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Jake Skellington

the pumpkin heir

© TNBC geek

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Time had passed, Jack and Sally had been married happily, but it had felt like something was missing in their lives. Sally was sitting up in the Skellington Manor tower; watering the single black rose Jack had given her in a small vase. Jack was busy planning for next Halloween at the town hall with the bumbling mayor. She was free to wander the town while he worked, and she usually did, but for now she just watered her rose, looking out the large windows that viewed all of the town and graveyard. She smiled as she saw the corpse mother attempt to control her rambunctious corpse kid as he bolted around on his child leash, testing the tired mother’s fuse. Sally put down the watering canteen and headed down the staircase and out the front door.
Sally greeted everyone she passed as she headed to Dr. Finklestein’s tower. Although the doctor wasn’t the greatest master, locking her away in her room, making her cook and clean, but Sally still visited him, he may have treated her badly but he was her creator and she was still grateful for that.
Sally headed up to the doctor’s tower and rang the doorbell. A large gong rang through the air as she stood waiting.
“The door is open!” a raspy voice called through the door. Sally smiled and went through and looked up the ramp that snaked up the inside of the tower. A shriveled, duck-bill-like-mouthed old man was sitting hunched over in a makeshift electric wheelchair sat at the top. The old man adjusted his dark glasses as the corners of his lips pulled up into some sort of grimace, his ‘smile’.
“Ah, Sally, you’ve come to visit.” He croaked and wheeled down the ramp towards the rag doll. Sally smiled and brought out a basket that she brought.
“Hello doctor,” she said warmly, handing him the basket, “I brought you some of my homemade soup. The doctor stared at her. Sally giggled.
“Don’t worry, it’s not what you think, it’s just soup.” She laughed. The doctor took the basket and placed it on his lap.
“So, how have you been, my dear?” dr. Finklestein asked.
“Oh, Jack and I have never been happier.” She answered cheerfully, but there was something off about that answer though, and dr. Finklestein noticed. He scratched his brain, literally.
“You seem distracted.” He said. Sally glanced around the tower before replying.
“Well, I was just thinking, Jack and I both love each other, but we feel that something is missing, we just don’t know what.” She finally replied sadly. The doctor seemed lost in thought. He pulled a lever on the armrest of his wheelchair and wheeled back towards the ramp.
“I must be going now.” He said, “When Jack is back from work, I require you both to come back to by lab to discuss something.”
“Oh, alright then.” Sally said, a little confused. The doctor only acted like this when he was planning on another invention. She watched the doctor wheel up the ramp to his lab before she left the tower. ‘I wonder what he’s planning?’ she thought as she headed towards Skellington Manor.

Sally was busy sewing costumes for next Halloween while waiting for Jack, it was her job as the town’s best seamstress to make the costume, and she loved to do it. After a long day at work with the mayor, Jack Skellington wearily came home to see his lovely wife waiting for him. He put down his briefcase of plans and walked up to Sally. The rag doll placed her sewing project aside and hugged Jack.
“How was your day?” she asked the skeleton.
“Long.” Jack sighed. Sally chuckled.
“Well, I know you just came home Jack,” the rag doll said, “but Dr. Finklestein wished to see us at his lab when you were finished your planning.”
Jack sighed and scratched the back of his skull.
“Don’t worry Jack, we can go later.” Sally whispered. Jack shook his head.
“Oh no, if the doctor wishes to see both of us it must be important.” Jack insisted, heading towards the front door, Sally followed behind.

When Jack and Sally made it to the tower, a misshapen hunched-over assistant, Igor, immediately led them up to the doctor’s lab. Dr. Finklestein was bent over his workbench, tinkering around with lab equipment and blank blueprints. Jack was right, he was planning something.
The pumpkin king approached the old man and cleared his throat. Dr. Finklestein turned around to see his visitors.
“Ah, Jack and Sally, so glad you could make it.” He croaked. Jack smiled and shook the doctor’s hand.
“Hello doctor.” The skeleton said cheerfully. Dr. Finklestein released Jack’s hand and grabbed one of his plans off of the bench and unrolled it.
“I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve summoned you here.” The doctor said, handing over the plans to Jack. Sally nodded and looked at the parchment curiously. Jack studied them as well. The plans had a few equations scattered about, complicated ones that even made Jack’s head hurt trying to figure them out, a simple title was printed at the top in the doctor’s handwriting.
“‘Pumpkin heir’” Jack read it aloud, slightly confused.
“What’s the ‘Pumpkin Heir’?” Sally asked. The doctor took the plans back and handed them to Igor.
“It’s the answer to your problem, my dear.” Dr. Finklestein replied. Sally exchanged a look with Jack.
“Problem?” Jack questioned, “We don’t have a problem.”
“Oh my boy, I can read you two like a physics equation.” The doctor cackled, “I know you two think something’s missing, Sally, you said so yourself.”
“I did?” Sally said, “Oh right, I did.”
“So the ‘Pumpkin Heir’ is…” Jack started, but trailed off.
“Your heir, Jack,” dr. Finklestein finished, “a child.”
Jack stared at the doctor like he had just said ‘I just licked my bunson burner’.
“A child?” Sally asked, very surprised, “for us?”
“Yes Sally.” He replied. “It’s just what you need.”
Jack once again exchanged a look with his wife before talking again.
“Do I need an heir?” he asked.
“Technically no, you will never pass away by old age obviously, but I believe you and Sally would be much happier with a family.” The doctor replied, scratching his half brain. The other half belonged to his newly made wife, Jewel, who was busy making the doctor his supper down below. The doctor leaned closer to Jack and Sally and whispered, “It certainly helped me.”
Sally suddenly smiled dreamily, slightly looking up.
“I love this idea.” She said to Jack, “It is just what we need.”
“You know what Sally?” Jack said back, “You’re right.”
Dr. Finklestein looked relieved to hear that. He wheeled over to a machine in the corner of his lab, a new one by the looks of it.
“Now, I’ve finished up the mathematical part, and I’ve gathered all the necessary ingredients, except for two I still need.” The doctor said as he swiveled to face Jack and Sally again, “I need samples of your Deoxyribonucleic acid.”
“Our DNA?” Sally said.
“Yes, the child should be biologically yours, so I need it to have both of your genetic traits.”
“Alright.” Sally said. She pulled out a strand of her yarn-like hair and placed it on the doctor’s workbench. The doctor nodded and looked at Jack.
“Hmm.” Jack murmured, scratching the top of his skull, which of coarse had no hair. The doctor chuckled and wheeled closer to the pumpkin king.
“I’m afraid I’ll need a different sample from you.” He said, “a bit of bone marrow will do.”
Jack let that sink in.
“Oh…” he whispered.

A few weeks had passed since the doctor’s meeting with Jack and Sally. He was now hard at work with his new plan as the pumpkin king and queen were busy preparing for the newest Halloween Town citizen. Jack was still temporarily using a walking stick after dr. Finklestein had done the marrow extraction from his left leg, it wasn’t the most pleasant operation, but he knew it would be worth it in the end.
The pumpkin king walked into the master bedchamber of Skellington Manor to see Sally, who was sitting on the large gothic canopy bed, sewing up the finishing touches to a baby blanket that she had been working on for the past few days. Jack sat down next to the rag doll and placed his boney hand on her shoulder.
“That looks wonderful Sally.” He told her, looking at the grey blanket, admiring her handiwork.
“Thank you Jack,” Sally replied, holding the blanket close, almost as if the baby was already in it. She leaned against Jack and sighed. Jack wrapped a long arm around her.
“I’m counting down the days…” Sally whispered. Jack chuckled.
“It wont be long now, my love.” He whispered back. A yipping suddenly came up the hall and into the room. A small ghostly mass leaped at Sally and started smothering her in licks.
“Oh Zero, lay off.” Jack shouted, unable to restrain his laughter. Zero continued to lick Sally’s face. Sally giggled and flopped down onto the bed, wrestling with Zero. Jack could barely keep his composure watching this. Sally looked at the hysterical pumpkin king.
“Save me Jack!” she cried.
“Sorry, you’re on your own.” Jack laughed evilly. Sally sneered.
“If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me!” she shouted. The rag doll reached out and grabbed Jack’s arm and pulled him down onto the bed so Zero could lick him too.
Jack and Sally continued their childish game with Zero for quite sometime, until a scream rang through the manor, startling Jack right off of the bed. He stood up and brushed off his suit and wiped the ghost drool off of his face.
“The doorbell,” he said to Sally, who was holding Zero in her arms.
Jack left the room and headed down to the front door and pulled it open. A short, rather large man with a ridiculously tall top hat and a very unhappy face stood on the doorstep. Jack stopped himself from frowning when he saw him.
“Ah mayor, what brings you by here?” he asked politely, ‘For the forth time this morning’ he thought, slightly annoyed. The mayor adjusted his hat.
“Oh Jack, I was wondering if you were going to come to town hall for more Halloween or not, I’m at a dead end unfortunately.” The mayor said. Jack rolled his eye sockets and sighed.
“Can’t you handle one day of planning without me?” he asked tiredly, the mayor shuddered and switched his head around to ‘upset’.
“Jack please, you know I’m only—“ he started.
“--An elected official, I know.” Jack sighed, cutting the mayor off, raising a hand. He glanced back into the house, where Sally stood; she had a smirk on her stitched face as she nodded. Jack looked back at the nervous mayor and sighed again.
“Alright, I’ll be right there.” He said, though he looked about ready to topple the mayor down the staircase with his walking stick. The mayor switched his head back to ‘happy’ and waddled back down the stairs. Skeleton Jack waved at his beloved rag doll and followed the mayor. Sally waved back and watched him walk to the town plaza. She was about to close the front door when she saw Dr. Finklestein himself wheeling up to the Skellington Manor gates. Sally caught her breath and looked down at the baby blanket in her hands. She nearly sprinted down the steps and through the gates to meet the doctor. The rag doll and him shared a glance and Sally immediately knew it was time.
“I’ll get Jack.” She said quietly.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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