jack reached into his jacket and pulled out a pocket watch. When he read the time, his eye sockets nearly doubled in size.
"I'M LATE!!" he cried, and leaped out of his chair. He bolted down the twisted staircase from the tower, ran through the narrow front door, nearly fell down the uneven steps that lead down to the town plaza and tore through the streets to the cemetery.
In the grey cemetery, dark gothic headstones were scattered throughout, cracked and covered in dead plants and moss. Beyond the graves and mausoleums, was a very strange hill with an unusual curled top. Jack o lanterns were dotted around the base of the hill. Under the harvest moon, sitting on the top of Spiral Hill was a rag doll with blue skin covered in stitches. Her red yarn-like hair flowed in the breeze. She wore a multicoloured dress with a dozen different patterns. She was watching the sky, deep in thought when she heard someone running towards the hill. The rag doll stood up and looked back to see a tall, well-dressed skeleton, the Pumpkin King himself, was sprinting up to the hill, one hand on his hat to keep it on his head. The rag doll giggled slightly when he tripped over the small twisted fence bordering the hill, landing face first onto the ground. Jack was plenty embarrassed, he was usually more nimble than this. He picked himself up off of the ground and continued up the hill. The rag doll met up with him on top of the hill where they took each other's hands and stared lovingly into each other's eyes.
"I'm sorry I'm late Sally," Jack panted, "I've been a little out of sorts lately."
"Oh don't worry about it Jack." Sally said calmly She looked up at Jack's top hat and giggled again. Jack chuckled nervously and started to take it off.
"It's a bit much, isn't it." he said. Sally smiled.
"No, it's cute." she said, stopping Jack's hand. The king smiled and left the hat on. He reached into his pinstripe jacket and pulled out the black rose.
"For you, my love." he said, handing her the flower. Sally took it and held it close.
"You certainly know what I like." she whispered, while putting the rose in her hair. Jack stared at the moon.
"What are you thinking about?" Sally asked him. He faced her again.
"I was just thinking about last christmas, when we stood here on this hill.." Jack started.
"..And shared our first kiss." Sally finished. Jack nodded slowly. Sally closed her eyes.
"That was the happiest night of my life." she breathed. Jack glanced down at his jacket pocket, where he kept the small grey box. It was now or never.
"Sally, I just wanted to say that, you're the only one I've ever loved. You give me strength to carry on. You've brought me so much happiness. I don't think I could ever be without you." He said, looking deep into her beautiful eyes. Sally caught her breath as the pumpkin king slid down to one knee and pulled out his little box.
"I love you," he started, opening the lid, revealing a silver ring with a tiny black bat in the top, complete with a black pearl for the body. It was nothing spectacular, but it was an old Skellington heirloom, and it left Sally breathless, "will you become my queen? Will you marry be?"
Sally looked ready to collapse right then and there. She brushed a tear from her eye and placed her hands over her heart.
"Of coarse I'll marry you Jack." she whispered when she had the strength to speak again. Jack beamed as he slid the ring onto the rag doll's finger and kissed her hand. They both embraced each other under the moon, thinking of the wonderful future they'd have together.
Now and forever


relatively short, I know, but this is just the beginning. I just had to start with Jack's proposal ^^

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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